Chapter 931 - Three corner killing formation
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Zhan Long Chapter 931 - Three corner killing formation

Chapter 931 - Three corner killing formation

The battle lasted for another 2 hours. The Vanguard Army's elite cavalry was really strong and their extremely strong defense stats caused many small and medium-sized guilds to collapse. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others led the Steel Blade Cavalry to support the players who couldn't hold on anymore. However, the most stable one was the Royal Army. The shield formation made up of high grade barbarian blade shield soldiers was something that even Rank 5 Hybrid Demons couldn't handle. Ling Luo led the ten thousand Dark Moon Elf archers to shoot from afar, shooting many Bone Flame Cavalry in just two hours. In a short two hours, the archers rose by a level each, which also meant their damage was higher!


  Compared to the stable Royal Army, the Violent Thunder Army also suffered heavy losses. Although Les was really valiant, he was unable to turn the situation around. The 70 thousand Violent Thunder Army had suffered 50% of the losses in just 4 hours. Vanguard Army Leader Luo Ding was a really smart Hybrid Demon King — he forced his troops to attack the central Tian Ling City troops. At least 20% of the entire coastline targeted the central troops. As such, it was understandable as to why the Violent Thunder Army suffered such heavy losses.

  Mostly because he couldn't take it anymore, South Protecting King Luo Xun held his sword and walked out. He waved it forward and hollered, "Rongdi Army, fight! Assist the Violent Thunder Army and switch out with them. Give them time to rest and recover!"

  The sound of horse hooves shook the shore. The Rongdi Army which was housed in the forest behind charged out. However, there was roughly only 50 thousand cavalry. Apart from that, there were many simple knife soldiers, archers, and spearmen. Luo Xun brought 250 thousand troops from the north barbarian region and they were mostly iron cavalry. However, during the Waterfront City battle, he used at least 100 thousand. They also lost many warhorses. Now after the rebuild, it was said that the Rongdi Army had 300 thousand troops — it was impossible that they were all pure cavalry. There just wasn't that many warhorses. As such, he could only take some infantry from the Waterfront City NPC army to fill up the numbers.

  However, having Luo Xun defending Waterfront City made me worried. Although he had 300 thousand troops under him, could he really ensure the safety of Waterfront City? In terms of intelligence, Clear Black Eyes was much better than Luo Xun, this old fellow who could only fight for power. In terms of strength, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple would easily kill these 300 thousand. Did I have to rely on the 10 thousand Royal Army Saint Hall Cavalry I placed in Bright God Hall?


  After a while, the battle slowly calmed down. [Zhan Long], [Legend], and [Hero’s Mound] had killed most of the Bone Flame Cavalry in front of them. This time, no one went to try to snatch the Hybrid Demon Army ships by the sea. However, no one expected that there were actually people on the ships who lowered the sails and allowed the ships to sail away. How shameless!

  Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng Yue were prepared to split equipment. The dense amount of monster corpses in front of the [Zhan Long] camp naturally meant that much of the equipment had exploded out. The corpses that I stood around had stacked up into a mountain and the equipment that dropped also surrounded me, giving off all kinds of glows. [Divine Tier], [Gold Tier], [Silver Tier], [Saint Tier], etc. Li Mu ran over and ran away with them.

  In the distance, the Rongdi Army was still charging at the last Bone Flame Cavalry. The Rongdi Army in the north was really strong — a few of them took one cavalry and their kill speed was really quick.

  "Sha sha..."

  Les jumped off the horse, stepping on shore and walking toward Luo Xun with an ugly expression. He cupped his fist and said towards Luo Xun, "South Protecting King, the Violent Thunder Army has tried our best. We have suffered heavy losses and can't fight anymore."

  The South Protecting King had a gentle expression on his face — he held onto Les’ shoulder and said, "Commander in Chief, you have done well. The empire will remember your valiant performance. Don't worry, I will speak to His Majesty to reward the Violent Thunder Army to quickly recover the 70 thousand men!"

  Les looked suspiciously toward the South Protecting King, but he didn't say anything. He just turned around and walked toward the Violent Thunder Army to arrange for the healing and treatment of his men.

  Maybe Les comprehended that they were just using one another and that Luo Xun was just making use of him.


  Just at this moment, a shocking war drum sound spread out from the ocean surface. The rumbling smacked the hearts of the people around. However, after a long while, one couldn’t see any ships sailing over. One Second Hero couldn't help but laugh, "Thunder is loud, rain is soft. Is this wave of soldiers just air?"

  I shook my head and laughed, "That might not be the case. Maybe they aren't coming over in ships..."

  One Second Hero raised a thumb, "Then they would be in the water. Their ability to hold their breaths is pretty good..."

  Li Mu held onto Neptune’s Blade with his lips curled up, "Yong Jie, you idiot, of course they are underwater. However, they don't need to hold their breaths — they are probably ocean beasts! Do you remember? The last time the Ocean King was killed by Small Refined, the entire Sea of No Return troops belonged to the Hybrid Demon Territory! Vanguard Leader Luo Ding has a million troops and is truly the Marshal of Hybrid Demon Territory. How can the Marshal not be able to order the Sea Demon Race of the Sea of No Return?"

