Chapter 19.2: I Am a Dream Weaver (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 19.2: I Am a Dream Weaver (2)

The movie that was playing at the premiere was directed by a famous director and had He Shen as the leading actor. Invitation tickets were only offered to those in the same industry and family members. Even the reporters were only invited to the press conference; they couldn’t enter the theater to enjoy the movie.

Ji Fanyin was planning to just watch the movie and head home to write her review, so she didn’t bother dressing up. She wore light casual wear and a pair of glasses for her slight astigmatism.

But when she arrived at the entrance of the venue, she found herself faced with an army of reporters who were ready to interview anyone who tried to head in.

Those with invitation letters in their hands weren’t exactly dressed in high fashion, but they were at least wearing suits and gowns.

Only Ji Fanyin was wearing a loose sweater and a pair of jeans with her hair scattered casually down her shoulder. She gave off the impression of an arts student who was dressed casually for town.

Most people in her position would head home to change their clothes, but Ji Fanyin calmly put on her glasses and proceeded into the venue.

There were two individuals ahead of her who were stopped by the reporters and were in the midst of their interview, and Ji Fanyin walked past them from behind. She ignored all of the reporters who tried to shove their microphones toward her.

It was not just once or twice that she had gotten onto the news for putting on airs, and the people in her previous world were already all used to it.

The young lady welcoming the guests at the entrance bowed to Ji Fanyin and said, “It’s a pleasure to have you here. May I have your invitation letter?”

Ji Fanyin passed her invitation letter over and waited for the other party to verify it before entering the venue.

It was shortly after she walked in that she belatedly realized that the two individuals who were being interviewed earlier looked a little familiar.

Where have I seen them?

She turned around to take a look, only to see a couple walking in with linked arms. Just like that, the three of them met gazes with one another.

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Of the couple, the man immediately glared at Ji Fanyin furiously.

Ji Fanyin: “…?”

Who are you?

The woman quickly unlinked her arm from her husband’s and hurried over to Ji Fanyin. With a hushed tone, she exclaimed, “How did you get in here?!”

Ji Fanyin shot a glance at the female receptionist at the entrance before turning to look at the woman standing before her. She thought that the woman’s head might not be working too well, so she replied, “I passed through the walls to get in here.”

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting! You… Did you sneak in here to meet Shiyu because you knew that he’ll be here today?” the woman asked furiously.

It was only upon hearing those words that realization struck Ji Fanyin. She took another good look at the couple in front of her.

Ah, they are ‘Ji Fanyin’s’ parents. It has been so long that I nearly forgot about them.

“Is Song Shiyu coming?” asked Ji Fanyin nonchalantly. “That has nothing to do with me. I’m here for work.”

Mother Ji immediately shut her down angrily, “You nearly failed your graduation, so what kind of work could you possibly have? Stop embarrassing yourself here. I’ll have security drag you out right now. You really are getting out of hand!”

She reached forth to grab Ji Fanyin’s arm, but the latter dodged it easily.

Ji Fanyin shook the invitation letter in her hand and said with a smile, “Are you sure that the two of you, who value your reputation so much, really want to humiliate yourself by having an argument here over whether my invitation letter is real or not?”

Of course, neither Father Ji nor Mother Ji would be willing to do anything that risked sullying their reputation, so they could only try to stifle their anger as they watched Ji Fanyin walk away.

The venue was decorated to resemble a mini-theater, and every invitation letter was tagged to a seat.

There were some who made use of the time before the movie premiere to socialize. Ji Fanyin was intending to head straight to her seat and settle down, but the earlier confrontation with Father Ji and Mother Ji changed her mind.

They won’t give up that easily. I should find a way to resolve this once and for all so as to avoid further trouble.

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