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ZL - Chapter 801 - Zhan Long Ring

Chapter 801 - Zhan Long Ring

I continued on to the next piece of equipment. Besides the battleaxe, the Blood Giant had also dropped a dark red chestplate. A saintly glow emanated from the armor and it looked to be incredibly durable. I held it in my hand and felt the power seeping into my hand. I took a peek at the stats. Motherf*cker, this might actually be stronger than my Hidden Dragon Armor——


[Blood Giant’s Chestplate] (Demon Harvest) 


Type: Heavy


Defense: 2450


Strength: +175


Stamina: +172


Agility: +170


Magic: +165


Additional: Increases the user’s Defense Power by 70% 


Additional: Increase the user’s Attack Power by 30% 

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 7000


Special: [Shield of Ruin], when the user’s health falls below 40%, the armor will automatically activate [Shield of Ruin]. Its durability is proportional to the user’s attack power. Duration: 10 seconds, Cooldown: 20 seconds


Special: Demon Harvest No. 1029


Required Level: 145


Required Charm: 200



With the Blood Giant’s chest plate in hand, I said, “The [Shield of Ruin] effect is just about as godly as the [Twin Dragon] effect on my Violet Heavens Cloak. Alright, the ten Heavy type players who dealt the most damage to the BOSS, please ROLL!!” 

With the dice in hand, I felt as though the world was at my feet. I smiled confidently, “Let’s roll, I will never lose this to another person!” 



The beautiful number popped into the air. Right then, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K both broke into laughter. Afterwards, those b*st*rds all rolled, but not a single one of them rolled a number over 50. In the end, the chestplate went to Bai Qi. 


The last piece of equipment was a ring. The ring’s decorations were very unique. There were two long swords that pierced through a western dragon’s head engraved into the side. The dragon seemed to carry a red hue as well and almost looked alive. The two swords were also intricately designed. I felt my heart skip a beat and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the design. After a few seconds, I smiled, “This ring truly lives up to [Zhan Long]’s name….” 

Li Mu gaped at it, “Come on, you have all the time in the world to think about its name, hurry up and look at the stats!” 


I hid a smile and waved my hand over it. The ring’s stats immediately appeared before everyone. The name immediately gathered the most attention. It truly was related to [Zhan Long]. The stats were even more incredible——


[Zhan Long Ring] (Deity Tier) 


Strength: +290


Stamina: +285


Agility: +270 


Magic: +266

Additional: Increases the user’s physical attack power by 37% 


Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 12000


Additional: Increases damage dealt by sword type skills by 30% 


Special: [Strength of Zhan Long], increases the user’s base attack by 3000 points and attack speed by 40% 


Special: [Full Guard], Increases the user’s detection skills, allows the user to stealthily investigate any target within 10 yards


Required Level: 150


Required Charm: 300


Required Class: Swordsman



My hand shook with excitement as I read the stats. I closed my hand over the Zhan Long Ring and trembled with enthusiasm, “You didn’t see nothing, let’s all go back to the city and get some rest, everybody must be tired, hahaha….” 


Li Mu’s eyes immediately lit up, “You f*cker, you are the most shameless guildmaster. Your skills at stealing equipment is just too LOW. Give up and set up the ROLL!” 


Meng Yao wiped a tear away from laughing and said, “Brother, stop making us laugh, that’s such a low joke!” 


I replied, “Alright, if you want to ROLL, then let’s ROLL. I’m telling you right now, I’m fighting with all I’ve got!” 


Wan Er said, “This ring requires a Level 150 user. Logically speaking, this pig here is the only one who can equip it. On top of that, it requires 300 points in Charm. Based on our guild’s equipment guidelines, anyone who’s 5 levels below the requirement or has 10% less than the Charm requirement must give up their right to ROLL. Now, I’m not being biased towards the pig, but how about having all the swordsmen players under level 145 or players that have less than 270 Charm points give up on the Zhan Long Ring? What does everyone else think?” 


Wang Jian shook his head, “I’m just under the level requirement…” 


Old K and Bai Qi all indicated that their Charm was below the standard. Matcha, Yao Yan, and the others didn’t have the right class. Finally, there was only one other male in all of [Zhan Long] who could go against me, and that was the No. 1 in the Valiant Bravery Camp, Li Mu! 


Wang Jian narrowed his eyes and said, “Is this the ultimate luck battle between the Zhan Long Camp and the Valiant Bravery Camp?” 


Li Mu’s lips twitched, “After winning that Hero’s Helm, you’ve used up all your luck. Why don’t you just accept fate now? That Zhan Long Ring is going to me. Too bad the name isn’t too fitting, how great would it be if it were called the Valiant Bravery Ring….” 

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I crossed my arms across my chest and said, “Let’s ROLL. Maybe I’ll have used up my luck, but Li Mu, you’ve never had much luck to begin with….” 


Li Mu glared at me, “Now you’re just tarnishing my good name. Alright then, let me show you just how great my Charm is!” 


The dice flew out and after rolling a few times, the result drew a smile on everyone’s faces, 3 points!


I picked up the dice and threw it out. 9 points. Even if I had used up all of my luck, it was still enough to completely overpower that b*st*rd! 


Li Mu clenched his Neptune’s Blade with a painful expression hung over his face. He looked at Wang Jian, “Is my luck really that bad?” 


Wang Jian nodded, “Just the other day, when you were driving in reverse, you drove right into the ditch. Then, yesterday, that daffodil you were growing was eaten by a dog. And just this morning, you managed to plug our toilet. Have you forgotten about all of that?” 


I was stunned, “Do dogs even eat grass?” 

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“That’s what I’m saying! Boss’s luck is truly one of a kind! Think about it, why else would he be single at this age?” 