  One Second Hero's expression changed, "F***, you really are right, they are here!"

  On the ocean surface, a bunch of unnatural waves surged towards us. They drowned the shores and when the waves retreated, many deep blue pattern beasts floated out. They had four legs but many fish scales grew around them, making it tough for one to discern. Moreover, they were all Rank 6 Hybrid Demons, the legendary Three Horned Beasts...

  Three Horned Beast (Rank 6 Hybrid Demon)

  Level: 163

  Attack: 17,400-22,500

  Defence: 18,000

  Health: 2,000,000

  Skills: [Horn advance], [Bone Breaking Technique], [Three Horn Killing Formation]

  Introduction: Three Horned Beasts that live deep in the ocean but can also travel on the land. Strong attack and defense. Their bodies are wrapped in thick shell armor which can defend against the water pressure deep down. Their horns can summon ice, flames, and lightning, dealing heavy damage to enemies.

  "Be careful!"

  I shared the stats of the Three Horned Beast in the channel and added, "The Three Horned Beasts are much stronger than before — we must be careful of their [Three Horn Killing Formation], it might be a group attack. Healers, pay attention. Brothers at the front, be careful. Hold your health potions and prepare to heal, ensure that you all are full health to defend against their attacks!"

  Everyone nodded their heads. In the distance, the sound of horse hooves spread out. The Three Horned Beasts surged over like a flood, an uncountable number of them. As expected, Vanguard Luo Ding didn't plan on solely using his vanguard army to crush us. He was going to use the Sea Demon Race to form a crushing attack and then deal a lethal blow. He really was smart.

  A bunch of Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry waited quietly, worry appeared in their eyes as they had never seen such a beast. The body of the Three Horned Beast was like a heavy car, them charging over would definitely make one terrified.

  From the Royal Army camp, Han Yuan didn't have such worries. This strong general ordered the crossbow carriages to shoot before he charged out and raised up his blade. Holy Domain Strength surged on the blade and slashed out. With a "peng", he smacked a Three Horned Beast like it was a fly.

  A bunch of barbarian Blade Shield Soldiers roared out, their morale rising. However, the rise in morale didn't mean a rise in combat strength.

  In the next moment, the Three Horned Beasts got closer. They broke through the firepower attacks of the mages, archers, and musketeers, smashing into the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry defense line. The moment they got close, they activated their [Horn Advance] technique, charging 3-5 meters in while even forming a trampling effect. The weaker players were instantly suppressed. A bunch of 20-40 thousand damage numbers rose up among the players. The lethal attacks crossed 50 thousand. The moment they showed themselves, many people died.

  I held my blade and slashed the Three Horned Beasts. Behind me, the [Azure Dragon Crossbow] shot out. After all, I was alone and I couldn't decide the entire battlefield. No matter how many I killed I couldn't turn the situation around. Three Horned Beasts raged among the players and NPCs. After a few strikes, flames, lightning, and ice appeared on their horns. Instantly my heart turned cold, "Be careful, prepare to drink your potions!"

  However, that was already slightly late. The Three Horned Beasts activated their [Three Horned Killing Formation] effect, instantly forming a triangle spell formation. The players within suffered three strikes, each was around 15-30 thousand and instantly many white lights shone. Many Steel Blade Cavalry were unable to take it and were instantly killed.

  Li Mu felt his tooth turn ticklish — he waved his blade and danced. The healers went all out to heal. The range of the triangle formation was around 5 yards. With three consecutive attacks, they were even more lethal when they were stacked. How strong!

  The moment they touched, [Zhan Long] lost close to a thousand people. The Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry were still okay. The new player groups who entered the guild didn't have enough healers. If the healing couldn't keep up, they could only be instantly killed. In the distance, the other people were much worse off than [Zhan Long]. [The Knights Templar], [Flying Dragon], and the [House of Prestige] guilds were instantly killed. We had underestimated the Rank 6 Hybrid Demons too much.

  Their combat strength didn't change at all as they continued to hold on and go all out.

  On the main battlefield, Luo Xun's Rongdi Army and Situ Xin's Guards Army blocked in front of the middle troops. However, the amount of Three Horned Beasts there was really dense. One after another they charged, ripping soldiers into pieces as they continued forward. In the back, the curtains of the tent opened up. Lochlan held his sword, jumping onto the horse and hollering, "Bastard Hybrid Demon, how many of us do you need to kill before you give up?!"

  The guard captain was about to cry from fright as he pulled his arm, "Your Majesty, you are the ruler of the country, you can't fight personally!"

  Lochlan was furious, "If others can, why can't I?!"

  The guard captain was so frightened his face was devoid of bloo.d


  At this time, I held my sword and jumped in the sky, tossing my Dragon Reservoir Sword out!


  The Dragon Reservoir Sword landed on the ground, causing sand to rise in front of Lochlan's warhorse. Lochlan was stunned, he raised his hand, "Master Li, I..."

  I said expressionlessly, "Owen and Pearl died as they led, do you want to be the third? Tian Ling City is still safe, but you can't personally head over before us generals are dead! Listen to me and go back!"

  Lochlan gritted his teeth and a few seconds later he said, "Okay, Master Li..."

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