Chapter 6.2: Men. Tsk tsk. (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 6.2: Men. Tsk tsk. (2)

Even though the Ji Residence was right behind her, there was no way Ji Fanyin was going to head in. She tapped into a ride-hailing app to catch a ride back to her apartment when she suddenly heard a horn blaring behind her.

She turned around and saw Bai Zhou sitting on top of a motorcycle that stood by the side of the road.

It was clear that he had seen everything from the start to the end.

“You’re at the wrong place if you’re looking for my younger sister,” Ji Fanyin reminded him out of goodwill.

However, Bai Zhou wasn’t about to let her change the topic here. There was a deep frown on his face as he probed, “Are you impersonating her and doing stuff that would soil her reputation?”

Oh? That’s an imaginative mind he has.

Ji Fanyin calmly tucked her long hair behind her shoulders as she replied, “What do you mean by soiling her reputation? Didn’t I tell you earlier in the morning? I’m working.”

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“That person in the car was a man, right?”

Bai Zhou began walking toward Ji Fanyin with large strides.

“I’m asking you if you’re using Ji Xinxin’s name to go around duping other men! You have never dressed up like that or shown your face in public, but as soon as she’s gone, you suddenly start imitating her style! Isn’t it obvious that you’re trying to impersonate her to deceive others? Do you intend to humiliate her with the atrocities you commit using her identity once she’s back?”

Ji Fanyin took a while to ruminate over his words before asking curiously, “What kind of shows have you been watching recently?”

Normal people wouldn’t have come to such a dramatic conclusion.

“Are you trying to change the subject?” Bai Zhou stood imposingly before Ji Fanyin, looking like an enraged little lion. “Do you dare tell me who the person in that car was?”

“It's confidential business information,” rejected Ji Fanyin.

“Does selling yourself count as a business too?” sneered Bai Zhou.

Ji Fanyin couldn’t be bothered to get angry with this hot-headed child, so she sighed softly and asked, “Aren’t you in love with my younger sister?”

“So what?” Bai Zhou narrowed his eyes. “Just because I like her doesn’t mean that I’ll be forgiving toward you. Besides, you’re going around trying to ruin her reputa—”

“Do you think that the person you love is someone whom I can easily pass off as?” asked Ji Fanyin.

“…” Bai Zhou was stumped by the question. His face reddened in agitation as he exclaimed, “W-who knows what you’re up to! Your face is identical to hers after all!”

“Let’s put it this way,” Ji Fanyin began to coax him. “Even if I’m impersonating her, shouldn’t someone who loves her—one such as yourself—be able to see through it right away?”

“Of course!” roared Bai Zhou. “You can copy her all you want, but you’ll never become her!”

“Doesn’t that solve everything then? No one will be duped by me, so I’m nothing more than a clown in everyone’s eyes.” Ji Fanyin clapped her hands to conclude the argument. “Those who are duped by me are just dimwits who don’t love her enough. Don’t you agree?”

Bai Zhou: “…”

It looked like he was tempted to nod in agreement, but at the same time, he felt as if something was off here.

In the end, he spat out a stern warning, “I know that you’re planning something. My eyes are on you! You’d better not let me catch you in the act!”

Ji Fanyin watched as Bai Zhou zoomed away on his motorcycle before proceeding on to hail a cab on her phone.

Youngsters nowadays sure are energetic. You spoke so confidently, but your body still honestly accepted Song Shiyu’s ‘recommendation’ in the end.

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