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ZL - Chapter 928 - Battle in the light and fight in the darkness

Chapter 928 - Battle in the light and fight in the darkness

The ocean breeze blew and the war robe danced in the air. I sat on the God Dragon Horse and looked toward the Royal Army arrangements there. There were deer horns buried deep in the beach; however, I didn't think that it would be useful since the Hybrid Demon Army didn't have much cavalry. Even if they did, what kind of damage could these wooden poles do to them? It would just be a tiny obstruction.

  The shore of the Sea of No Return was lined with a dense amount of players and NPCs. This time was different from the last. The Hybrid Demon Army didn't gather together and attack at the same time. Instead, they spread themselves out, resulting in the players having to defend the entire Sea of No Return defense line. Tian Ling City was huge and the players were spread out a hundred miles. One wouldn't be able to see the end of it. The number of [Zhan Long] players increased and thus we were in charge of the five miles around the Royal Army base.


  A bunch of core Guild Supervisors from [Zhan Long] gathered around me. Li Mu held the Neptune’s Blade as he looked towards the dense amount of warships and smiled, "I feel like they aren't simply here to give us experience..."

  I nodded my head, "Yeah, they sank three Royal Army ships. They’ve sent much stronger troops than the last time."

  Wang Jian said, "The game has been updated and the monster levels increased along with the players. After the country war, many players leveled up so the monster levels would naturally be much higher."

  Lin Wan Er was in the Royal Army Camp and said, "Do we have to use the NPC army of Flaming Cloud City?"

  "There is no need..." I shook my head and said, "The Flaming Cloud City NPC army is used to suppress Waterfront City..."

  Lin Wan Er smiled sweetly, "If you say words like this, aren't you afraid Clear Black Eyes will be sad?"

  I pouted, "Clear Black Eyes is discussing with Drunk Maple every day on how to rebel and breakaway from us, that is what makes me sad..."

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled, "You asked for it!"

  I smiled, "Apart from this method, I really couldn't think of anything else. Look, the Japanese and Korean players are much more well-behaved. Why, isn't that because the Indian Region has too many people and they can't beat them? They want to attack Ba Huang City and Tian Ling City, so they have to go across Waterfront City. How could one be willing to sleep beside a falling wall? Clear Black Eyes will naturally decide to help out."

  Li Mu nodded, "Alright, anyway, the country war cooldown period is still not over yet. There is no need to bother about them. Let's finish this Sea of No Return battle before it ends!"

  "Right." I looked toward the dense amount of ships on the ocean surface and smiled, "Berserker Lei Ding is a really strong person — we’ve already met him before. Vanguard Luo Ding, who is he?"

  Yue Qing Qian said, "He recently appeared on the Hybrid Demon Lord Rankings. He is said to be the first human to step into the Holy Domain Realm. He lived till ten thousand years old and is ranked twelfth. In terms of strength, he is much stronger than Luo Lin. He is said to be Luo Lin, Luo Lei, and Angela’s ancestor..."

  "He really is so old and wouldn't die..." My mouth pursed and said, "Let's gather our strength and defend. Let's see how much strength this Luo Ding has taken out to welcome us. Speaking of which... How many blacksmiths are there in the Hybrid Demon Territory? So many warships have suddenly appeared, at least over ten thousand of them. How did they suddenly have so many..."

  Li Mu couldn't help but laugh, "This is a game. What is the point of paying attention to such details? Anyways, the Hybrid Demon Territory can produce many talents. What we have to pay attention to is [Legend], [Hero’s Mound] and [Prague] as they have already started recruiting people in their bases. They are finally not willing to be all closed up anymore!"

  I nodded my head and said, "Let's pay attention to [Rising Sun Like Blood]. Have they come to defend?"

  "They have." Wang Jian said, "They are ten miles east of us, not that far away. Do we have to defend against them?"

  "There is no need for that. With the Royal Army here, they won't dare."



  There was still half an hour left before the Hybrid Demon Army would launch their attacks. These NPCs were really on time, or rather, they respected the system rules very much. I held the Dragon Reservoir Sword and moved within the Royal Army formation. A bunch of soldiers looked toward me respectfully. Han Yuan held his blade and walked up, "General, Dragon Crystal Cannons have been moved over. We have enough ammo now and we will definitely give them a taste of the Dragon Crystal Cannons!"

  I nodded my head, "Don't be in a rush to use them. Don't waste them if we can use blades and swords to kill."

  "Yes, General!"

  The messenger charged over. He held the war flag and shouted, "General Li Xiao Yao, His Majesty and the South Protecting King have asked you to head to the tent, please be quick!"

