Chapter 34.2: Liar (2)
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Bai Zhou took off his mask and shot her an annoyed look. “Hand me your phone.”

JI Fanyin glanced at the time and replied calmly, “It isn’t twelve yet.”

She was fastidious when it came to her working hours. Her work started from twelve noon today and ended at twelve noon seven days from now, not a minute more and not a minute less. 

Bai Zhou shot a look at the digital clock on the private jet before harrumphing with a nasty look on his face. 

Using the last few minutes she had before the start of work, Ji Fanyin decided to enquire about her client’s service inclination. “Do you intend to celebrate her birthday?”

Bai Zhou settled down on the sofa and crossed his arms imposingly. “What about it?”

“I’m feeling a little conflicted,” replied Ji Fanyin honestly.

“You’re just a substitute here,” sneered Bai Zhou. “What do you have to feel conflicted over?”

“Her birthday must be worth a lot of money. I should have auctioned it out.” Ji Fanyin did some quick self-reflection on what she could have done better. “It’s my own fault for not paying attention to the date when I accepted your reservation.” 

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Putting aside Cen Xiangyang, Song Shiyu would be extremely willing to wage a bidding war.

Ji Fanyin lamented at the profit she had lost due to her negligence.

Bai Zhou was rendered speechless. “Haven’t I paid you enough?”

“‘I’m sick of earning too much money,’ said no one ever. Don’t your already wealthy parents work hard to earn more too?” Ji Fanyin spoke without pulling any punches. “Besides, I’m in urgent need of money.”

“For what?” Bai Zhou paused for a brief moment before asking with a frown, “Are you hooked on drugs?”

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She pondered for a moment before answering, “It’s not drugs. It’s to save a life.”

Bai Zhou was confused at first before rolling his eyes. “There are things in this world one can never leave after dabbling in. Tread wisely.”

“I'd say the same to you,” said Ji Fanyin with a smile.

By the looks of Bai Zhou’s muddled expression, he probably didn’t understand what she was getting at.

But again, given how Bai Zhou had fallen for Ji Xinxin before, it only seemed normal for him to fall to her now. 

Ji Fanyin was benefiting from the hard work of her predecessor. The fishes carefully picked by Ji Xinxin would, more or less, have some weaknesses. All she had to do was to learn from her predecessor’s experience and exploit these weaknesses accordingly.

That was also the reason why Ji Fanyin remained magnanimous regardless of whatever Ji Xinxin was trying to pull.

There were still several minutes to go before twelve noon, so Ji Fanyin used this time to finish up and post the review she had started on last night.

Due to the recent huge increase in her Weibo followers, she received quite a few replies right away. It was almost as if they were camping on her page 24/7, waiting for updates. 

Of course, it would take some time for one to finish up a thousand words movie review, so most of the initial comments were meaningless remarks like ‘First’, ‘Sofa’, and ‘Big sis has posted a new movie review~’, though there were also some regarding previous movie reviews. 

She quickly looked through them.

Three-Four-Five: 【Who doesn’t know that this is just a marketing account? Her reviews are no longer objective now that she’s a lackey of He Shen’s work studio.. We should all unfollow her】

Ji Fanyin was quite free at the moment since Bai Zhou was finally quiet now. So, she casually typed out a reply to that netizen: 【I won’t hesitate to criticize He Shen’s movie if he puts out bad movies too】

AnZhiZhiZhi: 【Typical example of accepting bribes to condemn a movie. Aren’t you afraid of getting sued for accepting such dirty money? Just wait! Karma will get you one day!】

Unfazed by the comment, Ji Fanyin replied: 【Looking back, I’ve really criticized quite a lot of movies. Competitors, have some self-awareness and send me the money you owe】

Talented Someone: 【I’m a film student from Beijing Film Academy, and I can say with certainty that this blogger knows nothing about movies at all. All she does is write nonsense to rile up the crowd. She isn’t worthy of being called a movie reviewer!】

Ji Fanyin replied: 【Which of your favorite films or actors did I criticize this time?】

She was just about to move on to the fourth comment when she received a notification informing her that she had received a comment. Her settings were set such that she would only receive notifications from accounts she followed, and there were only so many of them. 

She tapped in to take a look—He Shen. Just as she had expected.

He had replied to Ji Fanyin’s comment about ‘I won’t hesitate to criticize He Shen’s movie…’ with a frightened emoji. 

By the time she tapped into the message, there were already fans who had rushed to the scene to welcome the film emperor while summoning their friends to join in the commotion. The post quickly grew so noisy that it felt like the New Year’s.

Ji Fanyin chuckled softly as she gave a thumbs up to He Shen’s comment, pinning it high up on her post. 

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