Chapter 799 - The Blood Giant's Weakness
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Zhan Long Chapter 799 - The Blood Giant's Weakness

Chapter 799 - The Blood Giant's Weakness

The Steel Net Formation was a type of response formation for a cavalry. It was a tactic that focused on breaking through Pike and Shield Formations. The cavalry’s two branches dragged steel chains from both sides. The impressive power from the rushing battle horses would crush the Shield and Pike Formation. In this situation however, it was mostly just being used to trap the Blood Giant’s movements. This way, this god level BOSS would have no choice but to take arrow and cannon shots. 


In the midst of hoofbeats I could hear chains dragging against the floor, even while countless Xia Yu Army soldiers were dying. Nearly a hundred members of the cavalry wrapped each of their chains around the sides of the Blood Giant. Within moments they had him completely surrounded. “Pa, pa, pa!” The steel chains slapped against the giant’s legs. This immediately invoked the god level warrior’s rage. He threw a kick with his left leg, draining the health of several nearby horsemen. The BOSS’ kick dragged quite a few of the cavalrymen down. Around a dozen of them were instantly dragged off their horses. Screams rang out in the sky. The reality was that a tactic like this didn’t seem to affect a BOSS like Kehl very much. 



At the Ba Huang Camp, Angela leapt onto her horse and pulled out her sword. “Battle Axe squad, follow my lead! We’ll target the Blood Giant’s heel and cut his Achilles’ tendon. Put as much strength as you can into this attack. We have to limit his movement!” 


A group of horsemen followed their queen for the attack. They were unique in that each one carried a battle axe in their hands. Most battle axes had a wooden handle, making them lighter than steel blades like long blades or halberds. However, its center of gravity was centered around the blade, making it difficult to wield. Only someone with a lot of strength could fully utilize the weapon. 




The Blood Giant Kehl was already covered in blood, but his roars still shook the earth. Against the Ba Huang City squad, he didn’t feel a sliver of fear as he faced their blitz. He suddenly took a step forward and raised his fist. He threw a ferocious punch in a downward arc, right at the center of the crowd. A dozen of the horsemen at the front were instantly crushed. There weren’t even traces of their bodies left. This Blood Giant’s strength was enough to completely shatter human armor and weaponry. 


“What kind of an attack is that?” The corner of Li Mu’s mouth twitched. 


Wan Er carefully studied the BOSS and said, “Based on the system scanner, the second the Blood Giant attacks, the temperature around his fist increases to ten thousand degrees. That’s why all those around it disintegrated into ashes. Even their weapons were burnt away. I wonder what kind of damage that attack does to players….” 


I clenched my teeth and said, “Wouldn’t they probably be immediately burned to death as well? That is, if they were instantly killed…” 

Xing Lie walked up and said, “Boss, let’s wait it out for a bit, at least until the BOSS is close to dying!” 





As such, all of the [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Horsemen and Mages alike focused on the Stone Skin Giants to farm achievement points. While we were fighting, we carefully kept an eye on the BOSS’ health bar. News that the Blood Giant Kehl had appeared had already spread to the other players. Some other guilds will probably arrive soon. As such, [Zhan Long] was very limited in terms of time. Now, it was all up to Angela, Theodore, and the other NPCs to work hard. 


“Ka Cha!” 


Angela’s sharp blade cut into the Blood Giant’s legs once again. She had struck a very thick tendon. If she managed to cut through it, the Blood Giant would lose his mobility. It was clear that Kehl specialized in close combat, unlike Lanais and the others. If his tendon was cut, then he’d probably be crippled. The only issue was that his skin was incredibly thick. Even after several attacks, no serious damage was dealt and the cuts were only skin deep. 

The Ba Huang City Battle Axe Camp rushed at the BOSS in two different groups. One after another, the battle axes hacked the Blood Giant’s legs. Blood would spurt out, but even those attempts resulted in failure. Rather, the attacks only served to provoke more anger from the giant. He spun around and smashed his mace downward into the crowd, leaving only a splatter of blood in its wake. At least several hundred Battle Axe soldiers were instantly killed. 


After several advances, even Angela had taken some damage. I could see that on one shoulder, her armor was dyed a crimson red from the cut she had. Thankfully she had not lost her [Dou Qi Armor]. The four thousand Battle Axe Camp was now left with less than a thousand. Even though the Blood Giant specialized in close combat, all of his attacks dealt AoE damage. Furthermore, they instantly killed NPCs with just one attack. This kind of strength was not something a team of normal players could handle. 


Angela quickly retreated. She was visibly shaken. “Kehl is just too strong! Theodore, Owen, what are you waiting for? Send out your most elite teams! We have to bring Kehl’s head back to Tian Ling City, otherwise he will forever remain a worry for the empire!” 

Theodore raised his sword and clenched his teeth. “I know! Fierce Wind Camp, charge! Let us try with the Black Steel Blades. We must kill this Blood Giant!” 


Both the Flame Dragon Army and Xia Yu Army squads charged together. Thousands of soldiers dashed out from both banks. In the distance, countless Hybrid Demon boats were rushing towards us to provide support. Kehl was one of the Hybrid Demon Kings, and he was ranked tenth. I could just imagine how high his position was among the demons. Now that he was trapped here, it would be strange if the Hybrid Demon armies did nothing. Even Da Lun, Lanais, and Ignaus were probably shaking in their boots. They still needed this mighty Blood Giant to expand their territory and become their cannon fodder!


