Chapter 15.1: Is There Anything You’d Like to Say? (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 15.1: Is There Anything You’d Like to Say? (1)

Bai Zhou joined Ji Xinxin’s squad in the game and found that there was someone else going by the name of ‘Kitty’, which hinted that it was a woman. 

That set his heart at ease, and he greeted Ji Xinxin through the voice chat.

“Your voice sounds hoarse. You must have spent the whole of last night playing games, right?” reproached Ji Xinxin. “I really shouldn’t have asked you to play.”

Bai Zhou immediately justified himself, “I already slept earlier in the afternoon. I feel more refreshed than ever.”

Who else would you find to play games with you other than me?

“Really?” asked Ji Xinxin skeptically. “If I hear you yawn even once, I’ll have you get off your computer and rest right away.”

Bai Zhou made a mental note to cover his mouth before yawning later on.

The three of them quickly started a game. Bai Zhou gave the cue for them to leap off and parachute, but they were unlucky to bump into two other squads upon landing. Within two minutes, Ji Xinxin and Kitty suffered tragic deaths, leaving Bai Zhou to fight alone.

Bai Zhou: “…”

He could continue playing this match for another twenty more minutes, and perhaps, he might even get a chicken dinner. However, Ji Xinxin would be left to watch his avatar in boredom, unable to enjoy the game herself.

So, he decided to conduct a reckless charge and commit suicide so that they could start the next game quickly. At the same time, he consoled Ji Xinxin, “Follow me next round. I’ll protect you.”

“Alright,” replied Ji Xinxin.

It turned out that bringing two newbies around was extremely exhausting. He slowly grew frustrated after suffering several consecutive defeats, so he chose to divert his attention elsewhere by chatting with Ji Xinxin.

Kitty had remained quiet all this while, so Bai Zhou proceeded to ask Ji Xinxin about how she was faring in France. 

“I’ll pay you a visit in Paris once you settle down. Do you have any food cravings? I’ll bring whatever you want over.”

“It’s fine. There’s a Chinatown not too far away from where I live. I can get most of the stuff I want there,” replied Ji Xinxin. “You don’t have to worry about me. Rather, I’m more worried about you. You always end up losing track of time whenever you start gaming.”

Bai Zhou fiddled with his mouse as he searched for another conversation topic.

“Big sis, you have a twin sister, right?”

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“… Yeap. Did you meet her?”

“Mm. I saw her on the streets the other day,” said Bai Zhou. He paused for a moment before asking, “Do you know what she’s working as at the moment?”

“She’s still unemployed. She was much better than me back in school, but now…” Ji Xinxin sighed softly. “I know that you detest people with her personality, but at least on the account that she’s my older sister, don’t fight with her, alright?”

“… Mm,” Bai Zhou grumbled out a response. “Why is there such a vast difference in your personalities despite being twins?” 

Ji Xinxin was quiet for a moment before she replied, “It’s my fault. I fell gravely ill in my younger years and ended up spending a few years in the hospital. My parents devoted their attention to taking care of me, but this resulted in my older sister being neglected. By the time I recovered from my illness, her academic results had already fallen drastically…”

Bai Zhou frowned in frustration, thinking that Ji Fanyin only had herself to blame for being so needy. He spat, “It’s her own responsibility to focus on her studies. Who can she blame for her lack of drive?”

“Don’t say that.” Ji Xinxin ended the topic there, not wanting to delve deeper into it. “—So, when do we jump?”

Bai Zhou randomly selected a location and led Ji Xinxin and Kitty off the plane.

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