Chapter 14.3: Golden Fish Number Two (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 14.3: Golden Fish Number Two (3)

A while later, Ji Fanyin received the address from him and hailed a cab, lugging an entire box of ingredients with her all the way to Bai Zhou’s apartment.

Someone with a privileged background like Bai Zhou naturally lived in a high-class condominium. On top of having a penthouse apartment, there was also a caretaker who was on standby 24/7.

The caretaker was already waiting at the entrance of the condominium when she arrived. He brought her to the penthouse and opened the door for her before leaving without asking any questions at all.

His respect for his employer’s privacy showed his professionalism.

Ji Fanyin was unable to find any smaller slippers in the shoe rack, so she had to make do with an oversized one.

She was quite passionate about cooking. She lay out her ingredients one by one in the open concept kitchen and began handling them accordingly. Cooking was quite enjoyable to her, so much that she soon started humming a tune.

Twenty minutes later, Bai Zhou arrived.

There was a spirited look on his face when he opened the door. When he noticed an additional pair of slippers by the doorway, he quickly turned to the kitchen and held his finger to his mouth, gesturing for Ji Fanyin not to make a noise.

Ji Fanyin quickly swallowed her greetings back in.

“Right now? Sure!” replied Bai Zhou over the phone. It was clear that he was in a good mood. “… Big sis, don’t you have any lessons today?”

Ji Fanyin immediately got the message.

Ah, it’s one of Ji Xinxin’s routine checks.

She took a bell pepper, placed it on the chopping board, and skillfully sliced it into half. She proceeded on to remove its seeds and membrane before cutting it into smaller pieces.

“Yes, I’m free. I can play with you right now.” Bai Zhou casually placed his motorcycle keys on the table before speed walking to his laptop. “Is it just the two of us? … Who else will be joining us?”

Ji Fanyin elegantly sprinkled salt and pepper on the steaks and gently massaged them to rub the flavor in.

“Your friend is joining us too? … Is it a guy or a girl?” Bai Zhou’s voice could be heard through the opened door of his study room. “A girl? Ah okay. I’m switching on my laptop now. I’ll be there right away. Yeah, you should add me to your party.”

Ji Fanyin stashed the steak and all of the other processed ingredients neatly into the plastic containers provided by the supermarket.

Bai Zhou finally walked out from the study room with his phone still in his hand. He said, “Ji Fanyin, you may leave now.”

He placed his phone down on a table before heading into the bathroom to wash his face.

Meanwhile, Ji Fanyin made use of the next few minutes to clean up the mess in the kitchen.

When Bai Zhou walked into the living room with water dripping from his face and saw that Ji Fanyin was still around, he asked with a frown, “Why are you still here? I don’t need you around anymore. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you for a refund since I’m the one cancelling the reservation now. Make sure to take everything away with you. I don’t need them anymore.”

Ji Fanyin stacked the containers of freshly handled and marinated ingredients into a plastic bag before turning to Bai Zhou. “Wait a moment, young master Bai.”

“What?” grumbled Bai Zhou impatiently.

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Ji Fanyin put on a professional smile and said, “I’ve left the receipt for the expenses I have incurred at the supermarket on your shoe rack. Please remember to reimburse me accordingly.”

“Just how poor are you?!” exclaimed Bai Zhou. He waved his hand impatiently and said, “Hurry up and leave!”

It’s just some foie gras, steak, red wine, mussels, and stuff. This rich young master wouldn’t be too bothered with just a measly 10,000 dollars.

Out of gratitude, Ji Fanyin kindly took away the trash bag in the kitchen with her when she left the penthouse. With a huge bag of high-quality ingredients in hand, she hailed a cab and headed back home.

It was only 3 o’clock by the time she got home.

I got to leave work nine hours early, and I even got a free Western dinner feast for myself.

Yup, he definitely is a VIP client of mine.

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Y'know, I really wish that I can be as unfazed as her one day. 
It's not about becoming emotionless, but more about being able to get what's truly meaningful in life and shrugging off the little bits that don't really matter but get you down. Like in terms of work, if I could just take the unpleasant stuff I face in my stride, I think I'd really be a much happier person. 
Eyy, but it's really easier said than done. As a kid I used to think that I'd become mature just by growing older, but that's so wrong. Oh well~~

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