Chapter 1104- Request for internal split
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Zhan Long Chapter 1104- Request for internal split

In the next moment, before I said anything, Frost published the recruitment mode. Moreover, it came with a system report. This quest was going to be huge--


System Notification: Dragon City super quest God Demon Well will begin in 4 hours, quest needs 100 people. Quest in charge Xiao Yao Zi Zai will confirm 4 members. The other 95 will be selected from this recruitment. All China players can register with Dragon City's Qing Luo. Current needs are 30 tanks, 20 healers, 30 ranged, 15 support and Assassins. All rewards will be rolled automatically by the system and after the quest is completed all players will obtain huge rewards!


As expected, 100 people were recruited to head towards God Demon Well...

Actually, I was planning to select 100 people from Zhan Long but since Frost said such a thing, it meant that the quest wasn't as easy as I thought. At least the top players in China could all head out. Naturally, the chances to complete it would be higher. There were only two possibilities, one was to obtain huge rewards from completing the quest and the other was to lose a level and fail. But to me, I wouldn't be able to complete the set and that was really important.

The moment the mode was released, the guild was boiling--

Death God's Elegy, "Damn, Guild Leader triggered a super first rate quest, head to Dragon City to register!"

Li Mu laughed, "Xiao Yao come out, can't you decide it yourself?"

Yue Qing Qian laughed, "Right Brother Xiao Yao, I want to join!"

I smiled helplessly, "This... Each job has a few spots. If you are highly ranked then forget it, I only have 4 spots. I plan to ring Mocha, Meng Yao, Little Lie and Little Wolf. The rest of you sign up yourselves. Go sign up, try to get more Zhan Long members to register."


Dragon City was Zhan Long's old nest and naturally, people knew where to go. Very quickly, many of them headed to Dragon City to register with Qing Luo. Not long later, one could see Legend, Vanguard, Flying Dragon, Wrath of the Heroes etc also joining in.

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Not far away, a bunch of familiar people appeared in the snow. It was Fang Ge Que and he was leading Enchanted Painting, Chang Sheng Jue, Xuan Yuan Feng, Lu Chunyang. It seemed like Fang Ge Que was planning to let all Legend players join in. I smiled respectfully, "Fang Ge you came to support me!"

He smiled, "I heard that you needed helpers so I brought everyone over. Right, you can select members right?"

I shook my head, "I want to, but Frost is the one to confirm things so the system will automatically do it. Those higher-ranked ones will have a higher chance."

"This.." he walked to Qing Luo and said helplessly, "The fee is so expensive, it costs 1000 gold!"

I smiled awkwardly, "Dragon City is in such a place and is so poor. It is tough to get such a chance so naturally, they would butcher you. Legend doesn't lack money so help the poor okay?"

He laughed, "You really are trying to rob us."

Behind him, Enchanted Painting held the Water God's Halberd,

he smiled, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, what about my sister?"

"That is your sister, you should know better..."

Enchanted Painting blinked and adjusted her fringe, "She is still in Portugal and I don't know when she is back. Moreover, she recognises you as her boss, scoff, she doesn't even listen to me."

I said, "You should listen to her."

Enchanted Painting looked towards Fang Ge Que, "Guild Leader look, Xiao Yao is saying the same thing too. My sister says that if I am unhappy I should join Zhan Long, she would get me a Flagbearer position!"

Fang Ge Que's body shook, "Ah Jing don't say anything now, I will promote you to deputy guild leader tonight. I will remove Lu Chunyang."

"Guild Leader is wise, raise my salary too..."

"Okay, you work hard. Your level and equipment are going to fall behind your sister."

"Ah, I will try. That is my sister, her game ability is so sick."

"I will try my best..."



I smiled. That was true, who was Xue Rou. That was the legendary Little Demon, it was impossible to stop her from leveling and getting stronger. Moreover, Little Demon had Zhan Long as her shield. Zhan Long's connections and resources were no fewer than Legend so no one could stop her.

