Chapter 929 - Vanguard Skull
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Zhan Long Chapter 929 - Vanguard Skull

Chapter 929 - Vanguard Skull

Vanguard Skeleton Soldiers and level 161 Grade 4 Hybrid Demons. Due to the relatively higher levels, the upper limit for their attacks was 21 thousand. Moreover, out of their three skills, there was one passive one known as the Bone Breaking Technique which had 30% defense penetration. This also meant that the defenses of most players wouldn't be enough to hold out against these attacks.

  "Prepare the shield formation to defend!"

  I stood on the frontlines and waited solemnly. I pointed my Zhen Yue Blade forward and the God Dragon Horse charged forwards. The sword light landed among the monsters and instantly the skeleton bodies shook. Many damage numbers exploded out. Those soldiers left with their skeletons only could actually bleed. Who knew where that blood was coming from...





  Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the rest used their [Halberd Whirlwind], [Whirlwind Sword Break], and [Covering Sword Slash] skills in the crowd. However, the skeleton soldiers were like ants who stormed over. They waved their blades and charged at the crowd. In the next moment, they clashed with the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army frontlines. Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, and One Second Hero all used their shields to block. Under the Bone Breaking Technique, a bunch of damage numbers shocked everyone...





  Under the attacks of the skeleton soldiers, even Meng Yao was forced a few steps back. Their impact was too strong. Luckily, the frontline players had 100 thousand health and under the healing, they were able to withstand it. However, the guilds beside us weren't so lucky. From afar, the few mid-tier guilds were starting to fall apart. Many people were instantly killed, especially some average swordsmen and berserkers who only had 50 to 80 thousand health. After two hits, they were basically dead.

  "Everyone be careful, pay attention to your health!"

  Lin Wan Er held her dagger and danced in front of everyone. As an assassin, her defenses were like that of a heavy armor user. Moreover, she had 17% lifesteal and was strong enough to go head on against the monsters. Her dagger had the [Unyielding Spirit] effect and after stabbing their bodies, she said, "Those with less than thirty percent health, back off and heal. Don't force it. Their attacks won't end in an hour, so leave to gain more health points!"

  Everyone nodded their heads as they listened to the orders. The archers, mages, and musketeers shot altogether. A bunch of random spells pelted the skeleton soldiers. They all cried out but were still unable to break through the frontlines. They could only smash onto the shields and slash down. "Keng!" More damage numbers flew out.

  The [Zhan Long] frontline consisted of all the Fire Dragon Cavalry. The defense and attack power was enough, and they finally stabilized after a bunch of people died. Next, we would be massacring them to obtain experience.


  I used the [Icy Wings] effect, bringing the tiger to charge and kill among the crowd. Then I flew up into the air and looked towards the battlefield. Les led the cavalry forwards and the spearmen behind. The archers defended their original spot and slashed with the vanguard army in the core region. Both sides suffered losses. Luo Ding sent many troops to attack the middle army as it seemed like he knew the importance of taking down the leader and he wanted to breakthrough right away.

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After he captured Lochlan, he would then have a full victory.

  Lochlan was a sharp and humble ruler, a treasure that the Heavens gave to Tian Ling City. Luo Xun could only take over when Lochlan was in trouble. He was a schemer and was bad at fighting enemies. If that happens, Tian Ling City will only be swallowed bit by bit with no way to fight back.

  "Warriors, kill. It is time for us to gain merits!"

  In the crowd, Les charged forward and his blades danced. Many streaks of energy slashed into the monsters. This fellow had some strength, but such an attack didn't do much. Although he could kill some skeleton soldiers, the Violent Thunder Army also lost many. Even if they exchanged lives 1 for 1, they were still at a loss. After all, it was said that Luo Ding had a million troops. Tian Ling City had only 700 thousand maximum NPCs. The Violent Thunder Army also only had 70 thousand. Once they were finished, Les would be a useless general.

