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100000PSI - Chapter 90.2: Should We End It Now? (2)

Bai Zhou: “…”

He could hardly believe what he was hearing from his father. 

You’ve neglected me for two years and forced me to meet your mistress and illegitimate son. Are those not enough? Why do you have to appear right now and sabotage me?

“Can’t you do something good for once?” Bai Zhou roared in sheer anger. “Why must you sabotage me at a time like this? Do you know how hard I had to work…” in order not to be blacklisted like Song Shiyu!

Bai Zhou didn’t speak the latter half of the sentence aloud. He was so furious that he was tempted to crack Bai Zhengye’s skull open to see if what’s inside was as dense as the Earth’s core.

… Had this happened half a year ago, he might have really done so. It was just that the time he had spent with Ji Fanyin had smoothened out his thorns, putting him in greater control of his own emotions. 

“How is that not a good thing?” Bai Zhengye frowned at the unexpected outburst from Bai Zhou. “You’ll be taking over your mother and my business empires in the future. This is a good opportunity for you to gain some experience running a business. It’s just a small studio anyway. It doesn’t matter even if you bankrupt it.”

Bai Zhou squeezed his eyes shut. He felt the blood in his body gushing up to his brain, screaming at him to hurl a punch at the asshole standing before him. 

“No.” He squeezed a single word out from between his teeth.

“Why not? As long as the price is right and the owners are fine with it…”

“No!” Bai Zhou smashed his helmet on the ground, producing a deafening crash that echoed in this enclosed space.

The sheer force caused the helmet to rebound to around half the height of a man before slowly rolling away on the ground. 

The violent show of might shocked Bai Zhengye. He roared in anger, “What kind of attitude are you showing me?”

Bai Zhou took another deep breath. His temples had been throbbing nonstop for a while now, and his puffy eyes felt uncomfortably swollen. 

It was at this moment that an epiphany dawned upon him.

… This is where all of my bad habits came from.

Bai Zhengye did as he pleased because he had the means to do so. I judged others as I pleased due to my own past experiences. We’re ultimately the same kind of people at the core.

Bai Zhengye had a flawed perception of love and kinship. That was why he leaped from a mistress to another. The woman he loved was always the next one to come. 

On the other hand, Bai Zhou grew up in a family that lacked love. That was why he swiftly fell heads over heels for Ji Xinxin when she treated him gemtly despite his horrible attitude.

Bai Zhou could almost hear a voice in his head mocking him. It was telling him: As expected of father and son. 

… The only difference between them was that Bai Zhou met Ji Fanyin. 

Bai Zhengye still hadn’t met the person who could slap him back into reality and teach him how to open his eyes wide and view others as equals. 

To be honest, Bai Zhou couldn’t tell whether it was a good thing or not. He took yet another deep breath and forced himself to calm down. 

“… Ever since I was young, you have never asked me anything about myself. You raised me just like how others would raise a pet. It’s not just once or twice that I’ve stumbled upon your affairs as a child. Do you even remember when my birthday is? Forget it, those doesn’t matter anymore.” Bai Zhou glared at Bai Zhengye with reddened eyes. 

“I don’t need your care and concern now. I’m no longer the little child who craved fatherly love from you!” 

Despite his overflowing anger, Bai Zhou still managed to express himself calmly and coherently.

Bai Zhengye had long since gotten used to Bai Zhou’s nasty temper, so it was a breath of fresh air to see Bai Zhou suppressing his anger and attempting to reason things out with him. 

It was just that his anger overshadowed all other emotions he felt. “Have you forgotten who’s the one who raised you?!”

“You will have to ask my mother how much credit she’s willing to share with you.” Bai Zhou paused before reiterating impatiently, “Don’t touch this studio. I won’t accept it even if you give it to me.”

What’s the point of staying here if Ji Fanyin really sold the studio? She’s the one who likes movies, not me.

Bai Zhengye hesitantly made another offer, “Then… why don’t I get you something else?”

This person is beyond help, Bai Zhou thought. 

He grabbed his dented helmet, placed it under his arm, and left the scene. 

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.