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ZL - Chapter 1092- Disguiser's Ring

After spending half an hour, we finally cleared away the bunch of Two-winged Demons and Courageous Hell Spearmen. Only then were there no more enemies blocking our way.


Gan Jiang was really sharp and with one sword, I slashed aside the roadblock that the Hybrid Demons set up.

We continued to walk forwards and not far away was someone sitting down with a spear. It was a general wearing complete armor and beside him were a few wild beats. Finally, this was the first Boss we bumped into in Blood Mountain Range. Moreover, this was a Boss that we had to pass.

We stopped and I used my hand to block Lin Wan Er's path, "Be careful, there is a Boss guarding this area."

Lin Wan Er moaned, "Your hand..."

I turned around and noticed that my hand was resting on her peaks. No wonder it felt good. I calmly retracted my hand, "Let me look at the Boss's stats first."

Dong Cheng Yue teased, "So calm, how does it feel, say quickly."

"Anyways it is better than yours."

"Scoff, you have not even touched me!"


Damn, I didn't dare to say anything more if not Dancing Forest or Darling Duck would tease me. I got close and very quickly, his name and stats appeared. I shared them into the channel--

Spear Tosser Siwa (2 Star God Tier)

Level: 205

Attack: 32300-40000

Defence: 29500

Health: 200000000

Skill: Spear Toss, Flame Trample, War Roar, Flames of Battle

Introduction: Spear Tosser Siwa is a warrior that loves fighting. After death, he entered hell and was recruited by Azure. Siwa is really strong and he rarely has opponents. He is good at using his spear and stabbing the enemy with his spear is one of his favorite moves.


"Two Star Boss, but it is level 205, 10 levels higher than us. Its Attack is high and its health too. Moreover, this spear toss is definitely a ranged skill, once we lose its aggro we might die." Lin Wan Er analysed.

I bumped her shoulder and said, "There is something even more problematic, the Boss has 8 wild beasts beside it."


On the ground beside Siwa were many red-furred beasts that looked like lions but they were like huge dogs. Level 8 Hybrid Demon, Red Flame Lion Beast, their stats were decent too and weren't easy to deal with--

Flame Lion Beast (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 204

Attack: 28200-33200

Defence: 25000

Health: 3800000

Skill: Pounce, Scratch, Flame Trample

Effect: After 3 consecutive attacks, the fourth attack will stun for 2 seconds

Introduction: Flame Lion Beast, an evil beast from hell that Azure had raised. This Flame Lion Beast has sharp claws and its body is filled with flame energy. Its claws could pierce through armor and rip apart the person that is attacked. Moreover, they could stun them. If you face one, don't try to escape or you will die a terrible death. You need to face it head on.

Don't try anything, only then will you die with some pride.


"1 stun after 3 attacks?" Dong Cheng Yue frowned, "This Boss isn't so easy to handle..."

I sucked in a deep breath, "Flame Lion Beast doesn't have much health, so let's deal with them first. I have Overlord Helmet so I won't get stunned. I will tank the attacks. Wan Er use Little White to attract the Boss for half a minute. Let's kill the Flame Lion Beasts first. Duck don't heal me, heal the silver dragon. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest we have to kill the 8 Flame Lion Beasts within half a minute."

The four girls nodded, "En!"

"Wan Er sent Little White first and then I will draw aggro from the Flame Lion Beasts. Let Little White use single target skills, don't use dragon breath it not I won't be able to draw the level 8 Hybrid Demons."


I used Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning's attack buff and started to attack. Little White dove down and claws Siwa's armor. The Boss attacked. As the 8 Flame Lion Beasts were too close, they were all awakened and they charged towards Little White.


I charged forwards and used Blade Spin with Gan Jiang. With a "pu", I pierced through the body of three Flame Lion Beasts. I activated Great Realm of Desolation to lock onto the 4th one. At the same time, I grabbed Gan Jiang that spun back and slashed the other 4 Flame Lion Beasts. I instantly drew all of them over. Now the 8 Flame Lion Beasts were separated from the Boss so I moved 20 meters right. I stopped and used Wind Carrying Slash. This level 19 God Tier Skill swept the crowd. Along with Thundering Heavens, their health started to drop.

