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100000PSI - Chapter 77.1: Why Didn’t You Reply to My Text? (1)

Cheng Lin’s friend request came without an introduction message, but it piqued Ji Fanyin’s interest.

Cheng Lin outwardly appeared to be on good terms with Ji Xinxin, but their interactions looked much more like that of plastic sisters. In comparison to her interactions with Ji Xinxin, she was quite hostile toward ‘Ji Fanyin’ and never hesitated to utilize every possible opportunity to ridicule her. 

She was like a short-tempered bystander who was angry at ‘Ji Fanyin’ for not standing up for herself. 

Ji Fanyin accepted Cheng Lin’s friend request but did not message her. Instead, Ji Fanyin started scrolling through her WeChat Moments, wanting to see if there were any tidbits of gossip on Ji Xinxin’s wedding.

A message notification from Cheng Lin popped up: 【You there?】

Ji Fanyin: 【.】

Cheng Lin fell silent again.

Ji Fanyin continued scrolling through her WeChat Moments when she chanced upon a post by Mother Ji. The photo featured the back view of Ji Xinxin in her engagement dress, complete with the front view reflected on the full-length mirror in front of her.

There was a blissful smile on Ji Xinxin’s face, just like any other bride.

With a swipe of her finger, Ji Fanyin scrolled away the photo and the accompanying lengthy paragraphs depicting the rueful feelings of Mother Ji. She felt a bit regretful that there wasn’t anything about an outbreak of conflict yet. 

Oh well, this is fine too. I’ll be able to secure front row seats to the drama when I head over to rake in Emotion Points later at night.

Ji Fanyin had a simple lunch at Bai Zhou’s place where he confidently showed off his cooking skills with a plate of stir-fried tomatoes with eggs.

With the slightly charred dish placed in front of him, a proud Bai Zhou looked at Ji Fanyin with his arms akimbo as he smugly raised his chin toward her. 

Ji Fanyin glanced at him and praised with a smile, “Our Zhouzhou learnt how to cook so quickly. When are you going to cook up a feast for me?”

“Soon!” Bai Zhou’s tail was almost up to the sky, “You can look forward to it in the next few days… next few months!”

“Today is your birthday. It wouldn’t do for the birthday boy to tire himself out.” Ji Fanyin tousled his hair, “Wait for me outside; I’m almost done. You can bring the cake out first.”

Bai Zhou happily scurried away with his plate of stir-fried tomato with egg in hand. He then proceeded to take out the cake Ji Fanyin had brought over. “Where’s my present?”

“I’ll give it to you after the meal.”

Bai Zhou carefully warned, “No going back on your word.”

Ji Fanyin casually replied without even raising her head, “I won’t.” 

So what if I do? What can you even do about it?

The meal lasted till 1 PM. Bai Zhou moved the dirty dishes into the dishwasher before hounding Ji Fanyin to help him pick out his outfit for later.

This was the first time Ji Fanyin was in Bai Zhou’s bedroom. The walk-in wardrobe that was connected to the bedroom was quite spacious. It was probably intended for two.

Ji Fanyin took a look around and casually picked out a tuxedo and a matching tie.

“What about the accessories?” asked Bai Zhou.

“Our Zhouzhou is young and handsome. You look good without them.”

“But Song Shiyu has them.” Bai Zhou was displeased.

Ji Fanyin: “...”

What in the world have these two people been talking to each other about?

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