The war boats continued pressing on closer and closer. The Ba Huang City and Tian Ling City NPCs continued pouring hot oil into the water and set the oil on fire, preventing them from getting close to the battlefield. In the end, all of the Hybrid Demons on the boats died in hoards. Naturally, after this battle, the level of the NPC soldiers rose quite a bit. Hybrid Demons gave ample amounts of experience, and there was no need to worry about leveling up while killing them. 





My Zhen Yue Blade whirled through the crowd of monsters, releasing blades of wind that cut through all of them. The Magic Sword Masters died in droves. As I released the skill, I glanced over at the Blood Giant Kehl’s health; there was still 37% left! 

The wait continued. We couldn’t initiate any attacks if his health was anywhere above 5%. Besides, the Blood Giant Kehl was still raging around the battlefield. Waves of blood red energy swept over the Flame Dragon and Xia Yu Armies, burning them to crisps. We weren’t going to get any benefits if we attacked him now. 




Angela tightened her grip on her sword. Blood kept dripping down her arm onto her hilt. She had taken two critical hits to her arm and was heavily injured. Angela did not back down a single step and continued her barrage of attacks. This was a characteristic of hers that was unique compared to the two princes. Angela’s true strength far surpassed them both, and she personally lead her troops to battle. This was probably due to the fact that Frost had called her weak before. Provoked by Frost’s words, this princess fought to become a well-rounded commander. In all of Tian Ling City Empire, even Princess Pearl did not match Angela in terms of guts and strength. 


“F*ck off!” 


The giant now had Angela’s face etched into his memory. He raised his leg and threw a heavy kick. Angela saw the attack coming and quickly reigned in her horse and surged forward with a stab. The beautiful princess dodged the Blood Giant’s attack. She then flicked her blade. “Ka Cha!” She cut into the giant’s other leg. “Peng!” Blood spurt out and the tendon was severed. The tendon was at least as thick as a fist. I could only imagine how much power was behind that one strike! 




Kehl screeched and knelt to the ground on one knee. One of his legs had completely lost all mobility. Right then, another group of Battle Axe soldiers charged forward and began hacking away at the other leg. The Blood Giant let out a furious roar, but couldn’t stop them from cutting away at his other tendon. Both legs were bloodied now and he could only kneel on the ground. He swung his fist around and killed another hundred people! 


Angela swiftly retreated and softly said, “Archers, release your arrows! Turn the cannons, we’re blasting this giant into smithereens!” 

A group of NPCs all rushed forward to attack. Looks like these were the Blood Giant’s final moments. 

One Second Hero ran over and said, “Guildmaster, let me take some men over too. The Blood Giant’s legs have weakened. This is the perfect opportunity for us to show our strength. If we don’t deal any damage and the NPCs end up being the ones to deal the last blow, then the Blood Giant might not drop anything!” 


I pondered for a moment and agreed, “Take 500 men and try it out. Yong Jie, you have to be careful!” 


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“Yes sir!” 


One Second Hero quickly picked out 200 Steel Blade Horsemen and 300 other cavalry before heading straight for the BOSS. All of them released their [Blade Break]s, [Flying Sword]s, and other ranged skills. The Blood Giant was now taking heavy fire. Even that godly power that surrounded his body was being blown away. The player attacks actually dealt shield break effects. 

Right then, the cornered giant made his resolve and began fighting back. Kneeling on the ground, the giant let out a deafening roar. He pounded his fists into the ground and a crimson light burst from his body. Yong Jie was leading the charge. “Peng!” His shield nearly shattered from the attack and he instantly lost over 60,000 health. He was almost killed in one hit. Close to a hundred [Zhan Long] players, including quite a few Steel Blade Horsemen, had been killed in that one blow. The NPCs were no better off and met the same fate. Even the equipment they dropped were obliterated! 


I felt my heart grow cold and I shouted, “Come back! Don’t go!” 



One Second Hero also understood the gravity of his mistake and the consequences it placed on his team. Full of guilt, he said, “F*ck it all, I never would have imagined that the Blood Giant would still have so much strength. We can’t kill him…” 


I comforted him. “Let’s just wait and see for now. We’ll get our chance soon.” 


Right then, I heard a dragon’s screech in the air. Qing Luo led four Dragon Knights in our direction. Riding on the Crystal Dragon, she looked down at the Blood Dragon and shouted, “Queen Angela, do not underestimate your enemy. The Blood Giant Kehl has survived in the abyss for tens of thousands of years. His body has long absorbed the abyss’ destructive power. The only way to kill this b*st*rd is to destroy his pouch. Otherwise… I’m afraid we’d have to sacrifice many more brave warriors to kill him!” 


Angela clenched her teeth and said, “Cavalry, cover for me!” 



A group from the Ba Huang City cavalry charged straight for the BOSS while Angela knelt down and began summoning a fiery light. Dou Qi began to rise up from under her feet and began snaking their way towards the Blood Giant’s back. While the BOSS was focused on killing others, she surged right at his back. 

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