Chapter 0002: Be My Subordinate
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Apex War God Chapter 0002: Be My Subordinate

Yang Wu had been starving for three days. If this kept up, he would die. After finally finding a chunk of Scarlet Steel Rock to trade for food, someone had just stolen it! How could he contain his anger?

Looking up, the boy saw a large, ugly woman before him. Two men trailed behind her, all wearing prison rags and shackles around their ankles. They were obviously other prisoners.

“Drop that rock, you fat bitch!” Yang Wu growled. He did not think much of her due to her appearance.

“Watch your mouth, brat! This is Elder Sister Wang, cellblock 68’s belle. Talk out of line again, and I’ll rip your jaw off!” a skinny man shouted from behind the woman.

“Why waste your time on him? We should just teach the brat a quick lesson, show him who’s in charge of block 68!” the skinny man’s short companion said.

The woman examined the new prisoner, lust flashing in her eyes when she realized how young and handsome Yang Wu was. With a wave, she told her lackeys to stand down, “Zhu Gan, Shi Dan, there’s no rush. Let me speak with this little brother first.” She moved forward, extending a hand to touch Yang Wu’s face. He quickly dodged, assuming she intended to hit him.

[TL Note: Zhu Gan means bamboo pole. This is likely the name of the skinny man. Shi Dan means stone egg, who is probably the short man. I’m unsure if these are their real names, but I could not find any further details when searching their names in the raws. They may both be nicknames, but I chose to use the pinyin instead of translating them. I also assumed that the first word of the name is their family name. Zhu and Shi are both legit family names.]

“Fat bitch, give the stone back, or I’ll take it by force.”

“Oh! Getting the stone back is easy if you want it. Come serve me tonight. If your performance is satisfactory, I’ll send someone each day to give you Scarlet Steel Rock. What do you say?” Wang Yan, the large woman, propositioned, gesturing to the boy by touching her thumb and middle finger, keeping the rest of her fingers extended.

[TL Note: This hand gesture is common in traditional dances and is meant to be a flirtatious move. Here is what one common variation looks like: Some variations have the thumb touching a lower part of the middle finger instead of the tip.]

Yang Wu instantly felt like he was about to retch. He had seen many ugly women before, but none had been as large or hideous as this. He found the idea of “serving” her unbearable.

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