Chapter 930 - A Storm Is Coming
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Zhan Long Chapter 930 - A Storm Is Coming

Chapter 930 - A storm is coming

"Scale Light [Divine Tier] ring, increases attack by 21%, health by 3,000, and there’s a 9% stackable lifesteal effect. Who wants it?"

  Lin Wan Er held a ring in her hand and smiled, "A total of 27 people attacked the skeleton soldier that dropped the Scale Light Ring. Everyone looked at the stats I shared, the top twenty contributors will roll to decide who it belongs to. The person who gets it will have a certain amount of guild points removed."

  Instantly, there were many people in the guild who said that they wanted it. After the roll, a Fire Dragon Cavalry swordsman got it. Such a ring that added lifesteal, attack points, and health was really popular — it was the standard Battle Style equipment. At this point, the Pulse Break Style was only suitable for 1v1s and in a huge war, only Battle Style and Drunken Sword Style were king.

  Who knew whether or not Destiny would give rise to tools like wine that would increase fury points? If not, the 100 limit wouldn't allow players to continue to use their skills. The Drunken Sword Style was still a legend to date. I used the [Deity Tier] God General War Leg Guards effect to increase my fury limit by 80 points, so it wasn't a problem to use skills consecutively. Strictly speaking, this wasn't the true Drunken Sword Style and was just an outline of it.

  At this moment, Li Mu held a battle axe and laughed out loud, "Sky War Axe, level 155 [Divine Tier] blade. Our luck is really good. The attack of this is even higher than Hellfire. Who wants it? The old rules still stand."

  Very quickly, that blade was also given away.

 After all, drops from such mobs were the minority. The Fire Dragon Cavalry now basically all used Hellfire, and that was a long sword which was covered in flames. When the frontline players lined up for battle, along with how Fire Dragon Cavalry looked, it was really majestic. This also made [Zhan Long]'s Fire Dragon Cavalry look like a top group that won all battles.


  Everyone continued to split gains. The bunch of

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