Dancing Forest used Rising Dragon Arrow+ Arrow Rain while Dong Cheng Yue threw her spells. Lin Wan Er held her dagger and attacked the monsters. Many critical strike numbers rose up. I tanked the 8 of them and used Death God's Dance to draw firepower. The few Flame Lion Beasts slapped about but their stun effects were all dodged by me. If they had intelligence they would all be furious. I was just playing with them.

In a few seconds, we finished all the Flame Lion Beasts. In the distance, Little White only had less than a third of his health left. Fortunately, Darling Duck was healing if not Little White would have been killed by the Boss.


Siwa hollered in rage and tossed his spear. He laughed, "Taste death you stupid humans!"

That spear flew towards Lin Wan Er, fortunately, it was her!

"Shua", she took out the umbrella on her back. She was really quick and used the umbrella to block. She blocked that spear toss but still took 70 thousand damage. If it was Dancing Forest or Darling Duck, that strike would have insta killed them.

I stuck to the boss. Gan Jiang and Butterfly's attack rate was really high and were even faster than Wan Er's. very quickly I drew the Boss's aggro. Siwa was really furious and used Flame Trample!



The damage numbers were okay but he couldn't kill me. After all, he was only a two star God Tier Boss.

With Godslaying Armor's effect, I was able to tank a large amount of the monster's damage such that I was able to keep the aggro value above 70%. Darling Duck's heal locked onto me and just like that, in 15 minutes, the Boss's health was down to 10%. At that moment, he used the final move!

"You will receive judgment!"

The Boss's final attack couldn't be underestimated. He raised his spear and thick smoke bellowed all about. Meteors descended from above and this was a 100 yard attack.

"Be careful, back out of the attack range," I said hurriedly.

Dong Cheng Yue was really quick and jumped twice to get out. Lin Wan Er commanded Little White to fly in the sky to block for Darling Duck, Dancing Forest and her. The meteors landed on him and he cried out. As her pet, Little White had such a bad life. It was a tank just like me.

The four girls retreated while I relied on my tankiness to attack the Boss. Once they returned, the Boss lost another huge bit of health. After all, it was a two star god boss and it didn't offer too much threat to the five of us.


When the Boss's health dropped to 1%, everyone stopped and allowed me to attack. I had close to 2000 Charm so the drop rate was quite shocking.

It cried and Siwa knelt onto the ground. This two star god tier boss was at the end of his life. Actually, his original life journey should have been one where he led the army into Tian Ling City and he would die there. However, the five of us killed him here.

"Hua la la..."

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The instance Siwa died, the equipment dropped in front of all of us. We had nothing to worry about, no one would fight with us for them. But Dong Cheng was a top mage and she instinctively used Starry Night to confirm the safety of the items. There was no one around so we could split the spoils.


I looked at the equipment the Boss dropped. There was one leather helmet, one cape and a golden ring.

Check the helmet first--

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Speartosser's helmet (1 Star God Artifact)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 3300

Agility: +475

Stamina: +470

Magic Attack: +450

Strength: +440

Bonus: Raise user's health by 1700

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 40% and Physical Attack by 20%

Bonus: Raise user's ranged attack by 3000

Effect: Rage of War, raise user's lethal strike damage by 25%

Required level: 190

Required charm: 500


I held this decent helmet and asked, "Forest and Wan Er, which one of you want this, its stats are decent and it adds a lot of Attack."

Lin Wan Er shook her head and laughed, "Adds ranged attack, that is not for me. Give it to Forest."

Dancing Forest giggled, "Thank you Deputy Guild Leader!"

As expected, the two girls had a good relationship and there was no need to roll at all. After all, Dancing Forest's equipment getting stronger meant that our party got stronger.

We continued. That cape was disappointing, Divine Tier cape, it was just noob.


The final equipment was that ring and this one didn't disappoint us. A god artifact appeared and moreover it was a ring one. This one was much rarer--

Disguiser's Ring (2 Star God Artifact)

Agility: +490

Stamina: +485

Strength: +470

Magic Attack: +466

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 50% and Attack Speed by 95%

Bonus: Raise user's health by 24000

Bonus: Raise user's Assassin skills by 20%

Skill: Disguise, use a target as a blueprint, spend 100 rage value to disguise for 60 minutes, one can store 10 screenshots in the ring

Required level: 190

Required charm: 700


This ring was a little overpowered!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.