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ZL - Chapter 1091- Changing into a beauty

30+ Courageous Hell Spearman stood there. I counted and then held Butterfly and Gan Jiang tightly before walking over. Lin Wan Er pulled my arm and looked upwards, "Be careful, there is a monster there, things aren't so simple."

I raised my head and the three by the side were 40 meters tall. On the branches was many black skinned beasts. No, more accurately they were demons in the shape of humans. Their faces were twisted and their hands were claws. On their backs were black wings and their eyes were blood red. They opened their mouths to bare their fangs and they moved about the trees with lightning speed.

"That... What is that?" Dong Cheng Yue looked up and her mouth opened wide.

I reminded, "Dong Cheng close your mouth, be careful they poop..."

Dong Cheng Yue closed her mouth right away and stared at me, "You jerk, I really want to kill you!"

I smiled, "Bring it on, let me see how you kill me!"

Dancing Forest pulled her bow and said, "Cough, stop flirting. Guild Leader's level is the highest, go see their stats and skills before telling us!"


I spread my icy wings and flew up. I tried to keep my distance and very quickly, the stats of the Two-winged Demon appeared in front of my eyes. I screenshotted it and sent it to the party channel. As compared to the spearmen, these Two-winged Demons were harder to deal with--

Two-winged Demons (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 204

Attack: 28400-33500

Defence: 24000

Health: 4200000

Skill: Fly, Demon Screech, Beauty Change

Introduction: Two-winged Demons, an evil demon from hell. The cruel environment trained their chameleon nature. They are not girls and not guys but are sometimes girls and sometimes guys. They are good at charming hearts and can use their voice to confuse actions. When needed, they can turn into beauties to use their bodies to tempt opponents and then kill them.


Lin Wan Er laughed, "Interesting, it can even transform into a beauty. Quick quick, Piggy go kill it, let's see how it transforms?"

I nodded. We knew about the skills of the spearmen and now it was time to see what was special about these Two-winged Demons. I raised my head and noticed 120+ of them. Damn, there were so many for us to kill. As expected, this Blood Mountain Range wasn't a place for humans to come to. Frost sent us over because she had high hopes for us, but since that was the case, we couldn't let her down and we had to get Lanais alive!

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I aimed at the nearest one and opened my palm to use Great Realm of Desolation. Great Realm of Desolation and Butterfly formed around it and slashed its body, dealing 170 thousand damage. The nearest Two-winged Demons screamed and its black face twisted. It screamed and pounced at me with its wings.

"They are here!"

I glid down onto the ground and used Gan Jiang to block. The moment the Two-winged Demons dove down, I used Gan Jiang to block and then spun around to avoid that attack. At the same time, I slashed with Butterfly and three sword marks appeared on its stomach.

"Beautiful moves." Darling Duck said calmly.

Dancing Forest smiled, "His skills in real life was already good,

this is normal."

I didn't say anything and just stared at the Two-winged Demons. It turned around and roared towards me, it was Demon Screech. A soundwave swept the area and instantly the five of us were hit. I was still okay just that my eardrums hurt. Lin Wan Er ended up asleep for 3 seconds while Dancing Forest was confused and shot me!



Dancing Forest's attack was so high and her armor penetration was high too. That hurt so badly.

"Dancing Forest, are you a fool..." I said.

Dancing Forest said helplessly, "There is nothing I can do, I was confused and my body wasn't controlled."

Lin Wan Er said, "Darling Duck, cleanse!"

"Shua", a light covered the area that helped to remove Wan'er and Dancing Forest's abnormal state. Darling Duck's reaction speed was amazing. Darling Duck raised her palm and lightning swept the Two-winged Demons' body. I held my swords tightly and used Double Hit on the Two-winged Demons.

I killed while saying in the party channel, "This screech can affect enemies, Duck doesn't give others the anti-magic shield and leave it for yourself. The moment it uses Demon Screech you cleanse the members. Don't delay. If Wan'er or Forest gets confused, apart from me, they will kill whoever they attack."