A few minutes later, the group that Fang Ge Que led had successfully registered but there were 3 more hours. He led them to the north to kill level 1-6 Hybrid Demons to level. As expected, as the to of China Region, Fang Ge Que cared about details and didn't waste any second. Even when coming here he would clear out the monsters at the border, not leaving anything alive.

A while later, Prague was here. Yan Zhao Warrior led them and after waving to me, he went to register.

A few minutes, Drunken Spear appeared in the snow. He was the only one from Flying Dragon and he might have snuck here. I said high to him and this fellow wanted me to leave him a spot. I couldn't help so it was down to luck. His rankings were high and if things are as expected, he would be chosen.

A while later, House of Prestige appeared. Bai Li Ruo Feng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind was here to report. A few minutes later, Ye Lai held his axe and appeared at the border of the city. More and more CBN top 20 players had joined this recruitment. I just stood there and looked at people who came here to report. I was counting and judging which one of these would enter the top 100.

Among them, there were many Warrior players. Han Bei Song led Blood Contract players over but their numbers were fewer than the others. Hero Mound didn't come, Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Sword Tears etc weren't here. Apart from that, Mu Xuan didn't show intentions to come.

Rising Sun like Blood's Wang Zecheng, Emerald Porcelain's Death's Contract, Mortal World's Guild Leader etc all didn't join in.

But it was okay, these players here were already strong enough. There was Magic God Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han brought Simple too.


"What is Hero Mound doing?" I asked.

Yan Zhao Warrior hugged his sword and waved off the snow on his shoulders, "I heard Q-Sword found an SSS Grade quest and god a helmet called Rising Dragon Helmet, two star god artifact. It is a piece of set equipment so he has been busy. He wants to get this two star god set in a short time."

"Two star god set?"

My body shook. I knew the concept of a Deity Tier set and the Overlord Set was already so frightening. If Q-Sword could get the two star god set, how strong would he be?

Yan Zhao Warrior sucked in a deep breath, "En, this news is certain, it is indeed the Rising Dragon Set. But I saw your Overlord Helmet's stats and the weird thing is that the Rising Dragon Helmet is better than yours. I really don't understand, is something wrong with Destiny's system?"

"Forget it... Right, what have you been doing uncle? Quests and equipment etc."

Yan Zhao Warrior said, "I want too but I am unlucky and didn't trigger any set quest. No use being anxious, I can only wait."



Time passed bit by bit and it got closer to the start of the quest. Finally, after a bell, the system expressed that I had entered the recruitment mode. I was the leader of 100 of them. Apart from that, the players selected all appeared--

Warrior: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, For Love, Enchanted Painting, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Han Bei Song etc

Berserker: Ye Lai, Old K, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, Bai Qi etc

Cavalry: Drunken Spear, One Second Hero, Don’t Be Foolish, Yue Yao Yan, Xuan Yuan Feng etc

Monk: Goodbye Tears, Fushen Thousand Blade, Devotion to Buddha

Archer: Dancing Forest, Bai Li Ruo Feng etc

Mage: Fang Ge Que, Cang Yue, Simple, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands etc

Musketeer: Lie Huo, Piggy, Glass Fox etc

Assassin: Cang Tong, Yue Qing Qian etc

Healer: Darling Duck, Who’s Blue, Chang Sheng Jue etc


The top players of each job were chosen and the most were Warriors that could tank and deal damage. This was why the Warriors were the most popular.

"Shua shua shua..."

White light flashed and the players were all teleported to a platform on Dragon City. I looked at the party leader interface and those who arrived all clicked ready. Wan Er, Mocha, Meng Yao, Dong Cheng etc were here. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Wolf etc were giggling.

In just 5 minutes, everyone was prepared. We were all the top players in Tian Ling City and our game standards were really high. Our equipment, potions, cards etc were all prepared.


As the leader, I said in the party chat, "If there are no questions, let's head out!"

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