Chapter 18.2: It’s Still Something (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 18.2: It’s Still Something (2)

She remained unfazed as if the call she had just received had come from a telemarketer asking her to buy insurance.

Perhaps feeling insulted by her hanging up, Father Ji didn’t call back. But around ten minutes later, while Ji Fanyin was busy working in the kitchen, Mother Ji dropped a call. 

Her tone was much more amicable compared to Father Ji’s. She started off by calling Ji Fanyin by her nickname, saying, “Yinyin, are you doing well outside? If you don’t have enough money on hand, feel free to ask us for more.”

Ji Fanyin continued chopping her asparagus. She disregarded Mother Ji’s hypocritical load of useless padding and repeated what she had told Father Ji earlier, “What do you want?”

Mother Ji coughed awkwardly at Ji Fanyin’s candidness, but she managed to keep her calm as if she was mentally prepared for this. Instead, she asked, “Where are you living at the moment?”

“Are you planning to visit me?” asked Ji Fanyin.

Mother Ji hesitated for a long while before finally coming out clean, “Your father and I… we’re worried about you. Someone told your father that he saw you at a place where women with proper upbringing shouldn’t be. Yinyin, be honest with me. Did you make any bad friends and visit inappropriate places with them?”

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Ji Fanyin thought about the places she had been to thus far and deduced that the place they were talking about was the bar she met Song Shiyu at the other night. 

“Is there a problem with an adult visiting a bar?” asked Ji Fanyin nonchalantly.

Mother Ji immediately got agitated and exclaimed, “Of course there is! How can a demure lady visit that kind of place? Think about how our family’s friends would think of us if they were to find out about it!”

Ji Fanyin turned on the tap and washed the knife as she asked calmly, “You called me for this?”

“How can you say that? Don’t you know how serious this matter is? We’re nagging you for your own good, or else…”

This means that there’s nothing else.

Ji Fanyin wiped her hands using a soft cloth before hanging up the phone once more. After that, she switched her phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. With this, the only ones who could contact her were her clients. 

It was only after she was done cooking, eating, and clearing the dishes that she checked her phone once more. By then, several hours had already passed. 

There were several missed calls from Mother Ji. She seemed to have noticed at some point that Ji Fanyin wasn’t going to pick up her calls, so she decided to write long paragraphs in her WeChat instead. 

Ji Fanyin took a brief glance at them. The crux was basically that her actions had shamed her family, and that since she wasn’t young anymore and wasn’t planning to further her studies like Ji Xinxin, she should think about getting married, and that she had prepared a candidate for her, so on and so forth. 

Mother Ji appeared to have delved deeper into the background of the person she wanted to matchmake her with, but Ji Fanyin didn’t bother to skim on. 

Why do rich people like matchmaking that much? First Song Shiyu, and now me.

Ji Fanyin wasn’t as patient as Song Shiyu as to bother sparing a meal’s time to satisfy them.

However, Father Ji and Mother Ji clearly weren’t planning on giving up easily. If they ever uncovered her address, she would probably face some trouble from them. 

She took a sip of water as she thought about this issue, but she eventually decided that it was no big deal and tossed it to the back of her head.

She was someone who had weathered through storms worse than this. Why should she get worried over something as minor as this?

The world was huge. There were plenty of jobs and houses out there for her to pick from anyway.

Other than that, she also received some messages from Ji Xinxin and the young man she had added to her WeChat’s friend list earlier in the day. 

Ji Xinxin’s message looked the same as usual, though she seemed to have casually mentioned Bai Zhou in it. 

As for the young man, he sent a particularly formal self-introduction, saying that his name was Chen Yunsheng, followed by a great deal of personal information like his age, hobbies, and hometown. He started off by asking if she had reached home, and an hour later, he timidly added: 【Are you still busy with work?】

Ji Fanyin ignored the former. She slipped a new disc into her player and started watching it while occasionally responding to the latter. By the time the movie came to an end, she said goodbye to him with a ‘Good night’.

Chen Yunsheng was a decent and earnest person, so the hour she spent chatting with him while watching the movie was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable.

When she put down her phone, she suddenly recalled that Zhao Qi hadn’t contacted her for quite a while.

Hmm… Forget it. It’s normal for friends not to contact one another for a month or so.

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