Chapter 930 - A Storm Is Coming
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Zhan Long Chapter 930 - A Storm Is Coming

Chapter 930 - A storm is coming

"Scale Light [Divine Tier] ring, increases attack by 21%, health by 3,000, and there’s a 9% stackable lifesteal effect. Who wants it?"

  Lin Wan Er held a ring in her hand and smiled, "A total of 27 people attacked the skeleton soldier that dropped the Scale Light Ring. Everyone looked at the stats I shared, the top twenty contributors will roll to decide who it belongs to. The person who gets it will have a certain amount of guild points removed."

  Instantly, there were many people in the guild who said that they wanted it. After the roll, a Fire Dragon Cavalry swordsman got it. Such a ring that added lifesteal, attack points, and health was really popular — it was the standard Battle Style equipment. At this point, the Pulse Break Style was only suitable for 1v1s and in a huge war, only Battle Style and Drunken Sword Style were king.

  Who knew whether or not Destiny would give rise to tools like wine that would increase fury points? If not, the 100 limit wouldn't allow players to continue to use their skills. The Drunken Sword Style was still a legend to date. I used the [Deity Tier] God General War Leg Guards effect to increase my fury limit by 80 points, so it wasn't a problem to use skills consecutively. Strictly speaking, this wasn't the true Drunken Sword Style and was just an outline of it.

  At this moment, Li Mu held a battle axe and laughed out loud, "Sky War Axe, level 155 [Divine Tier] blade. Our luck is really good. The attack of this is even higher than Hellfire. Who wants it? The old rules still stand."

  Very quickly, that blade was also given away.

 After all, drops from such mobs were the minority. The Fire Dragon Cavalry now basically all used Hellfire, and that was a long sword which was covered in flames. When the frontline players lined up for battle, along with how Fire Dragon Cavalry looked, it was really majestic. This also made [Zhan Long]'s Fire Dragon Cavalry look like a top group that won all battles.


  Everyone continued to split gains. The bunch of them didn't bother to look at me. Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, and Wang Jian all knew the level of my equipment and they knew that I didn't bother about [Divine Tier] equipment. That was true — I only eyed [Deity Tier] weapons that were given to the top three events. The God-Slaying Armor effect raised my damage to NPCs by 100% which meant that each sword swing was a lethal one. With such an effect, no matter who it was, they wouldn't be able to kill mobs as fast as me. One had to say, the God-Slaying Armor God-Slaying effect was really suited its [Epic] weapon status.

  "The second wave is here!" In the crowd, One Second Hero held his spear and smiled.

  Everyone looked into the distance. Many ships once again sailed with their sails open wide. At the front were thick iron leather, like a sharp sword destroying the ruins of the warships by the shore. On the decks, the defensive iron fortress suddenly let down springboards. Instantly, horse hoof sounds spread out and the cavalry riding on bone rams waved their swords as they charged down.

  My eyes squinted as I said, "Bone Flame Cavalry, level 162 Rank 5 Hybrid Demons, and the basic cavalry of the vanguard army. Tsk tsk, this Luo Ding really has many soldier types!"

  Li Mu nodded his head, "Their attack is similar to the skeleton soldiers, but their defense and health bars are much higher. Prepare to defend!"

  The Fire Dragon Cavalry at the front stopped talking and laughing. All of them held up their shields. The archers also started to fire from distance. They formed a firepower net that prevented the Boen Flame Cavalry from getting close. The Royal Army also pushed the crossbow carriages to the shore. They weren't made of precious material and just needed straight wood and iron arrowheads.

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The sound of mechanisms working could be heard as many iron arrows flew out, piercing through the cavalry and their horses.

  I headed up, using my body to block the holes among players and slashing out onto the shield of the cavalry at the front. Instantly, sparks flew and his shield was broken by the attacks of my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Blade. That unlucky fellow took two lethal blows and there was pretty much no way he could have had it any worse...






  [Strength of a Thousand Men] exploded out with five consecutive strikes until that Bone Flame Cavalry was killed. At the side, the cavalry beside him also suffered from splash damage. They all waved their spears and swords at me. However, my defense was already at a terrifying 17,000. How would I be afraid of these Hybrid Demons who had 2,100 basic attack power? Each strike of theirs would at most deal 7 thousand to me and that amount was even lower than what I would be able to lifesteal back. Moreover, my health had already reached 180 thousand so they couldn't kill me either. It would take a long time for them to kill me. Moreover, I had 20% lifesteal — one sword attack and I would get 30 thousand health back.

  Thus, the [Zhan Long] healers didn't even bother about me. They continued to heal the other players around me instead. I was glad to see that happen, bringing the tiger to charge about the crowd. I didn't bother about God's Army Card as I continuously used [Azure Dragon Crossbow] and [Soul Army]. Along with the little tiger crowd-killing ability, countless Bone Flame Cavalry died under my sword.

