Chapter 24.2: She Was With You? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 24.2: She Was With You? (2)

She finished her movie and wrote up a review before finally picking up her fully charged phone to reply to Cen Xiangyang’s message: 【My apologies. I thought that you were busy so I put my phone aside and went to work. Zhang Ning told me that you were looking for me?】

She didn’t mind having a game of patience with Cen Xiangyang if the latter wanted to continue playing hard to get. She would just respond to him with insignificant things once every few hours just to let him know that she was still breathing, a ‘time zone difference conversation’.

However, it looked like Cen Xiangyang had decided to abandon his previous strategy. He replied within two minutes: 【Is it the dream weaver job you spoke about? When will I get a chance to see it for myself?】

Ji Fanyin took a sip of water while typing with just one hand: 【If an opportunity arises】

It would depend on when Song Shiyu was willing to let Cen Xiangyang join the fishery.

She noticed that Cen Xiangyang had neglected to answer the other question she had asked, but she magnanimously decided not to pursue it.

After exchanging a few messages, Ji Fanyin used dinner preparation as an excuse to end the conversation.

She intended to send a post in her Moments page later on so as to give Cen Xiangyang an excuse to strike up a conversation with her, but barely as she got up from her seat, Cen Xiangyang suddenly sent her a picture, asking: 【Guess who I just met here】

Ji Fanyin tapped into the photo to take a look. It was a selfie of Cen Xiangyang dressed in casual formal, and the background suggested that he was in some sort of gathering or banquet.

There were only so many common acquaintances between them, so the answer was pretty clear.

【Song Shiyu?】 Ji Fanyin asked.

【Bingo! I thought that you would guess him too. However, there’s another person here whom you might also recognize…】

Cen Xiangyang sent another picture over.

Ji Fanyin tapped into the picture, magnified it, and looked around for a bit before she finally spotted Bai Zhou standing amidst a group of people.

Standing beside a middle-aged man, he was dressed in a shirt and long pants, which was unusual for him. He had an irritated frown that pushed others away from him.

Oh? Bai Zhou is attending a networking banquet despite hating this kind of social occasion with a passion? It must be tough on him.

Ji Fanyin chuckled sardonically.

It was interesting that Song Shiyu, Bai Zhou, and Cen Xiangyang were actually gathered at one location. Today might just be the day that she would get introduced to Fish No. 3.

Before she could type out a reply, Cen Xiangyang had already followed up with a couple more messages.

【Aiya, they started fighting】He said with a leisurely tone.【Looks like there’ll be something interesting to see】

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Bai Zhou had made an agreement to game with Ji Xinxin tonight.

It was curious why Ji Xinxin would suddenly show such a great passion for games despite never being interested in them, but she had been inviting Bai Zhou to game with her over the last few days.

Bai Zhou was happy to accompany her, but Ji Xinxin’s skills in the game were improving at a snail’s pace. Rather than playing the game, it felt like they were frolicking around.

Of course, for Bai Zhou, the important thing here wasn’t to play the game. What was more important was that he was spending time with Ji Xinxin.

As long as Ji Xinxin gave the call, he would come online within half an hour.

He had already made an agreement with Ji Xinxin to play together tonight, but his father’s secretary suddenly came over and told him to attend a small-scale banquet.

Bai Zhou protested, but it was futile. He was forced to change into another set of clothes before being brought into the car.

“I’ll return your phone to you once the banquet is over. Before then, please allow me to take care of it on your behalf,” the secretary said as he confiscated Bai Zhou’s phone.

Bai Zhou impatiently leaned back onto the car’s leather seat and crossed his legs arrogantly, saying, “Just what kind of banquet needs me around? Is that old man there too?”

“Mr. Bai would like you to meet two people.”


Someone who managed to climb his way to become the chief secretary of Bai Zhou’s father naturally wouldn’t give information away easily. “You’ll know once you meet them.”

Bai Zhou rolled his eyes. He made up his mind to leave right away after meeting the two people his father wanted him to meet.

Who cares about what he’s up to? I’ll just do what I want.

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