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ZL - Chapter 1105- Good benefits

"Nope, let's head out!" Fang Ge Que held the Streaming Cloud Fan and wore the Thunder Flame Cape.

I nodded, "Let's go!'

There was no path towards the north Hybrid Demon Territory so we had to climb off the cliff. Lin Wan Er summoned Little White and brought Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest and Yue Qing Qian down first. I jumped off, spreading my wings in the air and landing safely.

Out of these 100, many of them were people that I had killed. But to complete this quest, we had to work together.


God Demon Well was located in the west of Hybrid Demon Territory. West of Blood Mountain Range was the Shura World and west of the world was the God Demon Well. This meant that we had to pass through both maps. Fortunately, this party was really strong and we could kill our way past.

As we were walking, our speed was far slower than previously when we headed to Blood Mountain Range. We spent 3 hours to get to the outskirts of Blood Mountain Range.

"Ang ang..."

A few black shadows circled in the sky. They were Hybrid Demons.

Goodbye Tears held his blade and shield and the mark on his head shone a pure light. He said towards me, "What are those black things above?"

Don’t Be Foolish held his spear and squinted his eyes, "They are level 7 Sword Spirit Cavalry right?"

Fang Ge Que said, "We have to pass through this place, going around is too far. Let's continue. if they come down then let's kill them, anyways there aren't many of them."

I nodded, "Cavalry protect the backline. Warriors and Archers open the path. Mage, Musketee walk in the middle. There are many monsters we have not seen before so be careful not to be insta killed."

Don’t Be Foolish smiled, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao don't make things sound so serious, how can monsters here insta kill us?"

I laughed, "You will know very quickly..."


We continued and on a giant tree, a few black shadows were around it. I could see two Two-winged Demons there. Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears walked at the front. Jian Feng Han held his sword and said, "Be careful, don't be careless."

Don’t Be Foolish was solemn.

"Be careful!" Enchanted Painting held her halberd and said, "They are coming. Don’t Be Foolish you attracted aggro, you really are foolish!"

Don’t Be Foolish didn't fear. He waved his spear and held his shield up, "Let's just defend, backline fire. Don't bother about me, I don't believe that Defensive Stance and Heavenly Shield Wall won't be enough!"

The two Two-winged Demons charged at Don’t Be Foolish and used both scratch and bite. his defence was high and his shield also reflected some damage--



The Two-winged Demons roared and one of them used Demon Screech. Don’t Be Foolish was confused and at the same time, his armor went to zero. That was the scary thing. In the distance, a cunning head appeared from the bushes. It was a Courageous Hell Spearman. I knew that Don’t Be Foolish was in danger so I charged forwards and shouted, "Healers use Anti-Magic Shield on Don’t Be Foolish,

heal him!"

The healers in our party were all top class. Darling Duck, Who’s Blue, Chang Sheng Jue, they were all god tier healers of each guild. But everyone was the same and thought that Don’t Be Foolish was a top cavalry and he wouldn't die to a none boss monster right?

Right at that moment, the second Courageous Hell Spearman appeared. He raised his hand and tossed his spear!

"Pu pu!"

Two spears pierced into his shield and armor. moreover, this was when Don’t Be Foolish's defence was zero due to confusion. All of a sudden, shocking numbers jumped up--




Insta killed!

Everyone was shocked. Don’t Be Foolish, Vanguard's top cavalry, he was a health cavalry too. He was actually insta killed? Who would believe that?

Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth and charged, "Be careful, they are level 8 Hybrid Demons, revive him!"

Jian Feng Han was much stronger than him and one sword blocked the second spear toss. He used his combo and at the same time activated Force of the Primordial Spirit to control a Two-winged Demon to buy some time for Don’t Be Foolish's revive. When Darling Duck used Revive, Don’t Be Foolish stood there and picked up his shield. He didn't dare to be overconfident anymore.

I had arrived and used Wind Carrying Slash on the other Two-winged Demon. I shouted, "Be careful, their Demon Screech can stun, sleep and confuse. We might die if we are not careful. Use Anti-Magic Shield and block the effects."

Goodbye Tears nodded and slashed one of the Courageous Hell Spearman. At the same time, his shield turned into a golden streak of light. He used Buddha Light and forced a Two-winged Demon back. This effect had to do with his defence and he was one of the top monks in the region. His defence was definitely really high.

"Ang ang..."

Along with a ear piercing screech, a Two-winged Demon started to transform. Its body twitched and its skin started to curve. The 36D started to shake in the wind. it had long legs and a mysterious triangular shaped thing above the legs. Goodbye Tears and Don’t Be Foolish were stunned. Even Jian Feng Han's sword slowed down. Jian Feng Han was the young master of the Murong Family and he was handsome so he definitely didn't lack women. So he wasn't as attracted to girls as Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears. However, he was still stunned. After all, he didn't expect Destiny to design such Hybrid Demons.


Don’t Be Foolish was about to drool, "Empire Club doesn't have such benefits! They really look good!"

"Good your head..."

I brushed past and used Strength of a Thousand Men+ Double Hit+ Trampling Thunder to insta kill it. Gan Jiang sliced off its head.

Don’t Be Foolish was speechless, "Damn, guild leader Xiao Yao destroyed the flower."

Li Mu, Wang Jian etc Zhan Long players didn't join in due to the lack of monsters. Old K held his axe and laughed, "Little Li, Don’t Be Foolish didn't die enough, let him die again!"

Another Two-winged Demon changed and it got close to Goodbye Tears's chest. It pressed its peaks on the monk's chest and Goodbye Tears seemed like he was turned to stone. He muttered, "Amitabha, if you have balls then wear lesser!"

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

But the Two-winged Demon didn't wear much at all. It opened its mouth and revealed its fangs to bite onto Goodbye Tears's neck. So painful, it dealt 60 thousand damage.

Jian Feng Han couldn't take it anymore and sliced the beauty in front of Goodbye Tears, "Stop playing, end this quick, don't slow down the party."


Find the original at h*sted novel.

On the ground, while the Two-winged Demon's body was twitching, the party pushed forwards. These few monsters dropped a bracers but as it was low tier, we didn't bother. This party's rules were that all equipment above Spirit Tier was rolled based on need.

After witnessing the strength of the Two-winged Demons and Courageous Hell Spearmen, everyone stopped being arrogant. We spent 3 hours to pass this Blood Mountain Range. When we were on the peak, we looked back and the red color filled us with emotions. This was Lanais's territory but now it was under the hands of Azure.

But this quest was even worse. We had to kill Berserker Lei Ding. Moreover, we had to do so in front of Igoras and Azure.

Actually, I looked forward to this adventure, after all, no one had seen how Azure looked like. This was a good chance.


We pushed forwards into Shura territory but we didn't move arrogantly. We followed the edge and avoided the level 8 Hybrid Demons. Shura World was guarded by Anna and no one wanted to see how strong she was. We just killed the lone Hybrid Demons and weren't stopped by anyone. When we got close to God Demon Well it was early in the morning of the second day.

We voted, no sleep and we would do the quest until noon!


"God Demon Well, what kind of map is it?" Fang Ge Que held the Streaming Cloud Fan and asked.

"I came before, it is a giant abyss but the system changed it many times. Maybe the appearance had changed."

Fang Ge Que glanced, "5 kilometers around it is red, this should be where God Demon Well is at right?"


"Hey, we are finally close to the quest map."

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.