Chapter 18.3: It’s Still Something (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 18.3: It’s Still Something (3)

After washing up, Ji Fanyin lay down on her bed and conducted her daily pre-sleep routine―checking the records of ‘Temptation of Home’.

While looking through the transaction history, she noticed something peculiar.

There were quite a few small figures coming in from people she didn’t recognize, and the amounts were fairly small, ranging from two figures to three figures. They were all tagged under ‘Emotion Points’, and they only started appearing earlier this afternoon.

Ji Fanyin pondered for a moment before checking her Weibo in uncertainty.

Just as she had expected, the movie review she had sent earlier in the afternoon had gone viral. It had been reposted more than 10,000 times, and the likes were severalfold of that—and it wasn’t showing any signs of losing steam yet.

There were quite a lot of impassioned responses in the comments and reposts, some positive and some negative… but that didn’t matter to Ji Fanyin.

She casually checked the reposts calmly and soon determined the source of this abrupt explosion of popularity. It appeared that a celebrity had liked her movie review and hadn’t unliked it yet.

So, Ji Fanyin went to look up the celebrity, only to realize that he was a familiar face. Given that she had done a marathon of the movies in this world, it went without saying that she would recognize the influential four-time ‘Best Actor’ award winner, He Shen.

Even from the perspective of an industry insider, Ji Fanyin felt that his acting skills were on the dot. He was definitely worthy of being called an artist.

What was even rarer was that he was good-looking too.

She would be happy to collaborate with him if she was still in the entertainment industry, but for now, probably not.

In view that he had contributed so many Emotion Points to her, Ji Fanyin decided to ‘Follow’ him on Weibo, and the app immediately reflected that there was a mutual following between them.

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up.

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Celebrity accounts on Weibo were usually managed by professionals, and the celebrities themselves wouldn’t be involved in the content posted, liked, or users followed.

Even if the celebrity had a true passion for Weibo, they would secretly create a side account to play with.

After all, the slightest mistake made by an official account could easily stir a riot, not to mention that celebrities usually had their schedule so completely jam-packed that they wouldn’t have time to personally manage their accounts.

Given He Shen’s standing in the film industry, his Weibo account should be managed by a team…

… but He Shen wasn’t in the film though?

Ji Fanyin checked her Weibo messages, and she didn’t receive any collaboration requests from He Shen’s studio. In the end, she decided to close her Weibo and go to sleep.

She had seen more than enough celebrities in her past life anyway. Interacting with a ‘film emperor’ was no big deal.

The collaboration request from He Shen’s studio belatedly arrived the following day.

Ji Fanyin browsed through the message while brushing her teeth. The request was written formally, starting off with showering compliments on the sharpness and uniqueness of her review before extending an invitation for her to attend the premiere of He Shen’s newest movie. Of course, she was expected to compose and post a review at the end of it.

It was pretty normal for newly released films to employ an Internet Water Army to garner some good reviews on social media.

But even so, it seemed odd that they went to the extent of following her with He Shen’s official Weibo account. On top of that, they were only offering an invitation without any mention of money, which hinted that they weren’t intending to buy good reviews from her.

That being said, the amount of Emotion Points she received last night was really substantial. Unlike the usual ones she received from Song Shiyu and the others, a viral Weibo post continuously brought in more Emotion Points as long as it remained there as new readers were constantly stumbling upon the post.

The amount earned from each individual might be small, but it was still something. There was no reason for her to turn it down, especially since it was something she liked doing and didn’t take up too much of her time.

After coming to a decision, she gargled her mouth before responding to the message with her address.

The other party replied extremely quickly. They started off by sending her the time and location before informing her that the invitation letter would be sent to her home very soon.

Ji Fanyin stared at the reply, and somehow, she felt that something was off with the tone.

The first message was extremely formal, but the following ones were oddly casual, almost as if it was someone else.

But when she looked at the message she had sent over, which contained only a cold and lofty address…

Yup, I’m also pretty casual myself. I’m in no position to talk about them.

While walking out of her bathroom, she decided to give He Shen’s studio a clear heads up first: 【I’m honest with my reviews.】

I’m not going to betray my conscience for you if you show me crap.

The other party replied immediately:【No problem, that’s what we want too.】

Regardless of whether it was just a formality or not, Ji Fanyin felt more at ease after receiving their assurance. She noted down the date of the movie premiere in her schedule lest it accidentally clashed schedules with a client’s reservation.

If a clash really occurs… Well, that would depend on how much the client is willing to pay.

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