Chapter 6.1: Men. Tsk tsk. (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 6.1: Men. Tsk tsk. (1)

Song Shiyu’s eyes lit up a little as he subconsciously reached for the hand Ji Fanyin had placed on the table. However, Ji Fanyin raised her hand even faster than him and patted his hair, saying, “You’re an important person to me, Shiyu. I don’t wish to lose you.”

Song Shiyu obediently lowered his head and replied, “… That won’t happen.”

Ji Fanyin maintained her sweet smile as she tousled his hair a little. Her movements were so light that it was almost as if she was touching a cloud. Her hand had already retracted before even touching his scalp.

However, Song Shiyu didn’t notice anything amiss with her movements at all. Instead, he lifted his head to look at her with shimmering eyes, clearly in a good mood.

From that, Ji Fanyin could tell that she had accomplished her client’s request for the day. Given the satisfactory service she had provided, it shouldn’t be long before the client made his next appointment.

After all, a person who had been living in an illusion for too long might never be able to return back to reality.

Once the chocolate hardened, Ji Fanyin wrapped it up in a gift box before tying a ribbon around it. Then, before Song Shiyu’s expectant eyes, she handed this wish fulfillment chocolate into his hands.

“Happy birthday,” she said earnestly. “I hope that you’ll be as happy every birthday you have from now on.”

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to earn enough to return home by next year. I guess I can consider converting him into a long-term client.

“Thanks.” Song Shiyu took the delicate little box. After a moment of thought, he added, “I also hope that I’ll be able to spend every birthday from now on with you.”

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Ji Fanyin placed her hands behind her back and grinned at him. “As long as you’re willing, your wish can be realized.”

Song Shiyu broke into a smile too. He carefully stowed away the box as if it was a precious treasure before asking, “Are you hungry? Let’s grab some lunch.”

They had lunch at a restaurant Song Shiyu fancied, and Ji Fanyin gently ordered some of the dishes he liked in his stead.

After that, they headed to a quiet library to do a bit of reading and chat. In those few hours, Ji Fanyin was able to keep him in an euphoric mood.

Dinner was at a different restaurant, where they shared a candlelight dinner to a violin accompaniment.

Last but not least, they headed to a famous musical which was known for its hard-to-obtain tickets. They were the best seats at that.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

Wow, what an ‘affluent’ day I just spent. Thanks for the treat.

Fifteen hours passed in a flash, and Song Shiyu took Ji Fanyin back to the Ji Residence.

Ji Fanyin noticed that the clock in the car read 11:20P.M., which suggested that Song Shiyu was intending to end this date thirty minutes in advance.

He must have gotten deeply traumatized by the alarm clock the previous appointment. It was probably no different from stopping a man at the peak of his climax.

The car stopped at the entrance of the Ji Residence. Song Shiyu alighted from the car and glanced at his watch.

“Thanks for sending me home,” said Ji Fanyin with a smile. “Was your birthday enjoyable?”

“… It was. Thanks to you,” replied Song Shiyu quietly.

His long eyelashes seemed to droop a little, covering his eyes. It felt like sorrow was looming over his face. “It would have been even better if you could like me.”

Ji Fanyin blinked her eyes.

Isn’t that the service you personally rejected?

Of course, it would be unprofessional of her to point that out to her client right now since she was still at work. So, she beat around the bush and said, “Actually, I prepared another birthday present for you.”

Song Shiyu immediately raised his head to look at her. “Really?”

Ji Fanyin took out an accessory box from her bag that was even smaller than her hand. “Yup, I bought it a few days ago.”

Of course not. I only got it yesterday.

Song Shiyu pursed his lips slightly as he carefully received the present. There was a few seconds of hesitation before he finally opened it. What he saw made his pupils dilate, and he gasped, “Is this…”

“Yes, it’s a matching pair of bracelets.” Ji Fanyin raised her hand and waved it in front of Song Shiyu.

She was currently wearing the bracelet Song Shiyu had given her yesterday, and the one she had just given him was the male version in the same series.

In other words, it was a set of couple accessories.

It was a little expensive, but Song Shiyu did pay her quite a bit.

I’ll just consider it a 1% customer rebate.

With a shaky voice brimming with nervousness, she asked, “I bought it because I thought you might like it… Do you?”

Song Shiyu’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down before he finally answered, “I do… Xinxin, could you put it on for me?”

Ji Fanyin was the type to carry things out to the end, so she took the bracelet out from the box and put it on Song Shiyu’s wrist.

“So… I’ll be leaving then?” she asked with a smile.

“… Goodnight.”

As soon as Ji Fanyin stepped out of the car, Song Shiyu drove away without a shred of hesitation. She watched as his car sped away, as if there was a ghost chasing him.

By the time his car finally disappeared, Ji Fanyin finally put away her work smile and took out her phone. There was only three minutes left before the timer rang.

Men. Tsk tsk.

Despite knowing that it’s nothing more than a dream, he still foolishly immerses himself in it.

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