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ZL - Chapter 1116- Spirit Umbrella Bug

'Hua... Hua..."

Five layers of flames surged into the sky and the smoke was so thick that one couldn't even open their eyes. Looking down from the sky, the flames looked like a beast swallowing up everything. Behind me, Lin Wan Er's Little White squinted its eyes and gave out a roar to go up against this bad environment.

"Ang ang..."

Not far away, many little monsters chiseled into the walls of God Demon Well appeared. To say that they were small monsters was because they were indeed smaller than the other monsters. They were lizards covered in scales and on their necks were cherry-looking things. When the monsters cried, the cherry would turn into a red umbrella. On its tail was a small iron hammer and they looked amusing and cute.

When I flew close, I shared the monster's stats into the party channel. Instantly everyone didn't think it was funny, its stats were really strong--

Spirit Umbrella Bug (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

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Level: 210

Attack: 33400-38500

Defence: 27000

Health: 4500000

Skill: Flame Spitter, Umbrella Defence, Hammer Smash

Introduction: Spirit Umbrella Bug, a monster that lives deep underground. The Spirit Umbrella Bug is really close to hell and the mortal world so they are really violent. Moreover, when they were young they were washed by the power of hell. The Spirit Umbrella Bug's flame powers are really strong and they can spit out high-temperature flames. The umbrellas on their necks can help them tank damage. When it waves the hammer on its tail, you better run or you will regret it.


Don’t Be Foolish rode the wild chicken that was about to get barbecued, "Let me try out these level 8 Hybrid Demons!"

He raised his spear and charged over once he switched onto his warhorse. He used Skyshaker Stab to force one of them back. But that wasn't much as the little head rose up and it screamed. It then spat out flames at Don’t Be Foolish and dealt 90 thousand. Not bad. Although it was lower than a Boss's attack but when Don’t Be Foolish slashed once more, the umbrella opened and reduced 50% of the damage. The umbrella started to spark as the spear hit it. It felt similar to Wan Er and Meng Yao's iron umbrella defence.

Fang Ge Que jumped off the dragon's back, "Be careful of its tail."


Don’t Be Foolish was confused but then the Spirit Umbrella Bug started to spin and its tail smashed down. Don’t Be Foolish was shocked and his reaction speed was decent enough to place his shield in front of his chest!

"Peng peng peng..."





Hammer Smash lasted for three seconds and it hit Don’t Be Foolish's shield. Even in his defensive mode Don’t Be Foolish ended up with only 14% health. If he wasn't in defence and didn't have Heavenly Shield Wall, he might have gotten insta killed. At the same time, I could imagine if a bunch of them used Hammer Smash, who could block them?

That was terrifying. I said in the party, "Don't underestimate them. Draw them one by one, don't be greedy. We might die."

Ye Lai held his axe,

he smiled, "That is okay. Many of us died to the level 8 Hybrid Demons right Quick Thunder Swift Wind?"

Quick Thunder Swift Wind's face felt hot. As he was overconfident and his defence was low, he did die to none Boss monsters. Actually, it wasn't his fault. The level 8 Hybrid Demons were strong and if one was caught off guard, they might die.

Bai Li Ruo Feng held his bow and said, "Stop saying such useless things, push forwards. Let's try to kill Lei Ding within 3 hours."

Yan Zhao Warrior charged towards another Spirit Umbrella Bug, "The difficulty is too high. Lei Ding isn't weak, he is definitely stronger than the other five star God Bosses."



Looking at them, I laughed. our 100 men team was just so diverse and there were people from all different guilds. It was tough for us to work together to get to level 5 and it was normal for us to fight one another. After all, we all had a temper.

I led Mocha, Wan Er, Meng Yao, Li Mu etc Zhan Long players to kill the monsters. The Spirit Umbrella Bug's defence were decent but they couldn't defend against my two five star weapons. moreover, after killing 3 of them I had an idea. I used Strength of a Thousand Men and Double Hit to slice them down. Once they used Hammer Smash to become spinning tops, I used Strength of a Thousand Men+Double Hit to attack 10 times to force them back. The moment they were knocked back, the spinning top spin would stop. Without the high speed spin, they were useless against us.

The other parties found their methods and most of them were the Archers using Scattered Shot to stun the monster. Some used the Mage's scorch stun effects. For example Jian Feng Han's team. Simple's ring had an effect that when the target was hit by Indigo Sea Arrow when it was scorched, it would be stunned for 1 second. Simple used this really well. The basic Spirit Fire Technique that most Mages had given up on was used fantastically by her. Level 19 Spirit Fire Technique had a short cooldown and although the damage wasn't as high, but with the ice effect of Indigo Sea Arrow the damage was really high. Along with the 1-second stun, this was Simple's classic combo.

There were many similar combos, each expert had a special skill of theirs. Only thing was that we hadn't sparred in a long time so we didn't know how much each of us had grown.


Not far away, Yan Zhao Warrior and Six Ya were attacking quickly. They covered one another and attacked together. They had a great understanding. Although Six Ya wasn't interested in his looks but Yan Zhao Warrior treated Six Ya really well. If Six Ya said that she had finished her pads, Yan Zhao Warrior would appear at her house within ten minutes with a new box.

This was probably his charm?

Each China Region guild leader had their own charm. Yan Zhao Warrior was caring, Fang Ge Que was magnanimous and treated people sincerely. Q-Sword was a true brother and was willing to fight anyone for his members. Jian Feng Han was an upright person. Mu Xuan looked good and her looks were unparalleled. Ye Lai was fierce and hot blooded. All these leaders were heroes to players and this was the greatest charm of the game. Everyone wanted to be a hero so those playing were either already a hero or on the path to becoming one.


"Ah... Healers heal properly... #**#... @*#... @#&Q..."

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Someone cursed. The tank of a party was killed so there was much colorful language, "Archer stop pulling so many monsters over, I can't tank all of them!"

The Spirit Umbrella Bug's stats were there and once one couldn't control the Hammer Smash and the Archer's Scattered Shot missed, the tank would definitely die. Every party was close to one another so we could support each other. Dancing Forest and Darling Duck from my team would assist other parties at any time. They would fire Scattered Shot and Heal at any moment.

In the party list, the data continued to jump bit by bit. After two hours of killing monsters, a total of 24 of us had died while we killed over 4000 Spirit Umbrella Bugs. Their drop rate wasn't low and the equipment they dropped was decent too. The highest grade was Divine Tier and if the skills were good, they would be worth more than ten thousand. Such equipment appeared 7 times and the players of the guilds rolled for them.

The Spirit Umbrella Bugs reduced and when we headed back to the entrance, that signaled the official end.


Fang Ge Que held the Heaven Arrogance Staff and looked around, "Will Berserker Lei Ding appear like the previous Bosses?"

I shook my head, "Hard to say, all things are possible."

Drunken Spear held his spear, "Should we split up to find him? At least find his coordinates?"

Yan Zhao Warrior said, "I don't support that. Why not the players that can fly try to find the spawn location so that not many of us would die."

I nodded, "I agree."

Fang Ge Que said, "Then those flying players go, the rest wait here!"



My speed was the fastest so I was most suited for this mission.

I flew three circles around but didn't notice Lei Ding. Lin Wan Er, Drunken Spear, Yan Zhao Warrior etc neither. That made us shock, where did the Boss go?

"They are coming!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.