Chapter 0004: Sweeping Melodious Energy
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Apex War God Chapter 0004: Sweeping Melodious Energy

The eastern sky gradually brightened as the early morning sun revealed itself.

Yang Wu stretched as he woke, immediately feeling a difference in his body. There was no sign of pain from his broken wrist or other wounds.

Astonished, the young man examined his body, trying to get his bearings and figure out what had changed. He flung his previously injured arm without even a twinge. He also felt a surge of power as if he had regained his lost cultivation.

“Wha-what’s going on?” Yang Wu was dumbfounded.

Last night, he had enjoyed a fantastic dream, in which he bathed and dined with a group of fairy maidens in a celestial spring. They had taken him to the sky, engaging in strange, sexual cultivation as they flew through the clouds. But hadn’t that just been a dream?

And as he woke, he realized that his body felt as good as new as though he hadn’t truly woken from the night’s dream.

“Am I really awake?” He slapped his cheek, and it stung, proof that he was.

Curious, he sat with his legs crossed to attempt to circulate the energy absorption combat art unique to the Yang Clan. As he began, four words—Supreme Nine Profound Art—flashed through his mind. A series of mysterious incantations then overcame him, leaving him with no choice but to follow the technique, absorbing the latent Profound Energy around him.

Quickly, Yang Wu felt weak pulses of energy flow from his twelve meridians to his dantian. The sensation was warm, and he felt nourishing power radiate from his core. It was amazing!

“This viscount has been blessed with heaven’s fortune!” the young man joyously exclaimed. “It’s too good to be true! A simple dream has restored my body!”

Yang Wu crawled out from his den and stretched his limbs. He only tried to contain his excitement after confirming that all injuries had completely healed.

My dantian has recovered, but I still don’t have enough Profound Energy. I can’t even wield a normal weapon. This is a far cry from my previous cultivation progress. I have to recultivate my energy as soon as possible. The only way to avoid others’ abuse is to prove my strength, the young man secretly declared.

He continued to consider the matter. The Supreme Nine Profound Art is more mysterious and extraordinary than the Yang Clan’s combat art. However, the incantation indicated that I need to gather nine types of rare Profound Essences to evolve the art into the Ultimate Profound Art. For now, I’m stuck at the beginning. Should I continue with this profound art or rely on the Yang Clan’s combat art?

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