Chapter 14.2: Golden Fish Number Two (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 14.2: Golden Fish Number Two (2)

It was a particularly peaceful sleep for Bai Zhou till he was woken up.

The first thing he saw upon opening his eyes was the person he liked, and it brought a smile onto his face. He called out to her with a voice that was still a little nasal from having just woken up, “Big sis.”

“You lazy bum.” The other party poked his forehead. “It’s already after lunchtime. Your tummy is going to start hurting if you don’t wake up soon.”

Bai Zhou closed his eyes groggily as he mumbled softly, “I want to eat… the food you make. You said that you would learn some of the local specialties in… France…!”

His words gradually slowed down, and the final word was literally spoken as a shout. He immediately sat up as if he had been struck by lightning.

Shit! Ji Xinxin is obviously in France! The person beside me is a fake!

Bai Zhou glared at Ji Fanyin with a mixture of anger and fright, but the latter simply directed an unfazed smile at him and asked, “Are you finally awake?”

He wanted to burst out cursing, but the next moment, he belatedly realized that he was holding onto her coat. He immediately flung it off as countless vulgarities flashed across his mind.

“Lunch? We’ll get delivery!” He vigorously whipped out his phone and opened a delivery app. “We’ll be eating fried chicken!”

Ji Fanyin sighed softly. “You’re still young. You shouldn’t eat junk food all the time.”

“That’s none of your business!” shouted Bai Zhou. He was like a volcano that was already on the verge of eruption. “You aren’t like big sis at all! Do you even know how to cook?!”

“I do,” replied Ji Fanyin with a smile. “I know a bit of French cuisine. What would you like to eat?”

Bai Zhou was in the midst of furiously adding spicy chicken to his shopping cart when his finger abruptly came to a halt. “… Really?”

“The preparation time might be a bit long though, and I don’t have any ingredients at my place.” Ji Fanyin took a look at her watch. “Why don’t I grab some ingredients later on and cook dinner for you?”

Bai Zhou stared at her intently as if he was trying to guard against a thief.

But in the end, he still caved in and agreed to it. He even passed his phone to her and said, “Order what you want for lunch.”

Ji Fanyin scrolled through the menu of the unhealthy fried chicken fast food restaurant, and in the end, she opted for Ji Xinxin’s usual choice of salad and corn.

It’s lucky that I ate more for breakfast, she thought.

Probably thanks to having rested well, Bai Zhou was much more effective in the afternoon. He managed to finish two sketches, which he carefully stowed away in a folder as if they were some sort of precious treasure.

“You can go to the supermarket on your own. I won’t be tagging along,” said Bai Zhou as he walked out of the art room. “It’ll be troublesome if anyone catches the two of us together.”

Ji Fanyin considered asking him for his bank card, but she decided against breaking her character here.

I’ll just report my expenses to him later on. It’s unlikely that he would shirk payment anyway.

Ji Fanyin headed to the Hema supermarket on the B1 floor in the shopping mall. She quickly drafted up an ingredient list in her mind and grabbed everything she needed before making payment.

Once she was done, she made a call to Bai Zhou.

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His voice was as impatient as always. “You’re done? Send me your address. We’ll head there separately.”

Ji Fanyin blinked her eyes before replying, “Let’s head to your house instead. You have a larger kitchen. Besides… I’m worried that you haven’t been taking care of yourself recently. I want to take a look around your apartment.”

She had no intention of giving her address away to her client that easily. Even with Song Shiyu, she chose to meet him in a public parking lot in her neighborhood instead of directly giving him her address.

She made a clear distinction between work and private life.

Bai Zhou was silent for two seconds. Perhaps it was because he didn’t want to waste his time arguing with Ji Fanyin over this but he soon replied, “I’ll send my address to you. You head there yourself.”

He hung up his phone afterward.

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