Chapter 17.2: It’s Too Late to Apologize (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 17.2: It’s Too Late to Apologize (2)

Ji Fanyin took out her phone and started typing out a message to Bai Zhou in order to politely remind him to pay his debt. It was then that she suddenly heard a nervous greeting coming from behind her.

“Erm… Hello?”

Wondering if she was standing in someone else’s way, Ji Fanyin turned around to take a look, only to realize that the person who had approached her looked a little familiar.

She jogged her memory a little and recalled the other party to be one of the young men she had met at the bus stop while waiting for Bai Zhou the other day.

The other party had a laptop bag hanging off his right shoulder, typical of a university student. He clutched onto the straps of his laptop bag nervously as he spoke with a hint of surprise and anticipation in his voice, “Big sis, do you still remember me?”

Ji Fanyin chuckled in response. She quickly finished composing her message for Bai Zhou and sent it over as she replied, “It happens that I haven’t cleared that stage yet.”

The young man’s eyes lit up right away. “I’ll give it a try!”

Right after saying those words, he quickly took out his own phone, unlocked it, and handed it to Ji Fanyin. “Here, take my phone first… and my laptop too! This way, you don’t have to worry about me running away with your phone.”

Just like that, the two of them began earnestly looking into how the stage could be cleared beside a pillar in the car park.

The young man failed his first attempt, and he hurriedly explained, “G-give me a bit more time! I think I get the tempo now. I should be able to clear it in the next try! I’m really not trying to scam you here.”

Ji Fanyin was amused by his response. “I never said that you were a scammer.”

He did manage to clear the stage in his second try, and he heaved a long sigh of relief. He passed the phone back to Ji Fanyin and looked at her excitedly, as if fishing for compliments. “I’ve cleared the stage for you.”

Ji Fanyin received her phone from him and thanked him for his help.

“As a reward for clearing the stage… May I ask you a question?” the young man asked.

Ji Fanyin closed the game tab and replied casually, “Sure.”

She didn’t have to guess what he was going to ask. The question was literally written all over his face.

As expected, the young man licked his lips nervously and asked, “You were walking out with another man earlier… Is he your boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” Ji Fanyin waved her phone in front of him. “If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have responded to any strangers chatting me up.”

The young man exhaled deeply upon hearing those words. His face burst into a joyful smile as he exclaimed, “So, the two of you are just friends? That’s a relief.”

“We aren’t friends,” Ji Fanyin refuted Song Shiyu’s standing in her heart. “He’s just a client.”

“Are you done with work now?” the young man asked a little awkwardly. “It’s truly a coincidence that we met one another again here, so why don’t we have a meal together? I’ll treat you.”

They’re both of the same age, but this child is so much cuter than Bai Zhou, Ji Fanyin thought.

“I’ll treat you instead,” she said. “I passed by an ice cream shop earlier that I was interested in.”

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That ice cream shop was having a promotion for its new flavors, offering half price for every second ice cream cone bought. Ji Fanyin didn’t want to be eating two ice cream cones by herself, so she could only regrettably give up on the deal. But now that she had someone with her, it was time to make full use of the deal.

“Sounds good!” The delighted young man accepted her offer right away.

According to the young man, he was a third-year student studying in the same university as Bai Zhou. Interestingly, the two of them were around the same height too.

“You’re from Lakeside University?” remarked Ji Fanyin as she scanned a QR code to pay for the ice cream. “What a coincidence.”

‘Ji Fanyin’ also graduated from that school.

“Are you my senior by any chance?”

“Well, I know quite a few people from your school. We had a gathering not too long ago,” replied Ji Fanyin.

“It’s the most famous school in our province after all. Are those people still studying there right now? There might be a few whom I know of.”

Ji Fanyin received the two light blue ice cream cones from the staff and passed one over to the young man. “There’s one you probably have heard of.”

Bai Zhou.

“What’s his name?” asked the young man curiously.

Speak of the devil. Just as Ji Fanyin was about to reveal his name, the person she was talking about suddenly approached them on the street with his buddies.

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