Chapter 1117- Endless Madness
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Zhan Long Chapter 1117- Endless Madness

"Where?" I asked excitedly. Once Berserker Lei Ding appeared, this meant that my Overlord Armor was going to appear. I had looked forward to that for a long time!

"Where we first entered!" Jian Feng Han said in the party channel.

I flew over. From afar, I saw the players surrounding but there were no tracks of the Boss, "What is going on, there is no boss?"

Yue Qing Qian pulled my arm and pointed into the distance, "He is probably appearing there!"


At that moment, there was suddenly a loud explosion. I felt a heavy blow on the ground and once more after three seconds. Stone pieces scattered from the path and the ground started to protrude. To be able to pierce through such thick stone, what kind of strength was that? I felt that my own strength was high and my two weapons were really sharp but I only left a small hole when I slashed into the stone when attacking the Spirit Umbrella Bugs. Who knew that the thing underground was much stronger than me!


"Peng! Peng!"

Two hits and the ground protruded. Pieces of rock were ripped apart and a shining axe pierced through the ground. Next was a strong hand and then a person drilled his way out. He jumped up and slashed his axe at us.


We were caught off guard and Xuan Yuan Feng was targeted. He raised his shield to block but his shield was unable to. "Puchi", his shield was ripped apart. This was a destructive blow and his equipment's durability was emptied out. Berserker Lei Ding smiled and slashed into his arm. He roared as lightning swept around, swallowing Xuan Yuan Feng and huge damage numbers jumped out--




Insta killed!

Legend's top cavalry was insta killed just like that! Moreover, Xuan Yuan Feng's equipment and level were decent and he was at least top 3 in the server. No one could believe that he was actually insta killed like that!

At that moment, Lei Ding was opposite us. He held his axe and his arms were shown. His muscles were totally full and his skin had a layer of lightning glow. This was the feature of his strength. This Lord Tier Bos

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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