Chapter 19.1: I Am a Dream Weaver (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 19.1: I Am a Dream Weaver (1)

The invitation letter arrived at Ji Fanyin’s home the following day. The movie premiere was the day after that.

Song Shiyu didn’t attempt to make any reservations this time around, but Bai Zhou did.

“I need a full-day reservation,” he said. “I want to practice visiting the amusement park”

“Tomorrow won’t do,” Ji Fanyin looked through her calendar and replied. “How about the day after tomorrow?”

The location of the movie premiere was quite some distance away, so she should be able to finish up the review while returning home. With that, she should be able to sleep early and prepare herself for any appointments the next day.

“Tomorrow won’t do?” Bai Zhou snorted in annoyance. “You sure have a packed schedule. Even bidding for classes isn’t as troublesome as this.”

It was a snide remark, but it did bring some inspiration to Ji Fanyin.

Why don’t I develop a simple app to make my schedule semi-public? With this, the clients wouldn’t have to call me to make a reservation anymore. All they have to do is to check the app and pick out a convenient time.

Ahhh, technology sure makes life easier.

Ji Fanyin earnestly wrote down her idea into her book and decided to give more thought to its implementation when she had time.

As convenient as automation sounded, she needed her clients to be willing to adopt it.

Other than that, it was also time for her to start thinking about further increasing her clientele.

Song Shiyu was running a company whereas Bai Zhou was still a student; the two of them wouldn’t be enough to sufficiently occupy her time. In other words, it was time to find Fish No. 3.

As a fellow ‘King of the Seas’, Ji Fanyin had a good idea of what was running through Ji Xinxin’s mind.

To Ji Xinxin, rearing fishes was probably a way for her to validate her charms. She wasn’t limiting herself just to romantic involvements with her fishes. There were other varieties too, such as kinship, friendship, admiration, respect…

Ji Fanyin wasn’t certain of the reason just yet, but she could tell that Ji Xinxin was obsessed with it, working under the notion that ‘more is better’.

This resulted in the fishes in Ji Xinxin’s pond being of varying quality.

Based on her own memories, Ji Fanyin wrote down the names of all of the people she knew of that harbored significant goodwill toward Ji Xinxin and conducted a simple categorization.

The first category were the ones introduced by the ‘future’ Song Shiyu; those who treated ‘Ji Fanyin’ as Ji Xinxin’s substitute in order to alleviate their loneliness.

She could remember six other people in this category, and throwing Song Shiyu and Bai Zhou into the mix as well, they added up to an auspicious eight.

The second category was those whom she had to do her homework on carefully in order to filter out eligible candidates.

Firstly, those who weren’t sufficiently wealthy were out of the question since it wouldn’t be as profitable. Secondly, the individual had to be sufficiently generous. She wouldn’t be able to take it if her clients suddenly started haggling with her.

Last but not least, as a person who valued appearances, she wanted clients who were decently good-looking.

Her professionalism allowed her to be gentle and caring to anyone without losing her patience, but a good-looking client could still raise her tolerance level by a bit.

Both Song Shiyu and Bai Zhou were lookers in their own rights.

Whenever something infuriating occurred, just by looking at the other party’s face, her anger level would subside from 100 to… around 90, perhaps.

Last but not least, the other party must be willing to bite onto her hook.

Ji Fanyin’s conscience didn’t ache at all from earning money off Song Shiyu and Bai Zhou, but the same didn’t necessarily apply to the others.

Filtering the list down to those who fulfilled all three criteria…

Oh? There are still quite a few people to choose from. It looks like her fishery is bigger than I thought.

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The next step would be to approach and probe potential clients to gauge their level of interest. ‘Ji Fanyin’ was acquainted with Song Shiyu and Bai Zhou right from the start, making it easier for her to take them down as compared to a complete stranger.

If it was a stranger, she would have to start from the very first step of socializing—getting to know one another.

So, she began crafting out a mindmap to brainstorm and plan her next move.

Theoretically speaking, it was likely that she might bump into some of the candidates at the movie premiere tomorrow afternoon. She remembered Ji Xinxin had a fish that received the prestigious ‘Best New Director Award’ right after graduation, and he had a good face too.

On top of that, he even tried to kidnap Ji Xinxin and force himself on her.

His obsession made him a potential client.

After Ji Fanyin finished her homework for the movie premiere, she took one last look at the ticket and flicked it lightly with her finger.

This is a schedule where I can get a lot of things done at once. There’s no way I can miss it.

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