“Pitiful. Truly pitiful!” 


“That’s right!” 


While I was sympathetic, that did not overpower my desire for the ring. I quickly equipped the Zhan Long Ring and switched out my Undefeated Ring. Right then, all of my stats increased exponentially — especially my attack power. That ring increased my base attack by 3000 points. I felt like I was on par with a god. I could safely say that the me right now with this Zhan Long Ring didn’t have a single defense in existence that I couldn’t break——


[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight) 


Level: 150


Attack: 19274-23265


Defense: 12302


Health: 88455


Magic: 17430


Charm: 783


CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6



Based on rough estimates, my equipment increased my stats by about 480%, while my skills added another 70%. Now, with my 23000 base attack, my actual attack power was already over 15000. Besides top level BOSSes, I could deal around 20,000 damage to almost any other class. Furthermore, the Zhan Long Ring increases damage dealt by sword skills by 30%, which is about 26,000 damage. As long as I can get close, even I can instantly kill Fang Ge Que. 


I happily stood there, marveling at my stats. Right then, I heard another bell from the System——



System Notification: Congratulations players of Tian Ling City. This invasion by the Hybrid Demon Army has been successfully pushed back due to everyone’s hard work. Tian Ling City is once again in peace. The ten players with the most achievement points are: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Yue, Fang Ge Que, Ye Lai, Cang Tong, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Mu Xuan, Simple, and Dancing Forest. Tomorrow at noon, a feast will be held in the Tian Ling City Palace. At that time, everyone will receive their rewards. All other players will immediately receive their rewards!



Right then, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Qing Qian all received notifications in their inboxes. On the other hand, the top ten players would have to wait until noon tomorrow to receive theirs. Who knows what tricks the developers have up their sleeves. 


This time I was finally logging off. After playing for 24 hours straight, I was about to collapse from exhaustion. 


Log off! 

I walked out of the room and went downstairs to eat a simple meal with Wan Er and Dong Cheng. Afterwards, I gave Wan Er a kiss on the cheek and went to wash up to get ready for bed.


I could feel the Qi in my body slowly circulating. After staying online for so long once again, my strength seemed to have increased to another level. This only further confirmed my suspicions: a game like Destiny really had the effect of increasing the capacity of my consciousness. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have advanced with the days going by at this rate. I couldn’t tell if Tang Qi could also feel this effect or if I was the only one who had advanced in the game. 


I slept peacefully that night and woke up well rested the next morning. By the time I woke up, the sun’s rays shone into my room, giving off a warm feeling.


After I got out of bed, I ate brunch with Wan Er and Dong Cheng. It was time to log on and receive our rewards. 




We appeared at the center of Tian Ling City at 11:30 in the morning. I took the chance to repair my equipment and replenish some of the necessary items in my bag. Afterwards, I summoned my Flying Scythe Horse. There was still some time left for me to check in on the Royal Army camp. 


When I walked into the camp, two rows of soldiers were lined up on both sides of the gate as they greeted me. “Lord Commander!” 


I walked straight through. Morning practice already begun on the training grounds, but the decrease in our numbers was incredibly noticeable. Some of the men were even injured. As for the soldiers who were missing arms or legs and couldn’t fight were arranged in the back. Han Yuan walked his horse forward and said, “General, you’ve arrived!” 


I gave a nod, “Will you tell me about our numbers after the war?” 


Han Yuan replied, “Yes sir! We took heavy losses after this battle. Currently, of the soldiers who are capable of fighting, we have a total of fourteen thousand. Then there are several hundred who are injured and cannot participate in battle. As such, we’ve arranged for them to help out in the kitchen and supply wagons. But Princess Pearl has already consented to supplying more soldiers for the Royal Army.” 


I smiled, “Great. The palace feast is about to start soon. You, Xiao Lie, Long Xing, and Xia Ye, would you like to join me?” 


“Yes sir!” 


A surprised smile came over Han Yuan’s face. Currently, he was only a lieutenant and was the top ranked officer in charge of a camp. The reality was that he had very little chances of participating in a Royal Feast. In a way, this had to be some kind of honor for him, right? 



When I brought the four generals of the Royal Army to the palace, all we could see was an endless line of palace maids. All of them were carrying plates of fruit, delicacies, and all kinds of rare dishes. Xiao Lie and Han Yuan’s eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets from the scene. Long Xing and Xia Lie on the other hand had both been generals in the Flame Dragon Army, which had given them more exposure to these types of events. As such, they weren’t quite as shocked as the other two. But I could still see a smile playing on their lips. While Han Yuan and the others were ranked below them in terms of strength, Han Yuan was a veteran of a hundred battles. Even if Long Xing and Xia Lie teamed up, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to win against him. 


Stepping on the red carpet, I walked into the great hall of the palace. Each step I took gave me a nauseous feeling. The carpet served only to remind me of the bloody battlefield I stood on just a day ago. But that was the reality of the world. After experiencing enough, I had come to accept it as it was. 


A crowd of officials and ministers were chattering away in the great hall. There were even some players mixed in. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Ye Lai had all arrived. Wan Er and Dong Cheng both walked over to greet me with a smile, “Why’d you get here so late?” 


I responded matter of factly, “I went to handle some matters with the Royal Army. Have they distributed the rewards yet?” 


“Nope nope, let’s hurry over!” 


Wan Er grabbed my hand and pulled me into the great hall. We finally stopped beside the throne. There was a group of players already waiting for the reward. Everyone whispered to one another, speculating on what the king was going to give us. 



“What do you guys think? What kind of reward will it be?” Q-Sword asked with a smile. 


Jian Feng Han replied simply, “Don’t worry, he’s not going to promise Princess Pearl to you, that’s for sure!” 


Q-Sword was speechless. 

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