Chapter 0003: The Peach Pit Transforms into a Dantian
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Apex War God Chapter 0003: The Peach Pit Transforms into a Dantian

Losing this meal would leave Yang Wu hungry for a fourth day in a row.

He had finally earned a meal to silence his grumbling stomach, yet someone had kicked the little food he had obtained from his hand. Naturally, he was furious!

Zhu Gan, the culprit, continued to stomp the remains into the dirt. Looking down on the newcomer, he growled a cold warning, “Don’t forget what Elder Sister Wang told you, brat. If you don't obey, you starve.”

“Go to hell!” Without a second thought, Yang Wu launched to his feet and swung a fist toward Zhu Gan’s face.

Alas, the young man lacked the strength to deal the damage he intended, and his opponent wasn’t an average prisoner. The thin man grabbed Yang Wu’s wrist, and with a smooth twist, broke it.


Yang Wu screamed in pain as he broke out in a cold sweat.

“What a piece of trash. If Elder Sister Wang didn’t find you so attractive, I’d beat you badly enough to vomit blood,” Zhu Gan hissed as he landed a fierce kick to Yang Wu’s gut, sending him flying.

Yang Wu lay limp in the dirt for a long moment.

“Listen carefully, brat. If you don’t go crawling into her bed tonight, you’ll be dead by tomorrow.” With that said, Zhu Gan turned and left.

The other inmates watched, envious. Everyone knew Wang Yan was the head honcho in block 68. Whoever earned her favor would enjoy the little luxuries available in the prison, yet this boy didn’t seem to appreciate the opportunity.

Regardless of his fury, which he had no way to vent, Yang Wu lacked the strength to climb to his feet.

Skinny Monkey, however, wasn’t as cold-hearted, and he helped his new friend up. He then broke his own bun in half, offering the second piece to Yang Wu, “Come, brother. Take half of mine and eat.”

Yang Wu’s bloodshot eyes began to calm, revealing mixed feelings. “They’ll make you pay for helping me, you know.”

“It’s no big deal. I may seem scrawny, but I’m pretty tough. I’m not afraid!” Skinny Monkey declared, pounding a fist on his chest.

Yang Wu extended a hand to accept the shared meal, flashing a sincere smile for a brief moment. “From now on, I’ll consider us brothers,” he announced, shoving the bun into his mouth as if afraid Zhu Gan would return.

Once Skinny Monkey finished his food, he walked over to pick up the bun Zhu Gan had trampled. Brushing the dirt from its crust, he waved it at Yang Wu. “You want more?”

Yang Wu shook his head, unable to accept the soiled food. With a shrug, Skinny Monkey took a large bite.

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