Chapter 5.1: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 5.1: He’s Just Deceiving Himself (1)

The following day was Song Shiyu’s birthday. Ji Fanyin woke up early, did a full routine of skincare, followed by her make-up and hairdo before finally putting on the dress Song Shiyu had sent over last night.

Before leaving home, she took a look at herself in a full-body mirror and smiled at the sweet-looking woman staring back at her.

It sure is ironic that my impersonation is as fake as Ji Xinxin is. The two of us are putting on an act to dupe the same person. It’s so ridiculous that it’s actually interesting.

She got on a cab heading to the location she had agreed on with Song Shiyu and began carefully looking through the list of requests once more.

His requests weren’t exactly hard, but they weren’t easy either.

To put it simply, Song Shiyu and Ji Xinxin had an argument.

How amusing. A ‘King of the Seas’ like Ji Xinxin shouldn’t have made such a minor mistake. In other words, she was intentionally upsetting Song Shiyu.

However, this wasn’t a bad thing for Ji Fanyin. Whenever Song Shiyu was unhappy, his first instinct was to squander his money to lift his mood.

The cab finally came to a halt.

Ji Fanyin got out of the car and glanced at her phone. There were still ten more minutes until 9 A.M. So, she leisurely made her way to the closest Starbucks to buy two cups of coffee, and one of them was selected based on Song Shiyu’s taste.

She was just about to head out of the store when she caught a glimpse of Bai Zhou through the café’s glass.

The impatiently frowning young man was surrounded by his peers, but his distinctive facial features and tall stature naturally made him the center of attention.

It had barely been a few days since Ji Xinxin had left, so her suitors were all in the worst possible moods now.

Bai Zhou was still studying at the moment, so there was no way he could follow Ji Xinxin to Paris. According to what she remembered, his parents were opposed to him getting in a relationship with Ji Xinxin, so they confiscated his passport.

Ji Fanyin took a sip from the warm cup of latte as she turned her eyes away from Bai Zhou and began heading toward the café’s back entrance with light footsteps.

A mere second after she walked out, Bai Zhou and his companions entered the café through the front entrance.

While his companions were chattering away, Bai Zhou swept at his surroundings, and within less than a second, he noticed a departing silhouette which immediately made him narrow his eyes.

There was no way he would ever mistake Ji Xinxin’s profile!

He immediately chased after the silhouette, pushing his way through the store’s crowd without a moment’s hesitation.

Is she back? Isn’t she supposed to be in Paris?

His long legs allowed him to run as fast as the wind, and his height granted him an overview of his surroundings. It didn't take him long to find the familiar silhouette amidst the crowd.

As he approached her, he subconsciously slowed his footsteps and asked hesitantly, “Big sis?”

The other party halted her footsteps, turned around, and smiled at him. “This is the second time you have recognized the wrong person. Are you unable to differentiate between the person you like and the person you hate?”

The tender expression that was on Bai Zhou’s face immediately vanished without a trace. His face began scrunching tightly together as he spat out the other party’s name hatefully, “Ji Fanyin.”

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“Young master Bai,” replied Ji Fanyin with a nod of acknowledgment.

“Are you imitating her style?” Bai Zhou stared down at her from above. “Do you think doing this would make Song Shiyu fall in love with you?”

Toward that snide remark, Ji Fanyin asked curiously, “How did you know that I was interested in Song Shiyu?”

“Song Shiyu has already told everyone about it a long time ago. The only one he hid it from was big sis. He was afraid that she would get upset because of you,” sneered Bai Zhou as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his jackets. “It’s no secret that you’re fond of Song Shiyu. In everyone’s eyes, you’re no more than a toad desperately trying to climb its way up.”

He thought that Ji Fanyin would cry out of embarrassment at his words, but the latter only nodded contemplatively before raising her head to say, “I have to rush to my work now. See you.”

Bai Zhou: “?”

It was then that he noticed the two cups of coffee in Ji Fanyin’s hands, and a load of vulgarities suddenly flashed across his mind. But for some reason, criticizing Ji Fanyin felt almost as if he was criticizing Ji Xinxin as well, so he quickly erased them from his mind.

He watched as Ji Fanyin’s silhouette faded into the distance. Her profile looked beautiful and confident, a vast difference from the diffident woman he knew of.

Ji Fanyin has a job? Hasn’t she been unemployed ever since graduating from university?

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