Chapter 0001: A Youth and A Dog
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Apex War God Chapter 0001: A Youth and A Dog

Smoke Signal Mountain Prison, the Xia Dynasty’s largest prison, lay in the desolate southern zone neighboring the barbarians’ territory. A range of hundreds of mountain ridges formed the area’s boundaries. Trees and wild foliage covered these ridges, which were dotted with precipitous cliffs and home to ferocious, wandering beasts. This was clearly no ordinary prison.

All of the prisoners locked up in Smoke Signal Mountain Prison had committed serious offenses or were captives of other races. None had any hope of release or escape.

The Smoke Signal Mountain Prison also produced a valuable stone called Scarlet Steel Rock. Prisoners of the lowest rank were tasked with mining the Scarlet Steel Rock and surrendering the results to management. The stone would then be sent to the dynasty’s forges.

Meanwhile, a topless youth kept his head down, silent as he mined in a corner of the prison.

His body still bore fresh, bleeding wounds.

He appeared disheveled with rumpled, dirty hair and shackles dragging at his hands and feet. However, he was taller and stronger than others his age, and he had a pleasant, sharp face. While he wasn’t particularly handsome, he was certainly extraordinary. His unyielding gaze was especially striking, boundless energy brightening his eyes. Even under inhumane persecution, he stood with his back straight as if nothing could keep him down.

Unfortunately, even a resilient body would fail after such prolonged punishment. He tripped on a stone and nearly fell.

Almost instantly, a ruthless whip snaked out to strike the young man.

Crack! Crack!

Another might have screamed from the lashing, but this youth only gritted his teeth, soundless. Even so, the sweat dripping down his face and the seeping blood betrayed his pain.

“Playing dead, brat? If you don’t take your work seriously, I may have to cripple you. You’ll never see the next sunrise!” the prison guard snarled. He then proceeded to kick the youth several times without mercy.

“Milord, look at his frail body. He only arrived a few days ago and hasn’t adjusted to the prison yet. Lash me instead. I’ll take the punishment for his mistake!” a strange boy volunteered.

This boy looked more mature, though his hair had clumped in a comical way like some bird’s nest. His eyes were bright, even though he looked frail. He was nearly the injured youth’s opposite.

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