Chapter 17.1: It’s Too Late to Apologize (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 17.1: It’s Too Late to Apologize (1)

A restaurant Song Shiyu chose to eat a second time was bound to be decent.

Even with Ji Fanyin strictly ordering according to Ji Xinxin’s food preference, she still had an enjoyable meal. She decided to visit this restaurant alone when she had time in the future.

Over the course of the meal, she skillfully responded to Song Shiyu’s remarks too.

When Song Shiyu mentioned that he had returned home not too long ago, she went along with the flow and asked how his parents were faring, just like any girlfriend in a relationship would.

When Song Shiyu said that the temperature was going to plummet over the next few days, she caringly reminded him to dress thicker and bring an umbrella around with him so that he wouldn’t fall ill.

So on and so forth.

She wisely chose not to poke at any potential landmines either.

For one, as long as Song Shiyu refused to talk about the woman he was being matchmaked with earlier, she wouldn’t raise the topic on her own accord either.

There was no point making the client uncomfortable during the service.

The waiter soon served their final dish, Sea Cucumber Rich Soup With Rice. While Ji Fanyin was pouring the rich soup into a smaller bowl for him, Song Shiyu asked, “Aren’t you going to ask me about what you saw here earlier?”

Ji Fanyin raised her head to look at Song Shiyu. She spent a second pondering about his intent behind this question.

Is he hoping for ‘Ji Xinxin’ to be jealous, or is he aiming for something else?

She mixed the rich soup with rice and pushed it toward Song Shiyu before answering his question with a smile, “I’ll listen to your explanation whenever you’re ready.”

She chose to kick the ball back to Song Shiyu.

Song Shiyu was silent for a moment before speaking up, “… It was something my mother did on her own accord. I was unaware of it. I’ve already properly turned her down.”

Ji Fanyin immediately got it upon hearing those words.

Her gaze dropped slightly. She started mixing her own bowl of rice with the rich soup as she replied softly, “While I knew that you wouldn’t fall for another woman… I was still very worried before your explanation.”

“I’m sorry. I should have explained it to you earlier,” said Song Shiyu.

“It isn’t your fault.” Ji Fanyin raised her head and revealed a relieved smile. “Your willingness to explain it to me shows that my trust in you isn’t unfounded.”

On the other side of the table, Song Shiyu finally broke into a smile, “Thank you for your trust.”

You’re welcome, though I trust your wallet a lot more, Ji Fanyin thought sardonically. Yeap, this Sea Cucumber Rice is delicious too.

Sogn Shiyu footed the bill when they left the restaurant.

Ji Fanyin glanced at the receipt and saw that the two meals actually cost 4000 dollars.

As expected of a restaurant chosen by the rich. But still, it isn’t as expensive as the meal sponsored by Bai Zhou… Hm?

Her train of thought reminded her of something important.

I don’t think that he has paid me back for those ingredients yet, right? That’s more than ten thousand dollars!. I can’t just shrug it off.

I shan’t allow him to make any reservations until he pays for it.

“What are you doing after this?” Song Shiyu stowed away his phone as he asked. “I’ll drive you.”

Ji Fanyin snapped out of her thoughts and glanced at the clock on the wall. There were still a few minutes before the end of the service, so she went along with Song Shiyu’s suggestion with a smile.

The lift was located not too far away from the restaurant. The waiters respectfully walked them out of the store and even politely pressed the lift button for them. With a deep bow, they said, “We’ll be looking forward to your next visit.”

As someone working in the service industry as well, Ji Fanyin deeply sympathized with them.

It sure is hard to earn money.

They soon arrived at the car park, but Ji Fanyin didn’t get into his car. They were walking their way over when her alarm clock suddenly started ringing loudly.

Song Shiyu’s movements jerked to a halt, and Ji Fanyin also calmly stopped as well. She waved her hand at him and said, “Goodbye.”

There was a smile still lingering on her lips, but her disposition was somehow vastly different from before. Even her wave felt a little perfunctory.

Song Shiyu had probably built up immunity after the last few experiences he had, so he didn’t reveal a ‘my dreams are all shattered’ expression. He stared at Ji Fanyin for a few good seconds, as if trying to peer through her.

Ji Fanyin tilted her head in response, choosing not to say a word either. Her expression was casual, conforming to the typical response a person would have upon being stared at someone else on the streets.

She was currently pondering whether she should agree to it if Song Shiyu requested for an extension of service.

“Your eyes were red when you came in earlier. Did you cry?” asked Song Shiyu.

Realization struck Ji Fanyin. She replied, “I did.”

Because of the movie.

“Why don’t you look for another boyfriend?” asked Song Shiyu as he lit a smoke. “The best way to forget about a past relationship is to start a new one.”

Toward that, Ji Fanyin replied affirmatively, “I will.”

Once I earn enough money from this stand-in job.

Her hands were too full dealing with two lovelorn men to date anyone else now.

Song Shiyu stared at her with eyes so complicated that Movie Reviewer Ji Fanyin was almost tempted to attempt deciphering and interpreting his expression, just that she couldn’t care less about what Song Shiyu was thinking after service hours.

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So, she gestured toward his car with her chin and asked, “You aren’t going to leave?”

Song Shiyu was speechless for a second before getting into his driver’s seat.

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