Chapter 34.3: Liar (3)
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“What are you laughing at?” asked Bai Zhou.

Before Ji Fanyin could reply, the young man had already snatched her phone to take a look himself. He harrumphed disdainfully. “Weibo? So you’re the kind of person who talks to herself online?”

He tapped into Ji Fanyin’s main page, only to fall silent upon seeing her nearly seven-figure followers. 

“You could say that,” replied Ji Fanyin with a mocking smile.

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Bai Zhou fiddled with Ji Fanyin’s phone for a while longer before he powered it off and tossed it back to her. 

When Ji Fanyin received her phone back, it was already counting down to the shutdown. She noticed that there was an additional post on her Weibo page, saying: 【Going into seclusion. Do not disturb】

Her number of ‘following’ also appeared to have increased by one.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She made up her mind to unfollow Bai Zhou once she had time to herself later at night. 

“What? Is there a problem?” Bai Zhou saw Ji Fanyin’s expression and lashed out angrily, “I am your client! Can’t I request anything from you?”

“You can make requests of me, but I have the right to reject them too,” replied Ji Fanyin calmly. “I draw a clear line between my work and my personal life. I’ve told you that before, do you remember?”

Bai Zhou was stifled by her response. He shot a piercing glance at the clock.

However, Ji Fanyin was even faster than him. “Two more minutes. You don’t need to remind me.”

Bai Zhou was silent for a while before a gleeful smile formed on his lips, seemingly having found another angle to launch a counterattack. “Does that mean that you’ll accept my request as long as it’s work related?”

“You can say so,” Ji Fanyin calmly replied with a nod. “I’ll try to realize it as long as your request is reasonable and the two of us have mutual understanding on it.”

Bai Zhou crossed his arms and said, “I want to see you cry.”

Ji Fanyin lowered her head contemplatively for a moment before earnestly asking him, “Do you have sadistic inclinations?”

“Of course not!” Bai Zhou roared furiously in response. “I’m not a pervert!”

Ji Fanyin nodded in agreement. “Yes, you aren’t the perverted one.”

The perverted one is Cen Xiangyang.

“… You take on perverted clients too?” asked Bai Zhou incredulously. “First, Song Shiyu, and now a sadist. Ji Fanyin, don’t you think that there’s a huge problem with your choice of clients?”

Ji Fanyin looked at the completely self-unaware Client No.2 and remarked, “I do. You left out ‘grump’.”

Bai Zhou’s face darkened. “Repeat that again.”

The clock happened to strike twelve then.

Ji Fanyin’s transformation was instantaneous. A gentle smile formed on her face as she said, “I said that our Zhouzhou is adorable.”

Bai Zhou: “……………” 

He subconsciously glanced at the clock.

“There’s no one more adorable than you. Adorable, but suave at the same time,” Ji Fanyin flattered Bai Zhou without the slightest hint of awkwardness in her voice. “One of a kind. No one can compare with you.”

“Even Song Shiyu?” Bai Zhou wanted to put her in a spot.

Ji Fanyin burst into laughter. “Song Shiyu is nothing more than a friend to me. He’s nowhere close to being as important as you are to me, alright?”

Bai Zhou turned his head quietly. He slipped his hands into his pocket as if he was trying to hide his own emotions. He vexedly kicked the seat as he murmured under his breath. 

“… Liar.”

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