  Thinking about that, I flew even higher and looked at the [Flying Dragon] camp. They were far enough away from us and they were fighting at the shore which was near the Purple Bamboo Forest. I could see the flag of the Autumn Harvest Army, and just like after the country war ended, the Autumn Harvest Army had 20 thousand troops. Now, Drunken Spear finally had some troops in his hands. With his ability, he would be able to utilize these 20 thousand men to a good extent. Basically, players with NPCs would cherish them. Why would they be like Les, Louis, and the NPCs who only knew how to use troops to gain merit? However, one could understand it after just thinking about it — NPCs were just people with a portion of the memories of a real person. In the settings, human lives weren't worth money. Some rich people used gold to exchange their poor kids and risked their lives. The human slave trade had always continued which resulted in war all around.


  After over an hour of fighting, the vanguard skeleton soldiers were basically all gone. In front of the [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero’s Mound] and [Prague] guilds, there were many corpses. Players had started to sweep the battlefield. The value of the things they dropped weren't that high, but if one was lucky, one might get [Divine Tier] equipment. Of course, that was really rare. As for the [Demon Harvest Tier], that was even worse as there were only ten thousand in the server. As for [Deity Tier] and [Epic Tier], those were even rarer. The [Divine Tier] probably represented the highest level of equipment that an average player could think about getting. These monsters were actually able to drop them and that made everyone excited. The chance to become a person with [Divine Tier] equipment attracted everyone over.

  On the main battlefield, the Violent Thunder Army charged left and right. After dropping close to 20 thousand corpses, they finally forced back the attacks. Fewer white robes were covered in blood, but he gave a vicious laugh, "Brothers, these bunches of bones are dumb. Haha, we should use them to make soup to feed the dogs. Charge, take down their ships!"


  A bunch of Violent Thunder Army spearmen charged towards the ships. The cannons were all removed and they were used purely to ship resources.

  "General?" Han Yuan held his blood-stained blade and stood behind me as he said, "There are around 40 Hybrid Demon warships in front of us, we... Should we try to snatch them?"


  I squinted my eyes and looked forward, "Since they dare to drive them over, they definitely wouldn't allow us to do so. That old man Luo Ding definitely wouldn't be a fool."

  "Then..." Han Yuan looked over and said, "Then Commander in Chief Les really is stupid!"

  I nodded my head, "Yes."

  Just as I said that, a bunch of warships emerged from the ocean mist. Moreover, they had many red cannons just like our Flame Dragon Cannons. In the next moment, the cannons were fired. The transport ships were blown up and the flame light surged into the sky. The night sky was lit up like that day. The thousands of spearmen that Les sent were all blown to pieces. He really was stupid.


  "How?!" A Violent Thunder Army major clenched his fists, tears welled in his eyes. He looked on at the burning ships, his voice trembled, "These... These damn Hybrid Demons, they actually blew up their own ships, my... my poor thousands of brothers died just like that... General, we..."

  Les' face turned green —  he held his blood-stained sword and said, "General Xu, there is no need to be sad. These scheming demons will get their karma. Continue to fight and take revenge for our brothers!"

  The major bit his teeth, "General, we have already lost 20 thousand, should we continue to fight?"

  Les said coldly, "Protect His Majesty and isn’t chasing the demons away part of our duty? Remember, we are soldiers. We aren't to cry during battle. Tears are what cowards have!"

  "Yes, sir!"


  In the distance, a bunch of scattered battles took place all about. Most of the skeletons were killed. Their first wave of attacks had failed. Who knew what Luo Ding, this Hybrid Demon Lord, that never appeared, was going to do to us? However, just them blowing their own ships up to kill our troops showed that he would stop at nothing. He was really cruel and scheming and definitely wasn't someone that would be simple.

  I headed back to the [Zhan Long] base. Li Mu and the others were splitting rewards. A bunch of equipment was placed in front of Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the Guild Supervisors. According to the rules in [Zhan Long], all equipment dropped needed to be allocated on the spot such that nothing would be wasted.

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