Chapter 15.2: Is There Anything You’d Like to Say? (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 15.2: Is There Anything You’d Like to Say? (2)

Upon returning home, Ji Fanyin spent an hour cooking those high-class French ingredients before laying out the dishes beautifully on the table. She lit a scented candle to accentuate the atmosphere before popping a 1996 Lafite.

Of course, all of these were generously sponsored by Bai Zhou. 

After having her fill of food. Ji Fanyin switched on her phone but there wasn’t any messages from her clients.

Bai Zhou should still be gaming right now. As for Song Shiyu… 

Ji Fanyin sent him a message, and the latter soon replied with an address. He was reserving her for lunch tomorrow.

Ji Fanyin replied with an ‘OK’ emoji, and she soon received a text message indicating she had received the money. 

She then loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and stretched her back lazily. 

With this, I have a job secured for tomorrow too. Since I got off work early today, should I watch some films, play a game, or do my homework and head to sleep early?

Ji Fanyin casually scrolled through her WeChat’s Moments page as she pondered about her plans for the night. 

‘Ji Fanyin’ had never posted anything about herself on social media, so her Moments’ page was completely empty. However, she did have a few friends on WeChat who were rather active. 

One of them was Ji Xinxin. It was clear from browsing through her feed that she was an elegant young lady born with a silver spoon. 

Just half an hour ago, Ji Xinxin posted a screenshot of her gaming record accompanied with a crying emoji. 

Ji Fanyin tapped into screenshot and saw a column of ten consecutive losses, and in three of them they were pretty much instant KO-ed.

It looks like even a Grandmaster would find it hard to carry two Bronze players

Just thinking about how frustrated and hungry Bai Zhou must be right now brought a gloating smile to her lips. 

Ah, there’s no saying that Bai Zhou might be enjoying this too. There are so many people in the world who want to game with Ji Fanyin that they could probably form a long queue down the streets. 

In the end, Ji Fanyin decided to pop in one of the Blu-ray movies she had recently bought and started enjoying her night off. 


On the other side of the city, Song Shiyu placed his phone down after wiring the money to Ji Fanyin.

“Did you hear what I said?” asked Mrs Song with a deep sigh. “I know that you already have someone in your heart, but there’s no point forcing things if the two of you aren’t meant to be. To be frank, that young miss from the Ji Family doesn’t give me good vibes, and you aren’t young anymore. You shouldn’t waste your time on her.”

“Mum, I’m still young,” replied Song Shiyu with a frown. “And Xinxin isn’t a bad person either. There are just too many jealous people out there who badmouth her.”

Mrs Song was exasperated. “I wouldn’t bother saying anything if you’d managed to woo her, but she’s already rejected your confession. Listen to your mum, there are lots of outstanding women out there in the world who are interested in you. She isn’t the only one for you. Why are you so fixated on one who doesn’t like you back?”

Song Shiyu looked downward with a steely expression on his face, choosing not to say a word. His attitude clearly showed his resistance. 

“… Alright alright, I’ll stop nagging or else you’re going to start arguing with me again.” The exhausted Mrs Song ended the conversation there. “Are you eating at home tomorrow?”

“I have a lunch appointment with my colleagues,” replied Song Shiyu with a shake of his head. “I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning.”

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“Make sure you don’t grab junk food just to save some time. Your complexion looks so much worse than before!” said Mrs Song worriedly.

“It’s not junk food. I’m visiting the restaurant which I brought you to last time,” reassured Song Shiyu. “Don’t worry, I’m paying close attention to my health. You and dad shouldn’t forget about your health checkup next month either.”

Mrs Song responded with a nod before grabbing her phone to check on the restaurant Song Shiyu had mentioned. After confirming it, she secretly sent the address to someone else.

Meanwhile, Song Shiyu finished up his dinner before handling his remaining work. Before heading to bed, he picked up his phone and scrolled through Ji Xinxin’s Moments’ page, where he saw the screenshot containing her tragic gaming record and Bai Zhou’s very recognizable username.

He had a feeling that Ji Xinxin’s attitude toward him had turned cold ever since he confessed to her that day. She always said that she was new to Paris and had a lot of things to familiarize herself with… but somehow she still managed to find time to play games with Bai Zhou.

Song Shiyu stared at his phone with narrowed eyes before calling Ji Xinxin’s number.

She didn’t pick up.

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