Chapter 76.3: None of My Business (3)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 76.3: None of My Business (3)

While making their way out of the art studio, Bai Zhou casually asked Ji Fanyin,” Are you attending the engagement ceremony tomorrow?”

“Yes,” replied Ji Fanyin lazily.

Bai Zhou secretly glanced at Ji Fanyin’s reflection on the front reception’s glass table. He found it intriguing how her disposition underwent a 180-degrees change the moment she was off work, even though she was still wearing the same set of clothes. 

“Let’s head there together after lunch. I’ll drive you,” Bai Zhou offered on a whim.

Ji Fanyin decisively rejected his offer, “On your motorcycle? Too cold.”

“I bought a car!” exclaimed Bai Zhou as he puffed out his chest. 

Ever since Ji Fanyin complained about riding on his motorcycle being too cold, he immediately went through the driver’s license test and bought a car. 

Ji Fanyin raised her eyebrows. 

Bai Zhou couldn’t figure out what Ji Fanyin was thinking, but he had a feeling that she saw him as a child throwing a tantrum. 

“You want to attend Ji Xinxin’s engagement ceremony with me?” Ji Fanyin repeated his proposal. “Bai Zhou, do you know what others will think if they see that?”

Bai Zhou was silent for two seconds before he responded with an answer that was aligned with his previous persona, “Why the fuck would I care about what they think?”

Ji Fanyin shot him a look.

Her gaze made Bai Zhou incredibly self-conscious, to the point that he subconsciously corrected his words, “What would I care about what they think?”

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A split second after he made that correction, he realized that something was really weird here: When did I become so civilized?

“I’ll hitch a ride from you tomorrow then,” replied Ji Fanyin.

“I-It’s a deal then!” The unexpectedly positive outcome left Bai Zhou so excited that he immediately cast aside the doubts he harbored in his mind. 


12th March arrived as promised. 

There was a drizzle early in the morning. Just as Ji Fanyin was about to head out, she received a call from Mother Ji. The latter anxiously asked, “Yinyin, where are you?”


“It’s the day of Xinxin’s engagement! Shouldn’t you come earlier to help you?” exclaimed Mother Ji in bewilderment. “No matter how estranged you are from our family, you shouldn’t miss such an important day for your younger sister. We’re waiting for you to host the guests here!”

Ji Fanyin used an even more shocked tone to respond, “I nearly forgot about it. If I recall correctly, I’ve only received an invitation from the groom’s side. I don’t think anyone from the bride’s side even invited me.”

Both Father Ji and Mother Ji had vanished from Ji Fanyin’s life ever since their previous awkward meeting. 

It was understandable why Ji Xinxin hadn’t sent Ji Fanyin an invitation letter, but there was really no excuse for these two. 

“You expected us to send you an invitation letter too?”

“I’m busy. I’ll head there in the afternoon.” Ji Fanyin looked at the gloomy weather outside and decided to take an umbrella with her.

“What are you busy with? What could be more important than your younger sister’s engagement ceremony?” Mother Ji sounded infuriated. “I don’t care! If you don’t rush here right now, you shouldn’t even dream of us offering you a helping hand when you need help!”

Ji Fanyin calmly answered, “My next schedule is worth 12 million dollars. If you’re willing to compensate me for my loss, I’ll head over right now.”

Mother Ji became even more agitated. “What nonsense are you spouting? 12 million? Are you selling your organs?”

“I don’t need your help. I also don’t intend on attending the engagement ceremony as Ji Xinxin’s older sister.” The lift arrived on the first floor. Ji Fanyin walked out and opened her umbrella. “Oh right, relay my well wishes to Mr. Li. Thank him for the invitation letter on my behalf.”

“Ji Fanyin!” Mother Ji furiously bellowed. “Are you going to defy us now that you’re earning your own money?” 

Ji Fanyin chuckled at those words. “That’s right.”

Mother Ji took a sharp gasp of air, but Ji Fanyin hung up the phone before she could say anything else. 

Father Ji and Mother Ji weren’t generous with their Emotional Points, but it was still something. More importantly, she carried disdain for the two of them. 

The two of them were accustomed to taking advantage of little conveniences and making use of other people’s kindness. They disliked dealing with trouble, and they would prefer to downplay things whenever possible.

Ji Xinxin knew how to cry and kick up a fuss, so the two of them doted on her.

‘Ji Fanyin’ chose to bottle everything within her and tolerate it, so the two of them took her sacrifices for granted and expected her to continue doing so till the end of time. 

If only Father Ji and Mother Ji were a little more sensitive to their children’s feelings, they would have found themselves with two intelligent twin daughters who had strengths in different fields. It wouldn’t have ended in the current tragedy. 

After Ji Fanyin got into a cab, she whipped out her phone and began scrolling through her WeChat. She was hoping to see the commotion at the engagement ceremony, but she unexpectedly stumbled upon a friend request.

It was from a person named Yuuki.

It took her a while before she recalled who this ‘Yuuki’ was.

It was Cheng Lin, the female classmate who seemed to harbor ill feelings for both Ji Xinxin and Ji Fanyin. 

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