Chapter 90.3: Should We End It Now? (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 90.3: Should We End It Now? (3)

Bai Zhou returned to the office and took a look at Ji Fanyin’s office.

The door that was opened earlier when he headed off with his father, but it was now closed. This could only mean Ji Fanyin and his father’s secretary had brought their conversation into her office.

Bai Zhou tightened his grip around his helmet, feeling uncertain about the results of the talk. 

… Would Ji Fanyin really sell her shares if Bai Zhengye offered a sufficiently high price? She had been going on and on about her lack of money for quite a while now.

Ten billion dollars…

While Bai Zhou was deep in thought, Bai Zhengye belatedly returned to the office too. 

Coincidentally, the door to Ji Fanyin’s office opened. Ji Fanyin and Bai Zhengye’s chief secretary walked out one after another. 

Bai Zhou was aware of how competent his father’s chief secretary was, so he couldn’t help but worriedly scrutinize Ji Fanyin’s expression in hopes of figuring out her thoughts.

… I can’t read anything from her expression.

Ji Fanyin had always been an incredible actress, capable of playing any role flawlessly. Not once had Bai Zhou ever succeeded in finding any faults in her acting.

This made Bai Zhou frustrated.

Ji Fanyin had always taken a perfunctory attitude toward him, almost as if he was a rascal from a distant relative. 

“Are you done with your talk?” Ji Fanyin asked the two of them.

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“Yes, we are done. They will be leaving now,” Bai Zhou snorted impatiently.

The secretary took a quick glance at Bai Zhengye’s face and noticed the latter’s downcast expression. It didn’t take a genius to figure what had gone down in their confrontration. So, he let out a light cough to remind him that they were in public space. 

Bai Zhengye swiftly snapped out of his thoughts. Feeling greatly displeased from having his kind intentions snubbed, he walked off with a darkened face. 

He didn’t think that there was any need for him to engage in pleasantries with a young junior like Ji Fanyin, not to mention that she was a woman.

His secretary was much more polite in contrast. He bade Ji Fanyin farewell before following Bai Zhengye out of the office. 

It was barely 9.30 AM by then. Most of those who had attended the gathering the day before weren’t in the office yet, making it look emptier than ever. 

Bai Zhou nervously traced the inner lining of his helmet while struggling to find the words to explain this incident to Ji Fanyin. However, his thoughts were interrupted by Ji Fanyin’s ringtone. 

Taking out her phone, she first glanced at the caller ID before accepting the call right in front of Bai Zhou. “Hello.”

Intrigued, Bai Zhou stared at Ji Fanyin’s phone.

Ji Fanyin is speaking with a formal tone?Who is on the other end?

Ji Fanyin quietly listened for a few seconds before chuckling, “News sure travels fast. That’s right.”

It’s a calm and polite tone, mixed with a tinge of respect, Bai Zhou analyzed.

A moment later, Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows and asked, “Does that mean we can end it now?”

Perhaps too engrossed in their conversation, Bai Zhou somehow lost his grip on his helmet and it fell to the ground with a loud bam.

He quickly bent down to pick it up, but as he was doing so, he heard Ji Fanyin speaking on the phone with a smile on her lips, “Don’t worry about that. It’s quite a coincidence. He happened to drop something in front of me.” 

Taken aback by the mention of him, Bai Zhou’s eyes shot up to stare at Ji Fanyin in bewilderment. 

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Ji Fanyin paused briefly before continuing, “This is probably our last meeting. I wish you all the best in life.”

With that, she hung up the phone. As she put down her phone, her gaze slowly fell on Bai Zhou. 

He immediately stood upright and asked with a deep frown, “Who were you talking to?”

Ji Fanyin smiled at him and said, “Let’s take this conversation elsewhere.”

Bai Zhou followed her, but an ominous feeling was swiftly growing in his heart.

When they finally entered Ji Fanyin’s office, Bai Zhou lost patience and urged, “Who was that?”

Ji Fanyin picked up the cup of coffee on her table and took a sip. Then, she nonchalantly replied, “It’s your mother, Mrs. Bai.”

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