Chapter 1105- Good benefits
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Zhan Long Chapter 1105- Good benefits

"Nope, let's head out!" Fang Ge Que held the Streaming Cloud Fan and wore the Thunder Flame Cape.

I nodded, "Let's go!'

There was no path towards the north Hybrid Demon Territory so we had to climb off the cliff. Lin Wan Er summoned Little White and brought Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest and Yue Qing Qian down first. I jumped off, spreading my wings in the air and landing safely.

Out of these 100, many of them were people that I had killed. But to complete this quest, we had to work together.


God Demon Well was located in the west of Hybrid Demon Territory. West of Blood Mountain Range was the Shura World and west of the world was the God Demon Well. This meant that we had to pass through both maps. Fortunately, this party was really strong and we could kill our way past.

As we were walking, our speed was far slower than previously when we headed to Blood Mountain Range. We spent 3 hours to get to the outskirts of Blood Mountain Range.

"Ang ang..."

A few black shadows circled in the sky. They were Hybrid Demons.

Goodbye Tears held his blade and shield and the mark on his head shone a pure light. He said towards me, "What are those black things above?"

Don’t Be Foolish held his spear and squinted his eyes, "They are level 7 Sword Spirit Cavalry right?"

Fang Ge Que said, "We have to pass through this place, going around is too far. Let's continue. if they come down then let's kill them, anyways there aren't many of them."

I nodded, "Cavalry protect the backline. Warriors and Archers open the path. Mage, Musketee walk in the middle. There are many monsters we have not seen before so be careful not to be insta killed."

Don’t Be Foolish smiled, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao don't make things sound so serious, how can monsters here insta kill us?"

I laughed, "You will know very quickly..."


We continued and on a giant tree, a few black shadows were around it. I could see two Two-winged Demons there. Don’t Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears walked at the front. Jian Feng Han held his sword and said, "Be careful, don't be careless."

Don’t Be Foolish

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Novel Notes

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