Chapter 800 - Blood Giant's Battleaxe
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Zhan Long Chapter 800 - Blood Giant's Battleaxe

Chapter 800 - Blood Giant's Battleaxe



Angela landed right on the Blood Giant’s back, lunged forward with her sword directly towards the monster. The Blood Giant seemed to instinctively realize that something was happening and immediately began swinging his body from side to side. “Pa!” Angela’s blade missed its target and only sliced some of the Blood Giant’s skin. She did not manage to cut past the body’s protective shield. The Blood Giant suddenly countered and threw his fist towards his back! 




Angela parried the blow with her blade just in time. The backfire threw her into a dike. Her pure white battle robe was now stained with blood and mud. She coughed a wad of blood into her hand as she slowly got up. Owen couldn’t help but shout, “Queen Angela, please don’t go in again. Even if we have to sacrifice thousands of soldiers, we can’t allow you to sacrifice yourself while killing the Blood Giant!” 


Her face was quickly twisted with bitter pain. She looked back towards the Ba Huang City soldiers behind her. It was clear she couldn’t bear to let them sacrifice their lives. 



I picked up my Zhen Yue Blade and walked over. I looked up at Qing Luo and shouted, “Lieutenant Qing Luo!” 


Qing Luo looked over at me with a smile, “Lord Dragon Knight, what is your command?” 

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I replied calmly, “Do you have any way of trapping the Blood Giant’s upper body? At least so that he doesn’t struggle too much? I want to try and see if I can break that Abyssal Tumor!” 


Qing Luo pursed her lips, “Hmm… My Dragon Knights and I can try it out, but we don’t have very much time. We can keep him trapped for one minute at most. My lord, you have to be careful. If the situation looks bad, you can’t force yourself. If anything happens to you, Lady Frost will be very upset…” 


“I know, let’s go! “




On the ground, a group of Ba Huang City and Tian Ling City soldiers rushed into the fray. Canons exploded one after another. The Blood Giant was practically hidden in the thick smoke. The furious cries continued. As a god tier BOSS, he had pride and dignity that he needed to fight for. He would not give up easily. 


Qing Luo and four other Dragon Knights were in the middle of a discussion. Soon after they quickly dispersed, creating a pentagonal formation. Qing Luo pulled out a long chain from her bag. At the end of the chain was a sharp awl. She looked over at the giant and said, “Is everyone ready?” 


The Dragon Knights all nodded, “Yes, Lieutenant!” 


“Let’s begin!” 


Qing Luo leapt up into the sky and threw all of her weight into the ground. “Peng!” She dove straight towards the earth and buried the awl deep into the ground. A screech rang through the air and several other Dragon Riders also threw themselves towards the ground. Qing Luo shouted, “Disperse, begin flying out and trapping this giant!”


All of the soldiers on the ground spread out while five of the Dragon Riders began flying in circles. One end of the chain was tied to the saddle on the back of the dragon. They circled the Blood Giant’s body round and round. After ten turns, the five dragons flapped their powerful wings to keep the giant locked in place. The giant roared, “You cowardly cheats. I will smash you to bits!”


Unfortunately, no matter how much the giant struggled, he couldn't break free of the chains. Even so, he was clearly straining the dragons as they swayed with his movements. 



I immediately charged forward and swung my Zhen Yue Blade, activating [Zhen Yue’s Battle Song]. The buff gave me a boost in attack power. Right as I got close to the giant, I leapt off my horse. Kicking off of the Blood Giant’s back, I rushed up towards his shoulders and hacked away at his back. “Peng, peng!” Sparks flew. Its back was as hard as rock, making it impossible to cut through. 


I started to panic and began activating a combo: [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Combo]. I threw out ten strikes in that instant. I dealt a shallow gash into the Blood Giant’s back, but it wasn't deep enough just yet. The remaining layer was as thick as dragonskin. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't cut through!


In the distance, Qing Qian shouted to me, “Brother Xiao Yao, careful!” 


Everyone was waiting on me. I didn't have much time left either. After feeling the bite of my sword, the Blood Giant went into a frenzy. Godly power began emanating from every inch of his body. Qing Luo and the Dragon Riders weren’t much better off either. A deep gash opened up on the dragons’ backs from the chaotic struggle. Blood started flowing down their backs and the dragons wailed into the sky. 


After retreating several steps, I dashed forward and swung my blade, yelling, “Move!”


“Pa Cha!” Lightning flashed and I activated the [Thundering Heavens] skill. Purple lightning lit up the sky. The phenomenon was a beautiful sight to see. All of the players of [Zhan Long] let out a gasp as the scenery played out before them. Even the NPCs like Angela, Owen, and Theodore were dumbfounded.

“I never would have thought that Commander Li Xiao Yao would have such godly power….” Pearl exclaimed with a smile. 


The old king nodded, “Commander Li Xiao Yao is truly a talented asset for the empire…” 



After [Thundering Heavens] dealt its wrath, I charged straight through the net of lightning with my sword in hand and threw another slash. This time, it had an effect. “Pa!” The thick layer of skin finally split apart. Right underneath the flesh was a red tumor. This was the source of the Blood Giant’s Abyssal Power. 




I unsheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword. With both swords in hand, I pierced the tumor. “Ka Cha!” It broke. A fierce whirlwind rose up as all of the power escaped. I felt a hot wind suddenly hit my face and chest. I was thrown backwards into the air. When I hit the ground I had less than 10,000 health. Wan Er quickly sprinted over to help me up, “Healers!” 

Several healers spammed [Heal]s on me. I looked down at my chest. My Hidden Dragon Armor had actually melted from the hit. Wasn’t this Abyssal Power a little too OP? 


I looked up and saw the Blood Giant Kehl sitting on his knees and howling. Steam was continuously rising from his back as the Abyssal Power kept flowing out. For him, this was an extremely painful process. The power escaping from his back must have felt like a hot arrow which soon dyed the sky red. It was also a signal to the Hybrid Demon Army of complete defeat. 



In the sky, Qing Luo gave orders: “Cut the lines, our mission is complete!” 


Once the chains were cut, the Blood Giant regained its freedom, but that was of no consequence. He had less than 7% of his health left now. Breaking the Abyssal Tumor was a critical hit. His enormous body was motionless now. He didn’t even have the will to fight back. I quickly stood up, summoned my Flying Scythe Horse, and shouted, “While everyone still has the [Zhen Yue Battlesong] buff, charge! Kill the Blood Giant. Matcha, activate [Lion King Shield]!” 


“Yes sir!” 


In that moment, both country weapon buffs were active. Everyone lurched towards the BOSS. Kehl looked up and met my eyes. He had conceded to his fate! 


I did not leave any mercy and dealt a barrage of attacks onto his body. Along with the support from the Steel Blade Horsemen and ranged players, Kehl’s health quickly depleted. 


“[Vanguard] and [Hero’s Mound] players are almost here!” 


Li Mu smiled as he fought, “But it's too late already. This Blood Giant is [Zhan Long]’s!” 


Once the Blood Giant’s health fell to 0.5%, everyone halted their attacks. Wang Jian shouted, “Brother Xiao Yao, kill the Blood Giant and take credit for your work!” 


I didn’t argue and dealt the last set of blows. Soon, the Blood Giant let out one last wailing scream and died! 



System Notification: Congratulations player [Xiao Yao Zi Zai] for killing the Hybrid Demon King [Blood Giant Kehl], you have received the award: Level+3, Charm+100, your reputation in the empire has risen, and Achievement Points+400! 



My level swiftly flew up to 150. I could take on the Sixth Class Advancement. Aside from that, I received another 100 Charms and in terms of Achievement Points I was safely number one in Tian Ling City. All that aside, what was left was to see was just what kind of equipment the Blood Giant had dropped. 


I walked up and found the equipment he dropped just below the body. There was a total of three pieces. While there weren’t many, they each looked to be meticulously made. One was a battleaxe that glowed with a holy light. It looked incredibly fierce and had a rough edge to its style. Despite its unmannered form, it had very intricate designs along the blade. The other piece of equipment was a red chest plate. A beautiful light continuously rotated around the armor. The final piece of equipment looked to be a simple ring. I first looked at the battle axe. I was most excited for the stats on this one. When I waved my hand over it, everyone was stunned——


[Blood Giant’s Battleaxe] (Deity Artifact - Superior) 


Attack: 7100-8800


Strength: +250


Stamina: +245


Agility: +244


Magic: +240


Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 150% 


Additional: Ignores 25% of the target’s defense


Additional: While attacking, all targets within 10 yards will receive 25% Splash Damage

Special: [Abyssal Power] Increases damage on heavy armor classes by 50% 


Special: [Fury of Kehl], greatly increases the user’s defense, attack, and attack speed. Duration: 120 seconds. Consumes 100 Rage Points


Required Level: 145


Required Charm: 250


Required Class: Berserker



Raising the Blood Giant’s Battleaxe, I said, “A Deity Artifact. How about the three berserkers with the most damage ROLL for it?” 


Old K, Dong Cheng, and Bai Qi were the top three. They immediately began the process. In the end, Old K’s luck spontaneously exploded. Usually he’d roll a sh*t number and had to use his connections to get the equipment he wanted, but this was the first time he’d won first place and it was actually for a Deity Artifact. What a miracle.


Holding the Blood Giant's Axe, Old K bragged, “So this is ranked third among the strongest weapons!”


I nodded, “Yup, the Chinese server only has the Zhen Yue Blade and Water God's Halberd that were ranked above your Blood Giant's Battleaxe. It's an awesome weapon. With that ten yards of splash damage, just one sweep of the axe is enough to create a bloodbath. It's come just in time too, right before the Country Battles.”




Li Mu added, “Did anyone manage to get the Water God's Halberd stats?”


Wan Er quickly replied, “It's very similar to the Blood Giant's Battleaxe. It's a weapon that is attack-oriented. With every strike, there's a 100% chance of dealing a [Halberd Wind] attack to the enemies in the vicinity.”


“Alright, that is awesome….”

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