Chapter 927 - Full Invasion
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Zhan Long Chapter 927 - Full Invasion

Chapter 927 - Full invasion

I leisurely looked into the distance where the [Rising Sun Like Blood] was trading. I took out a City Return Scroll and crushed it. With a 'shua', I returned back to Tian Ling City. Without needing to think, many things would occur in the next few days. Wang Ze Cheng had openly recruited [Thousand Burial] and very quickly they will have over 100 thousand registered players. Just their number alone was the top in the country. This was a breakthrough which would definitely give rise to a large war. A whole new era was about to arrive.


  At 4 pm, a bell rang across the sky of Tian Ling City. Finally, [Zhan Long] was the first guild to reach level 6. Additionally, since I was the first one, we gained an extra reward...


  System Notification: Players please pay attention, guild [Zhan Long] has successfully broken through the experience limit and leveled up to a level 6 guild. The upper limit has increased to 50 thousand and they have obtained level six guild skill [War God Blessing]. As the first guild to reach level 6, [Zhan Long] has obtained a special BUFF: [Lucky Blessing] (Raises drop rate and lowers death timers by 10%.) [Zhan Long] Guild Leader Xiao Yao Zi Zai has obtained reward: Charm +100!


  Another 100 extra charm. I laughed to myself. Now my charm had reached 1,163. No wonder the drop rate was so high whenever I killed people. During the country war, the players I killed would pretty much all drop equipment. Those who were unlucky would drop 2 or 3. The worst was a Japanese archer who lost 4 pieces of equipment: a bow, a helmet, a cape and a chestplate. I felt that he would probably delete his account afterwards, such a loss definitely didn't feel good.

  After a while, it was soon 5 pm. The Chinese Server Guild Rankings finally updated. There was also a huge movement in the guild situation. One country war had caused the guild rankings to totally change...

  1. [Legend] Guild Leader: Fang Ge Que

  2. [Zhan Long] Guild Leader: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

  3. [Hero’s Mound] Guild Leader: Q-Sword

  4. [Judgment] Guild Leader: Ye Lai

  5. [Vanguard] Guild Leader: Jian Feng Han

  6. [Prague] Guild Leader: Yan Zhao Warrior

  7. [Appearance Alliance] Guild Leader: Mu Xuan

  8. [Enemies at the Gate] Guild Leader: Misty Clouds

  9. [House of Prestige] Guild Leader: Bai Li Ruo feng

  10. [Rising Sun Like Blood] Guild Leader: Cang Cheng

  11. [Emerald Porcelain] Guild Leader: Death’s Contract

  12. [Flying Dragon] Guild Leader: Soaring Dragon

  13. [Blood Contract] Guild Leader: Han Bei Song

  14. [Dao Jian Xuan] Guild Leader: Blade Hero

  15. [Moonlit Lake] Guild Leader: Gong Zi Ying


  In the square at the north city gate, a bunch of people were shopping for equipment. They all looked up into the sky, their mouths open wide. One of the brutes holding an axe said in shock, "Wow, the Chinese Server Guild Rankings have really changed... [Zhan Long] went from fifth to second. If it’s like that, it would be a matter of time before [Zhan Long] passes [Legend], right?"

  The archer at the side nodded, "Yeah, although Fang Ge Que is said to be the top in China, anyone with eyes can see that his strategies are too conservative. Moreover, [Legend] has been a little self-restrained after entering, focusing on past experts like Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chunyang. Totally different from Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He gathered Cang Yue, Cang Tong, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns, and Over Snowy Lands under [Zhan Long]. It is only a matter of time before [Zhan Long] becomes the top guild."

  A berserker sighed, "[Vanguard] is already fifth. What is worse is the [House of Prestige] who fell to ninth. That was really shocking."

  The archer said, "It is normal. During the battle at Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City, Moon City and Swirling Abyss City, the war lasted a full 7 days. Over a hundred million players were mobilized. Such a scale is something never before seen in Conquest and Overlord or other games. The number of kills is also impossible. The top guilds would naturally have high cumulative scores. You can look at how high the [Zhan Long] players were on the Country War Achievement Points Rankings. Xiao Yao Zi Zai was the MVP, Cang Yue was 3rd, Cang Tong was 5th, Dancing Forest was 11th, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands was 14th, Li Mu was 21st, Old K was 22nd, and Wang Jian was 23rd. There were 10 players in the top 10 that belonged to [Zhan Long]. Even [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound] added together isn't as strong!"

  The berserker gulped down a mouthful of saliva, "The future Tian Ling City probably belongs to [Zhan Long] and there is nothing Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han can do."

