Chapter 19.3: I Am a Dream Weaver (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 19.3: I Am a Dream Weaver (3)

Barely ten seconds after Ji Fanyin started racking her brain, a woman dressed in a red fishtail skirt walked over with the loud clacking of high heels.

The other party gave off the vibes of a confident, successful woman whom Ji Fanyin was familiar with. Such women gave off an imposing disposition even through their strides, and they were in the limelight no matter what kind of social occasion they were in.

“Are you Miss ‘FeatureYin Films’?” The confident woman offered her hand forth. “I am He Shen’s manager, Zhang Ning. May I know how I should address you?”

“I am Ji Fanyin,” replied Ji Fanyin as she shook the other party’s hand. “You don’t have to address me formally.”

Zhang Ning chuckled softly. “I didn’t expect you to be so young.”

Ji Fanyin felt that Zhang Ning was driving at something here.

“He Shen has something to deal with so he isn’t here yet, so he got me to greet you in his place. He says that he hopes to receive your earnest movie review.” Zhang Ning gestured to the resting lounge next to the reception area. “There’s still some time before the premiere, so would you like to take a seat and rest there first?”

Ji Fanyin was even more perplexed by this abrupt offer.

She pondered for a moment before nodding. “Alright.”

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Is He Shen one of Ji Xinxin’s fishes too?

That doesn’t make sense. It’s impossible that no one would know of it if Ji Xinxin managed to snag someone as outstanding as that.

“I’ll walk you there,” said Zhang Ning as she began leading the way. “I was still worried that you’d feel uncomfortable being put in such an environment, but it looks like you’re already used to it.”

“You mean chatting with others?” asked Ji Fanyin with a smile. “Those two are my parents. They didn’t know that I’d be coming.”

Zhang Ning revealed a look of surprise. She turned around to take a glance at Father Ji and Mother Ji.

Ji Fanyin also halted her footsteps. She turned her head around and saw Father Ji and Mother Ji staring at her too.

She was standing right in front of a room with a sign labeled ‘VIP Lounge’, which explained why their faces were practically written with looks that said ‘How are you able to go in there?

Ji Fanyin directed a faint smile at the biased couple before making her way into the lounge.

Children were like mirrors. They reflected whatever one showed them.

When parents refuted everything about their children, it was inevitable that their children would think that they were utterly useless.

Bias wasn’t something that was formed overnight. ‘Ji Fanyin’ had slowly lost her confidence and pride bit by bit over many years.

Even if it wasn’t Father Ji and Mother Ji’s intention to drive ‘Ji Fanyin’ to her death, there was no doubt that they had to take some blame for her eventual suicide. To make things worse, they didn’t think that they had done anything wrong at all.

Ji Fanyin couldn’t think of a reason why she should even accord them respect.

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