Chapter 1094- Nothing ventured, nothing gained
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Zhan Long Chapter 1094- Nothing ventured, nothing gained


 A top beauty actually turned into a cunning-looking Blood Wolf Guard. Even her name turned into that of the guard. The name was red and Lin Wan Er held the flag, "How is it?"

 Damn, even her voice changed, I think I won't love her anymore!

 Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "What's next?"

 I said, "We should move the equipment into the reserve slot and remember to set the one-click button. Once we fight we will instantly wear them all. Use the basic clothing that the system gives us, then we will look no different from those workers. Quickly, don't waste time, Wan Er's transformation only lasts for 60 minutes."


 I took off all my equipment right away and looked like I did when I appeared in the newbie village. Although my skills and levels were still there, but I looked like a rookie. As expected, people depended on the dressing. Xiao Yao Zi Zai without equipment really looked like a newbie.

 Dong Cheng Yue took off her robe and she looked at me in shock, "What are you looking at?"

 I was expressionless, "Activate the system clothing, would you want to enter the city in a bikini?"


 She lowered her head and noticed that after taking off her equipment, she was just in her undergarments. Dong Cheng's body was decent, her 34C looked suitable for the chinese taste. Her waist was thin and the lines were beautiful.

 When Dong Cheng Yue wore the system clothes, I retracted my gaze. Darling Duck and Dancing Forest were done. The three girls looked really average unlike when they wore equipment, but now... They looked different. As for Wan Er, she wasn't beautiful anymore. She used her rough voice to suppress her laughter, "Let's go you few lazy idiots!"

 I laughed and walked by Lin Wan Er's side.

 We walked towards the city.

 We weren't blocked. It seemed like Lin Wan Er was high ranked enough such that no low position officers and soldiers dared to stop her. The higher ranked ones didn't know her and didn't care either.

 I lowered my head and prayed that none of the Hybrid Demons recognised her. Fortunately, no one paid attention to us.

 "Hey! General Fulei, why are you back?" A swordsman guarding the city laughed and said towards Lin Wan Er.

 Lin Wan Er was really smart and replied right away, "Scoff, 4 workers tried to fly and I captured them. Now I am bringing them to report, let's see how they will be dealt with."

 The guard was stunned, "Do we even have to say anything? Bite their necks, eat their legs and then toss their bones into the pot to make soup! Oh, there are girls. Send them to the tent for the brothers to have fun before eating!"

 Lin Wan Er thought about it and said, "One of them is a worker, I need to report it."

 "Okay, enter the city then."


 Lin Wan Er and I heaved a sigh of relief, damn we nearly got found out at the city gate. Damn!

 As we entered,

the few Hybrid Demon soldiers looked at the few girls with thirst. One Demon Hall Cavalry slapped Dong Cheng's butt and whistled, "Aiyo, this brat's body is not bad. If they don't kill her please inform me, don't waste her..."

 Dong Cheng Yue was about to rage and she was about to wear her equipment. I grabbed her hand, "Don't be rash!"

 "Wu wu..."Dong Cheng Yue gritted her teeth and raged, "That brat, no other guy touched me there before. These jerks, I will definitely kill them when I get a chance!"

 I laughed, "Anyways they are just in game monsters. Calm down, you are still pure..."

 Dong Cheng Yue glanced at me, "Will you throw me away?"

 "No, why would I?"

 After saying that, it didn't sound right. The Blood Wolf Guard at the front was about to stab me with the flag. I changed my words, "Ha, I am not your boyfriend so why would I care?"

 Dong Cheng Yue continued to grit her teeth while I praised myself for being smart if not I wouldn't have been able to escape. Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er were daughters of rich families. Although they didn't have temper or pride while talking to me, but they were still rich daughters. As long as they were offended, they wouldn't care and would just beat you up!


 After entering the city, both sides of the city were swarming with Hybrid Demons and there were only a few humans that were cooking. The workers weren't Hybrid Demons and needed to eat so these food was probably for those workers that were building the archer towers.