  "That might not be the case." The archer smiled, "When one's position is under threat, even Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han will think about what the next step would be. What if [Prague], [Vanguard] and [Hero’s Mound] merge? Could [Zhan Long] go up against the three of them?"

  A cold intent flashed across his eyes, "That probably wouldn't happen, would it?"

  "Who knows..." The archer raised his hands to the side, "World matters are complicated, so let's just focus on clearing out map. Whoever the top of China is doesn't concern us. Speaking of which, what time does your sister finish school on Friday? I can fetch her."

  "Scram. I will pick her up myself, don't hit on her!"

  "Aiyo what kind of words are those? I treat her as my own sister. Moreover, I am driving a Xiali, and you are driving that broken car."

  "Whatever, just a Xiali and you dare to speak about it. Let's go get a [Demon Harvest Tier] artifact so we can get a BMW."

  "Should we have supper today?"


  "Call your sister."



  A while later, when it was about dinner time, I just casually strolled around Tian Ling City. Then I teleported back to Fan Shu City. The moment I entered, Han Yuan galloped over with a bunch of cavalry. He got off and bowed, "General, things are bad!"

  "What happened?" I asked calmly.

  Han Yuan's breathing was rushed, and his expression was really ugly too. "I just returned from the Sea of No Return. The Hybrid Demon Territory is raring to go. Many Hybrid Demon Ships appeared on the Sea of No Return and three of our ships have been sunk. The Dragonling Army have begun engaging with them, but Qin Ye's fleet is definitely weaker than theirs. I suspect that the Hybrid Demon Territory is about to attack us once more!"

  I frowned, just a week ended since the country war and the Hybrid Demon Territory was about to attack us again.

  Based on what Han Yuan said, that war wouldn't be too far away.

  I opened the guild channel and shouted, "Brothers, I think there will be a system notification in an hour. The Hybrid Demon Territory has come again. After you all eat dinner, come online!"

  Li Mu, "OK!"

  Wang Jian smiled, "The Hybrid Demon Territory is here again? It seems like they are here to give experience..."



  As expected, in less than 30 minutes, a bell reverberated through the sky above...


  System Notification: Players please pay attention, the Hybrid Demon Territory has declared war on the southern part of the continent. [Heaven’s Blade Da Lun] and [Eternal Moon Blade Xi Fu] have led their troops to attack Dragon City. [Berserker Lei Ding] and [Vanguard Luo Ding] will lead their armies to attack the south shore of the Sea of No Return of Tian Ling City.  [Fist of the Dragon Igoras] and Lanais will lead their armies to attack the Sea of No Return South Shore of Moon City. Windrider Kate and Mark of the Dragon Bone Anna have attacked the southern shore of Iron Skull City. The Chi You Tribe Hybrid Demons in the southwest have started to attack Swirling Abyss City. All attacks will begin in 2 hours. Players try your best! This will be a combined server event. The top three players will obtain [Deity Tier] rewards at least!

  All of a sudden, the guild channel was abuzz. Pretty much all the main cities weren't attacked. Only Flaming Cloud City, Waterfront City, and Nine Heavens City weren't as they were on the backlines. However the Korean, Japanese, and Indians would defend together, right?

  The Hybrid Demon Territory wouldn't be forced back that easily this time so it would be good if there were more defensive forces.


  "How is the overall situation? Is two hours enough?" I asked in the management channel. 

  Yue Qing Qian said, "We are gathering up men. The main sect has forty thousand people now and we are splitting them up. In 30 minutes, the 50 thousand of them will be all gathered. However, the side guilds are all sucked dry so we can only leave the Guild Leader, Elders, and Group Leaders. The rest are newly recruited."

  "Okay, let's expand. Let's use this chance to test the strength of the new players of the various divisions."

  Lin Wan Er giggled, "Piggy, you are thinking things too simply. How can we directly accept them without understanding them? Don't worry, Yue Qing Qian and I started working on this two months ago. [Zhan Long]'s planned recruitment is around 100 thousand. They have built a few small guilds that I have developed. Now that we are starting to recruit, they will have priority in entering. Their strength would be no problem."

  I nodded, "However, we can't close the gates. There are still many experts willing to join [Zhan Long] so let's not reject them and let them into our divisions. In the future, just 30-50 thousand people will not be enough."

  "Understood. After this defense, [Zhan Long] will have at least 100 thousand registered players. Let’s wait and see!"


  "Oh right, where will we choose to defend?"

  "Sea of No Return. Dragon’s Den is an easy place to defend and with Frost and Zi Shu there we don't have to worry."



  Just like that, I came online after hurriedly eating dinner. I was prepared for the Sea of No Return defense battle.

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