Chapter 5.2: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 5.2: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (2)

Ji Fanyin walked away without any hesitation, not worried that Bai Zhou would pursue this matter at all. She knew very well just what kind of person Bai Zhou was. It would be generosity from his part to even remember a person’s name—it was not even a concern that he would get curious about her.

Of course, Bai Zhou would also be a good fish to hook onto, but it would take a bit more trouble to reel him in.

Ji Fanyin leisurely waited at the agreed location for Song Shiyu before a humble-looking black sedan stopped before her. The passenger door automatically opened for her.

Ji Fanyin passed a cup of latte toward Song Shiyu, who was seated in the driver’s seat, and exclaimed with a smile, “Happy birthday! Have you had your breakfast? Here, I got you a cup of coffee.”

Song Shiyu looked at her, but it seemed like he hadn’t adjusted his state of mind over yet. He quietly took the cup and placed it in the cup holder between their seats.

Ji Fanyin lifted her skirt and got into the car. While putting on her safety belt, she asked, “You bought a new car? This is the first time I’m seeing you drive this one.”

Song Shiyu stepped on the accelerator as he replied distractedly, “Mm, I bought it yesterday.”

Ji Fanyin understood the meaning behind that right away.

It’s a clandestine date, so it wouldn’t be good for him to drive his usual cars. It would be bad if someone recognizes him.

“Ah, I saw Bai Zhou earlier. He was hanging out with his friends,” commented Ji Fanyin with a gleam in her eyes. “He even greeted me earlier.”

“Bai Zhou greeted you?” Song Shiyu’s body immediately stiffened up. “… Did he mistake you for Ji Xinxin as well?”

Ji Fanyin picked up her cup of coffee and emphasized with a mischievous smile, “What do you mean by mistake? I’m Ji Xinxin.”

Song Shiyu frowned. “Did you say anything unnecessary to him?”

“Why would I?” Ji Fanyin ended his apprehensions right away. “I’m here to meet you, not him. How could he compare to you?”

Song Shiyu: “…”

He didn’t say a word at all, but Ji Fanyin had a feeling that the car had sped up by a bit.

While passing by the café she was in earlier, Ji Fanyin took a peek and saw Bai Zhou standing by the entrance. He was in his usual hands-in-pocket position, and there were three words written on his tightly scrunched face.

Don’t disturb me.

One of his companions patted his shoulder and made a joking remark, but he shrugged his hand impatiently and turned his head away.

“You’re smiling,” said Song Shiyu. “Is there something interesting outside?”

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Just another fish for me to reel in, thought Ji Fanyin.

She turned to him calmly and replied, “I saw your reflection in the window. Now that I think about it, it has always been your chauffeur driving you around. This is the first time I’m sitting beside you on the passenger seat.”

“It’s my birthday today. I want to spend it with just you,” murmured Song Shiyu.

He seemed to be finally getting into the right state of mind as his tone and attitude became much more natural than before.

“Sure!” Ji Fanyin had already long entered her role by now. “Where are we going?”

Song Shiyu smiled gently, “The chocolate factory.”

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