Chapter 5.3: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 5.3: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (3)

Ji Fanyin never thought that Song Shiyu would bring her to a place like a chocolate factory.

How should I put it? It just doesn’t seem to be in-line with the kind of person he is both on the inside and outside.

However, it was not like she couldn’t understand where he was coming from. The pitiful man simply wanted a chocolate with a special meaning behind it from Ji Xinxin.

For that, he was willing to spend 1,500,000 dollars, buy a new car, and even book the entire factory for the whole morning.

“I’ve never made chocolate before,” said Ji Fanyin with a troubled tone. “What if I fail? It might end up tasting awful.”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing you can make that I wouldn’t like,” assured Song Shiyu gently.

“That goes without saying! You’re going to be the first person to receive my handmade chocolate. How embarrassing would it be for me if you rejected my chocolate?” said Ji Fanyin indignantly.

Those words conveyed a single meaning.

You, Song Shiyu, are the first person to receive handmade chocolates from Ji Xinxin.

It went without saying that the client was overjoyed to hear that.

Ji Fanyin picked up the manual passed to her by a staff member and began reading through it earnestly. It didn’t look too difficult.

So, she told Song Shiyu to stand to the side before heading toward the stove, which already had a pot of simmering hot water. She threw a bar of chocolate into a little bowl and placed it into the pot. While the chocolate gradually melted under the heat, she slowly stirred it so as to prevent it from getting burnt.

“What shape should I go with?” Ji Fanyin looked through the various molds while keenly assessing Song Shiyu’s reaction.

Song Shiyu’s eyes swept across the molds before finally stopping on the heart mold.

Too predictable, thought Ji Fanyin.

“Which one do you like?” she asked.

Song Shiyu coughed softly, “I’m fine with anything.”

So, Ji Fanyin unhesitatingly reached out for the rather exquisitely-made heart mold and said, “I like this one. Let’s go with this.”

Song Shiyu responded with a deep “Mm”.

You’re too easy to read.

Ji Fanyin was really tempted to give him an anti-fishing lesson, but on second thoughts, it would be better for her client to remain gullible. She cast the idea out of her head and carefully poured the melted chocolate into the mold, following the instructions carefully as she waited for the chocolate to harden up.

While waiting, Song Shiyu suddenly began talking about the past. “I know that my confession that day during the farewell party might have seemed abrupt to you, but it really wasn’t. I’ve liked you for a very long time now.”

Ji Fanyin blinked his eyes as she thought about the requests Song Shiyu had raised the day before.

He wanted to hear Ji Xinxin apologize for the things she said two days ago. While she wasn’t sure what they were, there was no need for her to probe too deeply into it either.

Song Shiyu was just projecting whatever he couldn’t get from Ji Xinxin onto a substitute to console his own heart. It was nothing more than self-deception.

And Ji Fanyin was receiving money in order to fulfill his wishes.

“Counting from our university days, we’ve known each other for four years now. During this period of time, I’ve always liked you,” Song Shiyu lowered his head and spoke slowly. “I chose to confess to you on that day because I knew that your world would grow much bigger in France. You’d meet a lot of new people, some whom you might even fall in love with… I hate that.”

Ji Fanyin chose to listen to him quietly, not interrupting at all.

“I was fine with you rejecting me.” Song Shiyu paused for a brief moment at this point before continuing on, “But that day, you told me over the phone that you want me to end my feelings for you… My feelings are not something I can control!”

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Ji Fanyin finally understood what the two had argued about that day.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly. Her voice was so sweet and melodious that it sounded like the singing of the Sirens. “I failed to consider your feelings. It was disrespectful of me to say those words to you, and I apologize for that. It’s your birthday today, and I don’t want you to be unhappy. I’ll take back those words, so please don’t be mad at me anymore, alright?”

I’ll be counting on you to forgive Ji Xinxin. Please continue being a slave under her skirt.

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