  There weren't many people who could kill monsters like me. Looking out, only Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K from [Zhan Long] could do it, but they would have to rest after a while and wait for their cooldowns to refresh. I, on the other hand, didn't need to.

  In the distance, lightning glowed and flames intersected. That was Fang Ge Que's skill. He led [Legend] to fight alongside the Fire Dragon Army. The NPCs under him also helped kill. [Legend]'s Enchanted Painting and Lu Chunyang had equipment and skills far above that of average players. Enchanted Painting whose Water God Halberd allowed her to be in the top five of damage dealt.

  During these few days, I had contacted Enchanted Painting, however, she also didn't know where Xiao Yao had gone. After deleting her account, Xue Rou didn't contact any one of us and no one knew where she was and what she was doing. Maybe it was her intention, but perhaps she felt guilty towards [Zhan Long] such that she just wanted to disappear from the world.

  Actually, if I ever met Xue Rou again, I wanted to tell her that it was okay. She had paid her debt to Fang Ge Que, and next it was time for her to pay [Zhan Long] back. [Zhan Long]'s strength was now invincible in the China Region, and even if we faced [Legend] head on, we had a fifty percent chance at winning. However, what we had to face was the many guilds in the world. Ignoring Swirling Abyss City and Moon City, Iron Skull City was still staring at us aggressively from the distance. [Zhan Long] needed her — we needed her strength, and that was something that was undeniable.

  Sighing, I continued to kill. Every are the Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword passed by turned into empty land. The Bone Flame Cavalry couldn't block my attacks and they couldn't fight back at all. These Rank 5 Hybrid Demons had around 1.7 million health. Other players would take a long time to kill, but I had the God-Slaying effect along with my unrivaled attack and Twin Sword Style damage. I pretty much dealt around 300 thousand damage per hit. More often than not, I could kill one of them in 5 seconds. If I used [Strength of a Thousand Men], it would be even quicker.

  I looked around at most of the Bone Flame Cavalry which I had cleared. I jumped up into the air and viewed the battlefield. The Violent Thunder Army was bathed in blood, their bodies pierced by the Bone Flame Cavalry, but they didn't care and continued to fight the enemy. Unfortunately, the Bone Flame Cavalry couldn't feel pain and the Violent Thunder Army soldiers were actual flesh and blood. Fresh blood flowed out and they cried out in pain.

  In the other direction, [Hero's Mound]'s Q-Sword led Tang Qi, Tang Gu, and Jian Tan to fight. Q-Sword’s every skill was well planned out and coordinated well with his movements. When one looked at him fight, it was like a work of art. This Battle Style Grandmaster's greatest difference from Jian Feng Han was that his style was more elegant. Jian Feng Han was more swift and vicious which was why the forums always said that Q-Sword was born to be a swordsman while Jian Feng Han was born to kill.

  However, I understood first hand that Q-Sword's more elegant sword style had killing intent no weaker than that of Jian Feng Han, even a little higher perhaps. This was also why Q-Sword's rankings were always higher than Jian Feng Han’s.

  My eyes swept across and I noticed the [Rising Sun Like Blood] area. Ironically, Wang Ze Cheng chose the area beside Q-Sword's [Hero’s Mound]. It was pretty much a provocation and a challenge, but it was also like they were relying on them. However, I felt that he was provoking them. [Rising Sun Like Blood] had swallowed the [Thousand Burial] players and now had 100 thousand people. They didn't need to listen to [Hero’s Mound] who was only sixty to seventy thousand strong.

  "Kill, don't retreat!"

  Wang Ze Cheng rode a white warhorse. He held a silver spear, and along with his handsome face, he looked like a prince charming. With that and his identity as a CEO, he was able to go to bed with all the girls from school apart from Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue.

  Behind Wang Ze Cheng, Call Me Master, Free Time, and Su Yan, they rode on the Ice Spirit Horses and charged. Their tactics were well-planned out — along with the stats of the horse, they were able to charge about the Bone Flame Cavalry. The current [Rising Sun Like Blood] really wasn't something that could be compared to the previous [Hero’s Mound] First Division.

  In terms of equipment, Call Me Master, Free Time and Su Yan all changed their weapons and armor. Wang Ze Cheng was really rich so he didn't bother about spending this amount of money. After he hired these experts, he would naturally change all their equipment for them.


  From afar, I could see that the [Hero’s Mound] and [Rising Sun Like Blood] players clashed when they killed mobs and there were many small scale player kills. However, Q-Sword controlled his men and [Rising Sun Like Blood] didn't continue to provoke. Nonetheless, it gave one a feeling like a storm was coming. We could only hope that it was just an illusion. Who knew when the next country war would arrive, and it was best for fewer internal battles to occur.

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