Chapter 1090- 50 thousand monthly salary
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Zhan Long Chapter 1090- 50 thousand monthly salary

Fortunately, Darling Duck healed in time if not Dancing Forest definitely would have knelt down in front of this old Hybrid Demon city wall. This was a huge humiliation for the top archer of Zhan Long. If I screenshotted it to blackmail her, Dancing Forest would probably do anything.

But since she tested the waters, we stopped underestimating the level 8 Hybrid Demons. After the update, the Hybrid Demon Territory was not just Sif, Dalun, Igoras and Lanais. It was the land of Azure and his men. Just from the troops under him, we could see their strength.

At the same time, I was worried. If we fought at Sea of No Return once more, could the Tian Ling City NPCs block these level 8 Hybrid Demons? Forget it, we had to depend on players. After all, players had better coordination and we couldn't be killed.


I attracted the attacks of three of them while slashing with my swords. My Attack was just too high. Along with Godslaying effect, even if they were level 8 Hybrid Demons, they took 140 thousand damage per hit. 20% of that was turned into my health. I could tank 3 of them without needing Darling Duck to heal me. This made Dancing Forest lament that god equipment players were just so overpowered."

That was the truth, close combat players with god equipment had terrifying attack and defence. If they had a few charge techniques, those ranged players had no chances at all. I only had Blade Rush to move 5 yards ahead so it was still okay. People like Sky Rose with 3 Sword Rush that could shift 25 yards each time was just too terrifying. She was the nightmare of ranged players.

Fang Ge Que was the top mage in China and didn't fear me but he definitely feared Sky Rose. It was because of her three Sword Rush, it was the counter the Dimensional Leap.

In the entire server, there were only a number of players that had multiple distance closing techniques. I was one of them, the movement speed of Icy Wings gave me an advantage. Old K had Whirlwind Slash and Savage Jump Slash that were both distance closing. Q-Sword's Eagle Strike Slash+Blade Rush was both. There weren't many others and this was why mages had the upper hand in battles.


While thinking about that, I had already killed 3 level 8 Hybrid Demons. The drop rate was quite good too, three of them dropped two decent pieces of equipment that could be sold for dozens of dollars. I dealt with them and that made Dong Cheng Yue exclaim. In the past, we fought for a Purple sword and now I was salvaging a weapon just like that.

Butterfly and Gan Jiang had no blood on them at all. These Courageous Hell Spearman were undead beings and had died for a long time. Their meat was all eaten and only bones were left. So when killing them, no blood was spilled at all. I looked at the city walls and it was made of thorny wood. A bunch of Courageous Hell Spearman waited for us behind the walls. Along with those on the walls, there were at least 200 of them. If we fought them head on, the spear toss alone would insta kill me.

"What should we do?" Lin Wan Er asked.

I sucked in a deep breath, "Dancing Forest use your range and draw them over. Then we shall think about how to deal with those guarding the gate."


After ten minutes, the dozens of them on the walls were all killed. Next was to siege. The bunch of them stared at us behind the wooden barriers. If we broke through, they would definitely charge at us.

"What should we do now?" Dancing Forest asked

I said, "I will use Violet Thunder Tank and then we will kite. How about that?"

"Kite?" She didn't understand, "Spear toss will kill us,

do you believe me...."

I laughed, "I saw that the range is around 32-33 yards and if we pass that, we won't be targetted. Our range is 40 yards and yours is a little longer so we have 8 yards of lead. We can make use of it and kite."

Lin Wan Er nodded, "En Piggy has seen through it clearly. Each spearman has to charge for a second before tossing and we could use that second to break free. If we are out of range, they would be stunned for 2-3 seconds before continuing to chase us. Then we can kite them easily. Moreover, they don't move quickly and aren't much faster than us."

"Ok, prepare to execute the plan. At most, we will just die." I laughed.

Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest had no choice but to follow.


"Hua la..."

