Chapter 1089- Courageous Hell Spearman
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Zhan Long Chapter 1089- Courageous Hell Spearman

The dragon wings pierced through the clouds and flew for close to half an hour. Red star lights appeared in the distance and that was the mark of high level Hybrid Demons.

"Sword Spirit Cavalry."

Lin Wan Er blinked and said, "Let's head to ground. It is too dangerous if we end up facing Sword Spirit Cavalry in the sky, we would easily get insta killed."

I agreed and dove down. The five of us were at the border of Blood Mountain Range and we just had to walk in.


"Sha sha..."

I glided down and moved swiftly on the green grassland. Darling Duck, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest all got off the dragon back and Lin Wan Er did too. She held her daggers and was ready to fight. Little White was a pet that could assist us.

"Blood Mountain Range, Lanais's home but now it has become her cage." I walked towards the valley and smiled, "Let's go, the quest is important. We need to save her from the Blood Mountain Range. Moreover, the Boss here can drop my Overlord Leggings."

"Really?" Lin Wan Er said in surprise.

"En, Frost told me. If I work hard, I would be able to get a set." I smiled, "Please help me, whether or not I can complete the set depends on all of you."

Dong Cheng smiled, "Although the Overlord Set is just a Deity set but its stats are so overbearing. After you get the set, you will at least be invincible for 90 days?"

I nodded, "En, the most important thing is the revive skill. With it, I will dare to head deep in during the country war. Moreover, with high enough levels, I can risk death to kill a Hybrid Demon Lord."

"En, good luck."


Dancing Forest's ears twitched and she looked ahead, "Be careful, there are monsters in the grass. Two of them, their levels are really high!"

I tossed Gan Jiang out using Blade Spin and it sliced the bushes. Two cries spread out and it was a two-headed goat. One of its heads spat out flames towards me while the other stored up frost power. This was a dual element monster!

"Two-headed Goat, level 201 Hybrid Demon."

Dong Cheng Yue spat out her tongue, "Its attack is so high and its defence is not

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Novel Notes

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