Chapter 35.1: I Want Big Sis To Be My Girlfriend (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 35.1: I Want Big Sis To Be My Girlfriend (1)

The sky was dim when they landed in Greece. Nevertheless, the weather was wonderful and the change of pace from being in a foreign land felt refreshing. 

… if only I wasn’t here for work. 

They weren’t staying in a hotel but a vacation villa of the Bai Family. There were housekeepers here that carefully maintained the villa while they were away so that they could visit it once in a blue moon to take a break. 

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This was extravagance at its finest, but to some, it was no more than their daily life. 

Bai Zhou seemed to have forgotten about all of the unhappiness that had transpired in the plane the moment he set foot on Greek soil. As soon as they arrived at the villa, he tossed his luggage aside and exclaimed with an excited smile, “Big sis, follow me! I’ll show you somewhere cool!”

Ji Fanyin took a look around the villa as she asked, “You didn’t sleep a wink on the plane earlier. Don’t you want to rest first?”

Considering how it was barely dawn when they landed, they ought to have a good sleep first to adjust to the jetlag. 

“I’m not tired.” Bai Zhou excitedly grabbed the bundle of keys atop the shoe rack and urged Ji Fanyin energetically, “Let’s go. I’ll show you why I love this place.”

To be honest, Ji Fanyin was exhausted at the moment. She wasn’t good with planes. 

However, there was no other choice since her client was so energetic. She pushed her luggage into the villa and followed Bai Zhou outside with a helpless smile. 

She was welcomed with a sea breeze the moment she walked out of the door. October’s Santorini was usually around 20°C or so, the perfect temperature for her. 

Bai Zhou’s villa was located at the highest point of the island, granting them a good view of the city and the deep blue Aegean Sea. It was just a pity that the scenery was impeded by the mist lingering above the sea. 

Bai Zhou did a quick search around the doorway before pulling out a bicycle that someone else had prepared beforehand. He patted the back seat and said, “I’ll cycle you there.”

Ji Fanyin: “…”

I think that it has been a decade since the last time I rode on the back of someone else’s bike.

“Hurry up!” Bai Zhou got onto the front seat and hurried her. “We’re going to be late.”

Ji Fanyin lifted her skirt slightly and settled down on the bicycle’s back seat. With a gentle but helpless tone, she reminded him, “Don’t go too fast.”

Santorini was not a place suited for large vehicles due to its rugged terrain and multitude of alleys. It was much easier to get around on a bicycle, though there was also a clear downside to it: bumpiness.

Bai Zhou stepped on the pedal as he said, “Big sis, if you’re afraid, you can h-hold onto me tightly.”

He dared not to turn around to look at her, and he even stuttered a little halfway through his words.

Ji Fanyin took this opportunity to tease him, “Oh? Is our Zhouzhou shy?”

Perhaps wanting to distract himself from the embarrassment of his little slip-up, he started pedalling hard, causing the bicycle to rocket forward. 

It caught Ji Fanyin off guard. She had to grab the front seat tightly before she was barely able to catch her balance.

… You can be certain that I’ll demand compensation if I fall off this bike. 

Pavement in the winding alleys was uneven with small steps up and down along the way. Bai Zhou zealously charged straight ahead regardless of the obstacles that stood in his way, reminiscent of a hot-blooded protagonist.

On the back seat, Ji Fanyin felt like she was sitting in a 4D movie theater, experiencing a Hollywood action movie with her own body.

Two minutes was all it took for her stomach to start protesting against this act of violence. 

Feeling queasy, Ji Fanyin couldn’t help but ask, “How much longer before we arrive?”

Bai Zhou was too immersed in the liberating ride to hear her.

Ji Fanyin tugged on Bai Zhou’s shirt and called out, “Zhouzhou.”

Bai Zhou let out an “Ah?” as he turned around to look at her. The moment their eyes met, he suddenly pulled the brake tightly, causing the bike to screech to a halt.

The force of inertia caused Ji Fanyin to lurch forward and bump into Bai Zhou’s back.

It was not a light bump at all. She grabbed her forehead as her eyes started to heat up and moisten due to the impact.

Bai Zhou: “…”

Ji Fanyin sniffled a little as she massaged her nose to alleviate the pain. “I was asking you how long it’d take for us to reach our destination. Why did you suddenly stop?”

Bai Zhou’s eyes swam around the place, determined not to look at Ji Fanyin’s face. He murmured meekly in response, “Soon.”

“Can we go a little slower?” Ji Fanyin blinked off the tears welling up in her eyes as she asked softly. “I don’t feel very well when we go too fast.”

“A-alright, I’ll cycle slower,” replied Bai Zhou with a light cough. 

They resumed their journey after this short interception, but this time around, Bai Zhou cycled so slowly that it felt like they were a pair of elders hiking up a mountain. It was common sense that it was harder to maintain one’s balance on a bike when cycling too slowly.

The incredibly shaky ride left Ji Fanyin so vexed that she silently gave Driver Bai a 1-star review in her head. 

Unless absolutely necessary, I’ll never ride any vehicle from this driver ever again.

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