Chapter 798 - Invasion of the Blood Giants
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Zhan Long Chapter 798 - Invasion of the Blood Giants

Chapter 798 - Invasion of the Blood Giants

Dirt and rocks dropped into the center of the lake below. After an hour, a relatively unstable dam appeared. The Flame Dragon, Xia Yu, and Ba Huang City armies were already posting guards at the top. In the distance, countless Hybrid Demon war boats rammed against each other and the dam, but no matter what, they couldn’t advance. The furious Magic Sword Masters all leapt off their boats to attack the human soldiers. The Stone Skin Giants that were connected to the stern of the boat lunged forward from the water and fought to dig away at the dam. Everyone’s hearts tightened. How long could this dam last under the barrage from the Stone Skin Giants? 



Angela pulled out her sword. Sunlight reflected off its blade with a flash and a Magic Sword Master’s head flew into the sky. Angela examined the numerous boats that leaned against the dam and immediately ordered, “Begin pouring the oil!” 

The soldiers standing at the top of the dam quickly followed orders. One after another, barrels of oil spilled over the edge under Angela’s command. The hot oil slipped into the water and floated on the surface. More and more oil was spreading throughout the river. In less than five minutes, the entire surface had turned a dark black. A stinging odor wafted in the breeze, making the soldiers grimace. 

Li Mu, Old K, and the other thick skinned warriors all rushed straight into the crowd and continued their charge. I forbade the [Zhan Long] players from using flame type skills for the moment, as to not to ignite the oil. Over a thousand Steel Blade Horsemen created an iron barrier at the edge of the river, giving the Stone Giants no space to move. 


A voice that shook the heavens and the earth resounded in the air. Within the river, an enormous beast suddenly pushed apart the boats and burst out. It was the Blood Giant Kehl. Even this ten-meter deep river wasn’t enough to submerge his body. Everything above his waist was above the surface. He carried a battle mace with a ghoulish look. Anger filled his eyes. With a single smash, he splintered a war boat and roared, “You lazy ticks! Why have you stopped moving? What can possibly stop the advance of the Hybrid Demons?” 

One of the Magic Sword Master leaders walked over from the stern of the boat and knelt before Kehl. “Lord Kehl, the enemies before us have created a dam, blocking the river. Our battle boats have no way of passing through. We’ve been under attack from both shores, and they’ve got quite a few adventurers providing support. We can’t break through!” 

“What? You can’t break through?” 

Kehl’s eyebrows were knit together and he suddenly grabbed the Magic Sword Master in his hand. He tightened his grip and crushed the demon, causing blood to explode out. Just like that, a Harvest Ghost tier BOSS was actually pinched to death! He brought his bloody fingers to his lips and then licked the remains as he coldly smiled, “There’s nothing that can stop the advance of the Hybrid Demon army. I want no excuses. The Lord Da Lun doesn’t hear any excuses. Climb ashore and kill them all! As for this dam, hehe, leave it to me!” 

As he said that, Kehl suddenly rushed forward and smashed his battle mace against the dam. Looks like that b*st*rd is planning on crushing this twenty-meter-high dam all by himself? 

Theodore’s face froze. He gripped his long sword and muttered, “D*mm*t, the Blood Giants are here!” 

Angela quickly calmed down and gave orders through clenched teeth. “Prepare the flame arrows, release!” 

Right then, countless flames lit up from both shores. One after another, these fire arrows flew towards the northern side of the dam. In the blink of an eye, the entire river had turned into a sea of flames and the black oil floating on the top turned into white light. All of the boats on the surface of the lake were constructed by wood, only serving as tinder for the flame. It was as though I were witnessing *Cao Cao when he defeated a navy of a million by burning their boats to the ground. But these Hybrid Demons really had some guts. Even though their entire bodies were being burnt to embers, they still raised their weapons and charged at the shores. They threw their weapons at their enemies before they were consumed by the fire. 

* TL Note: Famous strategist in Chinese history during the Three Kingdom Period in the Battle of Chibi, or Red Cliffs. 

On the front lines, I gripped my Zhen Yue Blade tightly and killed every monster that came at me. I then shouted, “There’s a burn effect! Watch your health closely, don’t get burned to death too!” 

Li Mu patted down some fire on his arm. “Motherf*cker, it hurts!” 

Wan Er activated her [Unyielding Spirit] and swung her daggers forward. It was as though a goddess was dancing through the monsters. The light of her skills flashed from her dagger. One after another, the Hybrid Demons fell to the ground, turning into experience and achievement points. Our beautiful vice guildmaster’s ability to kill was just too incredible — she basically could beat every other assassin player. 

Dong Cheng hid behind me. She rammed her Deer Cry Staff into the ground while she conjured a [Indigo Sea Arrow] in her left hand. One after another, she shot down the Magic Sword Masters. [Indigo Sea Arrow] was an ice type attack. After suffering from both flame and ice type attacks, it only multiplied the damage dealt to the monsters. Any critical hit would easily deal over 50,000 damage. How could the Magic Sword Masters handle that? They died in droves. 