Darling Duck nodded.

We were facing level 8 Hybrid Demons, this was something that players hadn't come across before. We had to treat each of them as a boss if not we might mess up easily.

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A few seconds later, when that Two-winged Demon's health dropped below 50%, it started to transform. Lin Wan Er waved her hand, "STop attacking, don't kill it, let's see what it transforms into..."

As it cried out, the Two-winged Demon's body started to twist and change shape. The black fur covering its body started to disappear and what replaced it was slightly dark skin. Those ribs started to fill up and turned into two huge chests. That face started to turn exquisite, this thing actually turned into a 36D beauty...

Although it was slightly darker.

"Tsk tsk, it actually feels like a black pearl." Dong Cheng Yue commented, "Its chest is a little huge, is it a little too much? It is shaking around and not wearing any bra, that makes me feel so jealous!"

I flew across and said, "If you have seen enough then let's kill it!"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Can't you pity a beauty."

Dancing Forest giggled, "If Guild Leader knew how to do that, I think he would have done both Wan Er and Dong Cheng..."

"What are you saying..."

While speaking, my 19 hit Double Hit had landed on the Two-winged Demons' shoulder. Blood splattered. She moaned and looked at me. She suddenly blew a kiss towards me.



Battle notification: Note, you have been charmed, lose control for three seconds, but due to the effect of your Overlord Helmet, the charm has failed!


As expected, it had new skills after it transformed.

This evil beauty charged at me the moment its charm failed. It spread its arms to hug me and its legs rode on my waist. It hugged me really tightly. Of course, this wasn't the moment to enjoy it. She opened her lips. Damn, in it was still long fangs and its thorny tongue. It bit down onto my armor.

The shoulder plate was a part of the mantle and the Overlord Mantle wasn't so easy to get attacked. It caused her fang to break and she only dealt 13 thousand damage. hehe, did she underestimate my defence!

"Aiyo, that looks so weird..." Dong Cheng Yue didn't attack and just giggled.

Lin Wan Er was speechless.

Dancing Forest didn't attack. These bunch of girls were heartless and were just watching?

But such a position wasn't tough for me. I was a top expert in close combat in special forces. I pushed her down and elbowed her shoulder. While she got loose, I kicked with my knees and that caused more pain. Now she was forced aside. I slashed with my swords and a golden light surged into the sky. Wind Carrying Slash killed her!

"Ang ang..."

As she cried, her body started to change. From that black-skinned beauty back to a Two-winged Demons that caused one to lose their appetite. Moreover, she even dropped a red bracer.

I grabbed it and laughed, "Greedy Bracelet, Divine Tier artifact, so lucky. This is equipment that increases monster drop rate by 30%!"

Lin Wan Er checked the data bank and smiled, "Really luck, such equipment is no lower than 100 thousand RMB."


I kept it and said, "Sell it and we will split the cash. We will split it equally don't worry, I won't swallow it."

Darling Duck smiled, "I trust Guild Leader, continue! We spent too much time on this, if we waste more time things might happen."

"Right..." Wan Er said.

I felt ashamed and after keeping it, I started to draw the monsters over.


The skills of the Two-winged Demons were problematic. Beauty Transformation and Demon Screech were both control techniques. I was fine as I had Overlord Helmet so I wouldn't get confused. But Wan Er and Dong Cheng were different. I didn't want them to die here if not it would be such a waste. So I drew 2-3 at once and didn't dare to attract more.

Moreover, if Azure really wanted to attack the humans, such level 8 Two-winged Demons would be a problem. Groups of them when using Demon Screech would be a calamity. So much control, that would cause chaos!

I also thought about its transformation effect. Many naked beauties appeared and their chests bounced about. Scoff, I can foresee China's Destiny division receiving so many complaints. Then the servers will patch it so that the Two-winged Demons weren't naked but clothed. When needed they would wear a lot like those people in armies.

Bingo, that would be the effect. You won't be able to see anything and we would all look so pure!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.