Chapter 1093- Blood Wolf Flag
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Zhan Long Chapter 1093- Blood Wolf Flag

It was an Assassin ring so naturally, it was given to Lin Wan Er. Our Deputy Guild Leader really liked it and she played with it for a long time. She said to me, "If the next Boss isn't a main quest Boss then let me kill it. I would like to screenshot it!"


The master had to kill the target before one could screenshot it. Moreover, with this ring, Wan Er would be able to do some scouting and cheating-type quests. Not only that, this two star God Artifact itself was really strong. Even without disguising, its stats were really good. They were useful in helping Assassin type players.


Apart from the three pieces of equipment, the Boss dropped some strengthening stones. I took one level 7 Attack stone and strengthened Gan Jiang to 7 which added 35% Attack. This made Gan Jiang's Blade Spin power much stronger.

We continued forwards as the quest wasn't over.

I brought the four girls across the mountain range and the middle of Blood Mountain Range was deep red. There was also a marked point which should be where the boss with my Overlord Kneecaps was at. Moreover, this boss should be the one guarding Lanais. If not for me recommending her to lead the Hybrid Demon army to Moon City, Azure wouldn't have done this to her right?

Forget it, anyways Azure wasn't a good person. It was good to save Lanais and then turn her into a force for Dragon City. Although Lanais killed Owen before but she wasn't too bad...

I headed forwards and many flags were stuck into the two sides. On them were lanterns that shook in the wind.

"Oh, there are lanterns to welcome us?" Darling Duck smiled and asked.

Dancing Forest squinted her eyes. The Archer's vision was really strong, "They probably aren't lanterns right?"

Wan Er looked at me, "Piggy go take a look."


I flew up along the nearest one and noticed that they weren't lanterns but dried heads. They were the heads of high ranked Hybrid Demon generals. I recognised one of them, he was a one star general that I commanded at Moon City. Now he was beheaded and his head was decomposing. When I got close, there was a black smoke around the head. Actually, it wasn't smoke but they were a dense group of flies.

I frowned and looked up and down. 24 heads hung on one pole and there were over 10 of these poles. All of Lanais's high level generals were killed?

I should feel fortunate that I didn't see Lanais's head if not the quest would have failed.


When I flew back to the ground, I just summarised the situation, "They are human heads, let's stop looking, it will affect appetite. Let's go, I think Lanais might get killed if we are too slow."

Wan Er frowned, "Lanais is one of the Hybrid Demon lords, what is Azure thinking. Is he trying to slice an arm off himself?"

I said, "Lanais helped me take down Moon City, that was probably the reason!"

Dancing Forest was shocked, "Azure seem so violent!"

Dong Cheng Yue was worried, "If Azure leads the Hybrid Demon to attack Tian Ling Empire,

we would be under so much pressure. Such a violent ruler with so many level 8 Hybrid Demons, players will probably get wiped out, damn..."

I said, "Stop pitying life, let's go. Let's speed up and breakthrough to find Lanais. As long as we can save Lanais, we will have some chance. Since Lanais tried to kill Lanais it means that he is worried about her, she has huge value."



Along the way, we killed a bunch of level 8 Hybrid Demons. When we spent close to 10 hours here, a little forwards and many high city walls were set up. Hybrid Demons guarded the area, some were level 8 and some were level 7. In the middle was a black castle.

I frowned. The hybrid demons were always in the stone era, why did the castle look like it had reached the era of empires?

On close look, I realised that this city was just built and many blacksmiths were busy here. The Hybrid Demon army was watching and they were human slaves. Damn, this was a problem. The Hybrid Demons knew how to use humans to raise their defence.

We stood in the forest and looked at them get busy. Lin Wan Er was speechless, "How are we going to pass? There is a fortress on the ground and many Two-winged Demons and Sword Spirit Cavalry in the sky..."

I, "No rush, let's think of a solution."

Dancing Forest said, "I don't think we can force our way through. Look, there is cavalry there and they are definitely much faster than us. We won't be able to escape."

Dong Cheng Yue looked at the two sides, "There are many Hybrid Demons on the mountains, this would be tough."

I smiled, "That might not be the case."

Dong Cheng Yue smiled and looked at me, "Do you have an idea?"

"En." I nodded my head confidently and pointed ahead, "Look, those human workers are important resources. Although they are thin but not many have died. This means that the Hybrid Demons care about their ability. We just need someone to lead us and disguise as workers to enter."

"Who is that?" Wan Er looked at me in shock.

"En did you forget your ring?"

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"Ah, right... Hehe, I understand!"

I looked around, "We shall hide and wait for them to send their scouts. Then we will kill one and look at the highest rank one. Wan Er will disguise as that one to bring us in."



In less than 10 minutes, a team of cavalry rushed out and most of them were level 7 Hybrid Demons. But the leader was a level 8 Hybrid Demon called Blood Wolf Guard. When they got close, I shared his stats with the group. His stats were quite high--

Blood Wolf Guard (Level 8 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 28900-34500

Defence: 27000

Health: 4400000

Skill: Spear Sweep, War Trample, Breakthrough

Specialty: Hold Blood Wolf Flag, raise Hybrid Demon Attack by 40% within 40 yards

Introduction: Blood Wolf Guard, rides a wolf cavalry and is holding the Blood Wolf Flag. A high grade soldier. In the army, it has a great reputation and their flag is a symbol of power. These guards are close guards of Azure and have a high position.


"It really is tough." Dancing Forest held her bow and hid behind the leaves, "Blood Wolf Flag's effect is really overpowered, raise solo unit's Attack by 40%. Do they think the Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman's attack is too low?"

I said, "Let's kill this Blood Wolf Guard first, let Wan Er get the final kill. Then we will kill the dozen Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen, don't let any of them leave."


We were already hiding on the trees and when this group of cavalrymen passed, Dancing Forest used Scattered Shot. It hit the wolf and stunned it. That guard fell to the ground. Tsk, Zhan Long's top archer really was smart.

I jumped down and used Double Hit+ Wind Blade on the shoulder of the guard. The other girls jumped down to fight. Although the guard's stats were decent but its health was only a few million. Each sword of mine dealt 100 thousand damage so he obviously couldn't take it. After a few hits, he was down to low health and Lin Wan Er insta killed it!

We dealt with the level 7 Hybrid Demons and finished this scouting team.

"Do we need to screenshot this?" Lin Wan Er looked at the corpse on the ground.

I flipped his corpse over and saw the rank that belonged to the Hybrid Demon army. There were two silver skulls, I shook my head, "No, this is low ranked."

"Wa..." Dong Cheng Yue was stunned, "Brother Xiao Yao is so overpowered, you actually recognise Hybrid Demon's ranks?"

I laughed, "Don't forget I was the commander of 2 million Hybrid Demons when attacking Moon City. I definitely noticed such details, it might be useful in the future."

"Shall we wait for others?" Lin Wan Er laughed.



A while later, another team passed, there were 100+ of them. Three of them were Blood Wolf Guards. We used a plan, making Little White draw some away and then we killed the three guards. We spent 10 minutes to deal with the others and then finally dealt with this squad.

100 men squad, this should be an elite squad.

Lin Wan Er flipped over one of their corpses and said, "This is still low ranked, two silver skulls."

Dong Cheng Yue flipped one and her nose twitched, "This too."

Dancing Forest used strength to flip the third one. She smiled in shock, "This one has three gold skulls, what does that represent?"

I was surprised, "This one can do, this one represents major, Wan Er, screenshot this!"



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