Practically all of the Magic Sword Masters that managed to charge out of the water were left in critical health. As long as the players made contact with them, all of the experience went to the players. So this was a great opportunity for the [Zhan Long] players to obtain experience and achievement points. I couldn’t help but feel a surge of gratitude for my status as a commander, in this instance it had really come into use. If I didn’t get that exclusive information, then [Zhan Long] might not have stumbled upon this incredible opportunity. [Hero’s Mound], [Prague], and the others who were different from us were still at the other end of Deer Lake attempting to stop the Hybrid Demon war boats, even though the Blood Giant Kehl was over here! 

Just as I thought about the Blood Giant, an enormous figure suddenly started dashing towards me. Firelight emanated from every inch of the giant’s body. Kehl was essentially a flaming giant. Even the battle mace in his hand had fiery oil dripping off its edge. While he was a godly figure, the burning hot oil gave him incessant pain. The Blood Giant screeched in agony. Even so, he charged at the dam and swept out his battle mace! 


An entire group of Ba Huang City warriors were smashed into the dam! 

Angela promptly ordered, “Turn the canons around and attack the Blood Giant!” 

A dozen or so of the enormous cannons swiftly turned around. I pointed my sword forward and shouted, “Everyone stand your ground! Do not be swept away by the waves created by the impact of the canons. Once you fall, you’ll be burnt to crisps!” 

Everyone roared in laughter and whooped at the cannons. All of the Steel Blade Horsemen steadied their shields and dug their swords into the ground to steady their stances. 

In that next moment, cannon fire sounded in continuous rounds. The shells exploded against the Blood Giant Kehl. In a blink of an eye, the Blood Giant’s chest armor was smashed to smithereens. His body was just too big, and as such, dodging the cannon fire was near impossible. Furthermore, the Dragon Crystal Cannon’s damaging power was just too great, and his health bar was dropped visibly. 


Wan Er’s cute lips were gaping as she exclaimed, “If he dies from the cannon fire, then this Blood Giant will probably be the most pitiful God tier BOSS in all of Destiny, no?” 

I gave a long nod, “Yup!” 

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Cannon fire continued to ring out and the screams of the Blood Giant were endless. The waves that the Dragon Crystal Cannons created continuously swept over us. Thankfully, the Steel Blade Horsemen were incredibly heavy and could hold their ground. They even had heavy shields to block the advance of the Magic Sword Masters. 



The Blood Giant roared and rammed his battle mace against the dam. “Peng!” An enormous crack split the dam. One of the Dragon Crystal Cannons was also smashed by the blow. I could see the body parts of soldiers flying through the air. Looks like relying on the Dragon Crystal Cannons to kill the Blood Giant wouldn’t be a safe bet either. 

The Crown Prince Theodore’s face froze. “We cannot let him continue this rampage, and we can’t allow the deaths of the Ba Huang City soldiers go to waste like this. Inferno Knights, let’s add some fuel to the fire!” 

“Yes sir!” 

A group of cavalrymen from the Flame Dragon Army split off from the main group. They were clothed from head to toe in light, fiery red armor. Furthermore, each one of them carried a red bow in their hands. After placing their arrows on the string, they began to light the heads of their arrows. It looked like the arrows were also covered in poison as well. As the arrows buried themselves in the Blood Giant’s skin, a purple hue began to spread out within his skin and the injuries wouldn’t close up. 

“Steel Crossbows!” 

Second prince Owen shouted out more orders. The Xia Yu Army began pushing three enormous crossbows out. Arrows as thick as my arms flew out one after another. Furthermore, each arrow had a rope attached it at the end. “Pu, pu, pu.” The arrows deeply pierced the Blood Giant’s body. Another group of soldiers began dragging the ropes, making the Blood Giant start to sway. 

I glanced around and couldn’t help but raise a brow. The Blood Giant Kehl, a legendary warrior, was just going to die like this? That couldn’t be it, right? 

Just as I predicted, and as if confirming what I was thinking, the Blood Giant Kehl roared and pulled out the steel arrows that were in his body. He glared at the group of humans and suddenly leapt up. Nobody would have imagined that he would have such momentum in his jump. With the fire from the river, he soared into the sky and landed right in the midst of the Steel Crossbows! 


Three of the crossbows were smashed to pieces. What was even worse was that the impact from the Blood Giant’s landing caused splash damage. An entire group of Xia Yu Army soldiers were instantly killed. The rest had their health drop drastically. It was a shocking scene! 


Owen immediately retreated several steps. Even so, he mustered his courage and picked up his blade. He charged forward, roaring, “Steel Net Formation! Do not be afraid, you are warriors of Tian Ling City. For the sake of our home country, what sacrifice is more fitting than our own lives?!” 


Owen moved incredibly fast and urged his horse to gallop straight between the Blood Giant’s legs. He swung his blade, leaving a deep mark in the giant’s legs. Unfortunately, the cut wasn’t deep enough. Otherwise, if he had cut through the tendon, the Blood Giant wouldn’t be able to stand up again. 

A group of Xia Yu Army soldiers all rushed forward. The Blood Giant gave a crude smile and swung his mace, throwing a dozen or so people into the air. At the same time, he smashed his fist into the ground, creating a surge of power that impacted about a hundred people. Dou Qi rose up all around us. Who would dare go against such a strong enemy? Even Wan Er and I had to exchange glances to confirm what we were thinking: let the NPCs fight the BOSS for now. We weren’t going on this suicide mission! 

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