Chapter 17.3: It’s Too Late to Apologize (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 17.3: It’s Too Late to Apologize (3)

This was the third time they were meeting today.

As expected of students from the same university, they began greeting each other as soon as they spotted one another.

Bai Zhou’s buddies widened their eyes in surprise upon seeing the young man accompanying Ji Fanyin and started waving their hands, “Hey, Senior Chen!”

“Waaa! Did we just see something we weren’t supposed to? Hehehe…”

“Aiyoo, I actually thought that Senior Chen was still a single dog. It looks like my news is lagging behind!”

The young man standing beside Ji Fanyin waved his hands around in a fluster as he tried to explain, “No, this is a misunderstanding! We aren’t in that kind of relationship…”

“Why would two people who aren’t in that kind of relationship share a couple’s ice cream cone?”

“Hmm?” someone remarked doubtfully. “I feel like I’ve seen Senior’s girlfriend somewhere before.”

“Ah! Isn’t she Senior Ji Xinxin who went to further her studies in France not too long ago?”

Looking at the youngsters chattering away and that sour look on Bai Zhou’s face, Ji Fanyin thought that she should at least clarify the misunderstanding here, so she said, “Ji Xinxin is my younger sister.”

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“Are the two of you twins? You really look alike!”

“That’s right, we’re twins,” replied Ji Fanyin casually. She pointed at the ice cream store behind her and asked, “Have you all eaten yet? I’ll treat you.”

University students had a black hole in their stomachs. Whether it was to mooch off Ji Fanyin or to immerse themselves in this exciting gossip, they unhesitatingly accepted Ji Fanyin’s offer and headed into the ice cream shop.

However, the one who said that Ji Fanyin looked familiar was still brooding over it, murmuring, “No, I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere else today…”

It was just that no one was bothering him, so he scratched his head in confusion and hurriedly caught up with the others.

The crowd surrounded the young man who already had an ice cream cone in his hand and ‘escorted’ him off the counter to make their orders while grilling him for the details.

As a result, the only ones left behind were Bai Zhou, whom no one dared to drag along, and Ji Fanyin, who gave off an imposing air.

Once everyone was out of earshot, Bai Zhou finally remarked disdainfully, “You sure are busy. I didn’t think that you would have another appointment after dealing with Song Shiyu.”

Ji Fanyin’s eyebrows shot up. “You don’t remember him?”

“Why would I remember him?” replied Bai Zhou with a matter-of-factly tone.

Ji Fanyin pondered about it for a moment and thought that it made sense.

Well, there’s no way someone as arrogant as Bai Zhou would bother remembering the appearance of the ones who talked to her at the bus stop the other day.

However, she also had no reason to explain it to Bai Zhou, so she continued licking her ice cream while remarking nonchalantly, “I’m off work right now.”

She would never buy an ice cream cone for her clients during working hours, not even at half price.

With those words behind, she began making her way back to the ice cream shop, only to suddenly remember something important. She turned around to look at him.

Bai Zhou looked back at her with an impatient expression and grumbled, “It’s too late to apologize now.”

“That’s not it,” replied Ji Fanyin. “Don’t forget to reimburse me for yesterday’s ingredients.”

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