  The tent was at the right of the Royal Army. However, it was a place defended by the Imperial Guards. When I headed over, the soldiers were fully prepared. Many crossbow carriages were pushed out beside the shore. A shield wall was also formed with a bunch of soldiers holding their shields, lying in wait with their long spears sticking out on the right. The soldiers at the back placed their spears on the shoulders of those in front of them. The entire formation was totally silent and disciplined. This Situ Xin was really skilled!

  I stepped into the tent — the generals on both sides were really solemn. Many of them called out and greeted me. My position in the army was only lower than Lochlan and South Protecting King Luo Xun. Moreover, with how strong the Royal Army was, my strength was even above that of Luo Xun. Therefore, my treatment was naturally different.

  "Teacher Li!"

  Lochlan stood up when I entered and smiled, "Men, give Commander in Chief his seat!"

  I swept about. Louis and Les, these two Commander in Chiefs, were standing. I said, "There is no need. Thank you, Your Majesty, I will just stand. Lei Ding and Luo Ding are about to come, and I am afraid that if I sit for too long, I won't be able to stand up."

  Lochlan smiled, "Yes, it is good that Teacher Li is here."

  Luo Xun sat beside Lochlan, his hand on his sword as he said, "Since General Li is here, let's start the meeting. The Hybrid Demons look really aggressive this time. Lei Ding and Luo Ding are both really strong. Lei Ding is nicknamed as the mad dog in the north. Once he explodes out, even Da Lun and Xi Fu, these god-level people, would be afraid. Moreover, Luo Ding is known for having a million troops. He has one of the highest numbered troops in the Hybrid Demon Territory. This is the intel that we have right now."

  Les cupped his fists, "During the last battle, Marquis led the Fire Axe Army to charge out. Although we lost, we were still respected. Why not let the Violent Thunder Army charge first? Luo Ding's vanguard army's elite troops are right in front of our central troops. Your Majesty, please let me fight and slice off his head!"

  Lochlan looked out and said, "Does anyone have any objections about the Violent Thunder Army fighting?"

  I kept silent and Lochlan said, "Okay, the Violent Thunder Army will lead. If we can fend them off, I will take note of the merits of the Violent Thunder Army!"

  Les cupped his fists and smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"


  "Your Majesty." Luo Xun stood up and cupped his fists, "The Hybrid Demon Army looks really strong and just relying on Les alone won't be enough. In addition, the Violent Thunder Army has mainly archers and spearman. They lack defensive strength. Why not let the Imperial Guards lend their aid? Then the Violent Thunder Army would definitely win!"

  Situ Xin was stunned and cupped his fists, "South Protecting King, our duty is to protect His Majesty's safety. If we fight, who will do that?"

  Luo Xun smiled, "Don't worry. I have brought three hundred thousand Rongdi Army troops to help us. With my Rongdi Army here, who would dare to touch His Majesty?"

  I was shocked. In just a week, Luo Xun had expanded the Rongdi Army from 150 thousand to 300 thousand? F***, I really didn't expect that...

  Baili Ning cupped his fists, "The Imperial Guards are in charge of His Majesty's army. Thus, we shouldn't move them away."

  Luo Xun said, "General Ning, why not let your Chang Feng Army aid the Violent Thunder Army? Princess Pearl left you the troops, so you will definitely not let me down."

  I frowned and said, "South Protecting King thinks too much. I think that Violent Thunder Army is enough. We should just defend our assigned areas. Situ Xin can't leave His Majesty and has to defend. If not, he will have failed his responsibility. If anything happens to His Majesty, I will question you!"

  Situ Xin wasn't angry after I shouted at him. Instead, he cupped his fists, "I will follow Commander in Chief's orders and defend him to death!"


  The relationships here were really complicated. Les was under Luo Xun, but Les himself loved to gain credit which was why he wanted first blood. That also meant he would take the first hit and suffer losses. Luo Xun naturally didn't want that and thus wanted to push someone else to take damage to let them split the burden. However, Situ Xin and Baili Ning were generals left by Princess Pearl and they were on my side so I had to protect them.


  Lochlan ordered us to prepare for battle. I turned around and walked out, summoning the God Dragon Horse to head back to the Royal Army and the [Zhan Long] area. As expected, the Hybrid Demon fleet traveled over. War was just a step away!

  In the [Zhan Long] camp, a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry were already in wait. A bunch of sword-wielding soldiers dashed down the trips, dense like a bunch of ants. This was the legendary vanguard army. The ones at the front were all Blade Shield Soldiers. Their faces looked corrupt — who knew how long they had been dead for? They were all skeletons as they waved their white arms and legs at us.

  Lin Wan Er felt a cold chill down her spine and she smiled, "Experience is here!"

  I nodded. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword, "Prepare to fight!"

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