Chapter 24.3: She Was With You? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 24.3: She Was With You? (3)

When he got down from the car and entered the hotel, the first familiar face he saw at the entrance of the venue was surprisingly Song Shiyu.

Song Shiyu had just passed through the security check and was in the midst of putting on his accessories whereas Bai Zhou was strutting over coolly with his hands inserted in his pockets. There were only three meters between them when the two of them met eyes.

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“Young master Song,” the chief secretary greeted Song Shiyu politely. “How are Mr. Song and Mrs. Song?”

Song Shiyu clasped his watch on his wrist as he replied, “They are doing fine. Please relay my regards to Uncle Bai too.”

“Mr. Bai often mentions you, saying that you’re an outstanding young man,” the chief secretary said with a smile. “He hopes that his son can learn from your example.”

Bai Zhou was in the midst of taking off his smartwatch for the security check when he heard the conversation between the two and snorted in disdain, “What’s there to learn from him?”

The chief secretary passed through the metal detector without any fluctuation in his emotions at all, as if he hadn’t heard Bai Zhou’s words. He directed a nod toward Song Shiyu and said, “I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave first. Pardon me.”

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to wave the phone he had just confiscated toward Bai Zhou.

Bai Zhou: “… Scram!”

After Bai Zhou passed through the metal detector, he shot a glance at Song Shiyu and let out a provocative sneer.

“You were the one with her earlier?” Song Shiyu suddenly asked.

“I’ll still be able to play with big sis if I rush back, so don’t even think about it,” replied Bai Zhou without any hesitation.

Song Shiyu paused for a moment before clarifying, “I’m referring to Ji Fanyin.”

Bai Zhou turned to look at Song Shiyu in bewilderment, doubting what he had just heard. “You’re asking about Ji Fanyin?”

He exchanged gazes with Song Shiyu before clicking his tongue in annoyance, saying, “Not today.”

“So you were with her yesterday?” asked Song Shiyu.

Bai Zhou took his time to ponder about the significance of the question before remarking, “So you really did call her yesterday. Your call couldn’t get through, right?”

Bai Zhou’s response provided Song Shiyu the answer he was looking for, as well as an additional piece of information: Bai Zhou was the one who switched off Ji Fanyin’s phone.

This left him with deep thoughts.

Ji Fanyin had told him earlier in the afternoon that she was going to meet a client. If the client she spoke of wasn’t Bai Zhou, the only one left was… Cen Xiangyang.

Realization also dawned upon Bai Zhou. He snorted sarcastically and taunted, “Are you feeling uncomfortable because the woman who said that she likes you is meeting other men? You must feel like your toy is being taken away from you.”

Song Shiyu glanced at Bai Zhou before turning away.

He had to pull Bai Zhou down together with him because there was no other choice back then, but when it came to Cen Xiangyang… he wanted Ji Fanyin to avoid him.

Of course, that was out of concern of Cen Xiangyang’s personality problems and not because he was biased toward Ji Fanyin or anything.

“Everyone says that Ji Fanyin likes you, but it doesn’t look like it at all,” remarked Bai Zhou leisurely. “Why would she meet other men if she really liked you? It was me yesterday and someone else today. Who will she meet tomorrow?”

It was no secret that they were love rivals, and their family backgrounds were on par with one another. On top of that, Bai Zhou’s father would often lecture Bai Zhou by comparing him to Song Shiyu, which bred hostility between the two of them.

This was a rare opportunity for Bai Zhou to get back at Song Shiyu. Even though he noticed the irony of him saying those words himself at some point, he wasn’t willing to give up on this chance to put Song Shiyu down.

Song Shiyu stared at Bai Zhou quietly for two seconds before suddenly revealing a triumphant smile.

“I was ill yesterday night. She spent the entire night taking care of me at my home,” said Song Shiyu. He paused for a moment before adding for emphasis, “No charge at all.”

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