 I didn't plan to bring the few girls to the city lord manor as leaving this place early was key. Moreover, I discussed with Wan Er that the reason we wre heading out of the north gate was that we were going to say that the city lord wanted them dead. The city guarding general was also a Captain and wouldn't make things difficult for this guard. After all, the Blood Wolf Guard was under Azure and even if they were of the same rank, these level 7 Hybrid Demon Demon Hall Cavalry wouldn't dare to go up against the Blood Wolf Guard.

 But I wanted to be the start of the story and not the end of it.

 Right when we passed the streets, a bunch of Hybrid Demon cavalry appeared in front. The arm of the person had the city lord emblem and he was holding a flame wrapped flag. He wore red armor and his war horse was also a burning horse. Very quickly, his name appeared-- Flame Flag General Lin Zhao, three star god general!

 My heart shook and I said on the party channel, "Damn, not good!"

 Lin Wan Er turned around and said, "We are finished, he is here for us."

 Dancing Forest said, "What if he makes things hard for us, what should we do?"

 "Fight them!" Dong Cheng Yue giggled.

 I was helpless. Fighting them here, we would probably end up dying right? This Lin Zhao had too many Hybrid Demons around him and many were level 8 Hybrid Demons. If I really fought him here, I didn't have a high chance of winning. These warriors just needed to throw spears at me and I would end up dying.



 Flame Flag General Lin Zhao came over and laughed, "General Fu Lei, where are you going?"

 Lin Wan Er calmly said, "General, I found these few workers trying to escape, I was planning to drag them to the north to stew them!"

 Lin Zhao glanced at Dong Cheng Yue's chest and smiled, "I think it is such a waste to kill such a beauty! Men, bring that girl in yellow to my room!"

 Lin Wan Er said hurriedly, "But general..."

 Lin Zhao understood it wrongly and laughed, "General Fu Lei wants her too right... Okay, men bring Fu Lei to my side room. Cut a lamb leg and also give him some grape wine. Let's go, don't say any more or I would be unhappy."

 Two warriors walked forwards and grabbed Dong Cheng's arms. Our beautiful mage was about to rage when I said in the channel, "Dong Cheng don't resist. Leave with them, Wan Er will bring us over too. Since this three star general wants to enjoy you, we will follow and kill him in the room!"

 Dong Cheng Yue panicked, "Idiot, what about my virginity!"

 I laughed, "Don't worry, if you lose it, I will take responsibility..."

 Dong Cheng Yue was speechless, "You are the one that said it!"


 Of course, I wouldn't let anything happen to her, we were so close.

 After entering the city lord manner, Dong Cheng Yue was brought to Lin Zhao's room while we were sent to the side. Lin Wan Er was treated well while we were treated like prisoners. Lin Zhao's room had two guards which were both Courageous Hell Spearman. I could deal with them in less than 30 seconds. In the party channel, I asked, "What is happening?"

 Dong Cheng Yue, "He is stripping me!"

 "What about you?"

 "I equipped Aisha's Staff and smashed his head! Oh..."

 "What happened?"

 "My Thunderbolt Finger shocked his thing..."

 "Damn... Move!"

 Time was here and we equipped all our equipment. We charged to the room. Lin Zhao was afraid of being disrupted so he sent away all the guards. This was the best chance.


 We dealt with the guards and then I kicked the door open to see that it was a sea of flames. Dong Cheng Yue had used Dimensional Leap to kite the Boss but she obviously wasn't able to fight the Boss alone. i flew over and used Wind Carrying Slash.

 Lin Zhao was hurt but he looked towards Lin Wan Er, "General Fu Lei, call my guards over. These people aren't workers, they are Tian Ling Empire spies!"

 Lin Wan Er removed her disguise and instantly a beautiful girl appeared in front of the Boss. Lin Zhao was truly someone that used the lower half of his body to think, "So you are not Fu Lei. Great, I want you, you beauty, don't leave!"

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