The God's Army Cards spun in my hands and formed into a Violet Thunder Tank. As it was a machine so the spearman didn't attack it. The Violet Thunder Tank drew lightning and it smashed the barriers into ruins. Done, the gate was broken!

"Charge, cut off their heads and pierce them!"

A Courageous Hell Spearman shouted that he wanted to pierce us to death. Dong Cheng smiled while retreating, "Come on, let's see how you poke us!"

I retreated while gauging the distance. I tossed out Gan Jiang and used Blade Spin to attack them.

Dancing Forest pulled her bow and shot out Arrow Rain before retreating. The monsters chased and ran into the arrow rain. What was worse was Dong Cheng Yue's spells. Magma Lance exploded in the crowd. She also waved Aisha's Staff to leave ice pieces on the ground which triggered after dozens of meters. An ice pillar exploded amongst them and while dealing damage, they reduced movement speed. These seventh job advancement skills were best for kiting!

Lin Wan Er's long ranged skills were fewer and she could only use Ice Pick Whirlpool to attack. It was quite decent.

Thus, in this dangerous Hybrid Demon land, a heavy armored warrior led four girls to kite a bunch of evil level 8 Hybrid Demons. The entire valley was filled with the shouts and curses of the spearman who wanted to poke us to death.

After 20 minutes, the monsters behind reduced. We just turned around to kill them all. 200+ of them turned into experience and equipment. They gave me so much experience that my experience bar was increasing. If we continued for 6-9 hours, I could level up once. This was a holy land for leveling. I have to tell Drunken Spear about this but he probably wouldn't dare to come as it would mean he was asking for death.


We passed this area and continued forwards. Azure set up defensive lines along the way and most of them were 10-15 Courageous Hell Spearman. But when they met us, they were dead.

In a blink of an eye, we had spent six hours here. This map was huge and it seemed endless. Fortunately, the experience was huge and I reached level 193. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck all leveled too so this trip didn't seem so boring. Even if we couldn't complete the quest, at least we gained levels and experience.

Moreover, the drop rate wasn't low. Along with our charm, the equipment that dropped were all decent and had good stats. Like a necklace with 13% lifesteal, +17% armor penetration ring, +75% attack speed boots. As they were necklace and ring parts, so their defensive stats didn't matter. Even if they were lower tier, as long as they had good stats and effects, top players would want them too. Based on what I knew, that 13% lifesteal necklace could be sold for 5000 RMB. The 17% ring was what Archers and Assassins chased and it was around 3000-4000 RMB. Most players were still fighting around the main cities so we could get some advanced equipment to gain some riches.

At the very least, the items in my bag could be sold for 30-50 thousand. 50 thousand a day, are you impressed!


A few minutes later, we climbed a small hill in the mountain range and were terrified. The valley was filled with dense army camps that stretched ten miles and they were all spearman.


Lin Wan Er opened her mouth wide, "So... So many!"

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Dancing Forest was shocked, "How many of them are there?"

Dong Cheng Yue said, "At least 100 thousand?"

I shook my head, "Not only that, there is some in the west. Azure has at least a million troops here and they are all level 8 ones. Damn, so strong!"

"What is this boss planning?" Dong Cheng Yue blinked.

I smiled, "Apart from conquering the seven cities, what else?"

Darling Duck spat out her tongue and her breathing became rushed, "What should we do, it is too tough to kill them..."

"Of course not, how long would it take? Even then we might not be able to do so."

I looked around, "Search for a gap so that we can pass through. Lanais isn't here."

The few girls searched and after a minute, Lin Wan Er pointed at the east, "Follow the mountains, we can avoid their main force."

I glanced and nodded, "En, let's head over from there!"


We had no choice to avoid their main force and carefully move along the forest. Right when we thought that we could avoid them, a thorned barrier appeared ahead. Moreover, there was a camp there with close to one hundred level 8 Hybrid Demons.

"Keng keng!"

I pulled out my swords. This time we had to kill our way through.

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